Gaijin’s Fake Tiger Tank

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Source: Spookston

The II 10.5cm is a pretty rare tank in nowadays. Much like the Panther II, it was removed for being a somewhat fake . Gaijin essentially made an amalgamation of design proposals. It shouldn't really be able to function as it is modeled since the breech clips into the rangefinder.

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Songs used (in order from to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Makin' A Sweep, Search And Destroy, Fight For Peace, In The Field, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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Gaijin's Fake Tiger Tank


  1. Uploading this today because I somehow forgot I upload on Fridays now 🙂

    • Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?

    • What Sound mod are you using ?

    • I love the German 6.7 OG Lineup. I was a German main when tanks first came to War Thunder so I have the full locked lineup. 105 KwK Tiger II, Panther II, Flankpanzer 341 sprinkle in a Elefant & Me 262 A-2a with the good old Tiger II Sla & Jadtiger the line up is just disgusting. Honestly in my humble opinion it is thee deadliest line up in all of war thunder pound for pound.

  2. The trees not respawning brings out a new level of rage

  3. M919 Silver Bullet

    Of all the King Tigers, that one is my favorite because it actually has a decent reverse gear, but that reload rate is atrocious.

  4. GuppiApfel JustLeopardThings

    Funny enough I actually perform better with this than with the normal tiger 2s.

  5. How do you tell if its an up-tier before even spawning in?

  6. The P word is Paranoia

  7. Eytan23's Adventures

    another day another question: car amx-90 PLS :>

  8. Can I have a question ? Were you high during this video ? :D:D:D

  9. i think your videos would be better if we could see the ways in which you died!

  10. Savage 1-2 (Legion)

    At 2:40 He was indeed annoying!

  11. this tiger would be more representative of the planned “standard panzer” e75.
    the design called for a up armoured tiger with simpler suspension and a proposed 105mm gun with plans to even mount a 12.8cm

  12. Apcr can pen the frontal of the tiger

  13. 12:02 He managed to kill 4 teammates. How do you manage to screw up that bad?

  14. I love the sound of the gun firing so satisfying

  15. If you know the history of War Thunder then you’d know the Panther II and Tiger II 105mm were added to fill a hole in the German Tech Tree with Gaijin at the time having no plans for modern vehicles (only up to 1950’s). As soon as they changed their minds they were removed because post-war alternatives became available to Germany.

  16. Stupid as it is – watching turrets blow off when that shell pens is magical.

  17. Zut-37 would be dank

  18. The random non-pen overpressure chance of the 105mm APHE alone make me a devout 105er.

  19. 11:59 That happened to me when I got bombed by not a friendly He 111, but a friendly Pe-8, he got like 5 kills and 4 of them were friendly (including me).

  20. The Three P’s:


    Except, its not really paranoia if everyone around is out to get you, even your own team, now is it?

    That aside, why are you so timid, Spooks? The KT’s 300~mm of UFP is immune to everything except HEAT-FS and that conical mantlet ate everything before volumetric made it even worse. You can take an M103 out into the testing range and bounce that APBC off the UFP of a KT.

  21. Bring out some more unobtainable tanks. Start with the original T-34 or a Coelian.

    I turned down the twin barrel German speedy wedge as I couldn’t drive it so tell us what it is really like.

  22. Guys has anyone ever even gotten the new map with the tunnels in ground rb/ab i havent seen any videos on it or i have never gotten it

  23. Day 3 of asking Spookston to play the Ho-Ri (p) and the Ho-Ro in one Lineup!

  24. Team is your real enemy and players bombers no know aim for drop bomb and RNG in mid for top tier is sucks is sad

  25. Typically the only time I team kill is when I drop arty someplace, and a open top rushes into area trying to be a hero.

  26. Why does he sound mildly intoxicated

  27. u take 1 tank into battle?

  28. Wot players: “first time?”

  29. High Admiral Bittenfield

    Half the time I can’t tell if I made a misplay or if the enemy tank was actually invisible/silent.

  30. High Admiral Bittenfield


  31. why is it so hot in my room it’s January. same it’s 30-something outside but 80-something in my room like wtf

  32. how are you hearing these vehicles? I cant hear shit unless they’re on top of me

  33. I love the tiger 2 H but wish I had the 105 in my lineup

  34. God, I love fictional tanks that look like they could’ve been real. WoT does that pretty good.

  35. Dare you suffer playing the ARL-44?

  36. This and other vehicles like it need to either be removed for everyone completely in regular modes and/ or made available to everyone and corrected to be more accurate and gajin is already shown that they will do significant changes to correct some vehicles like the T-25 so why not just do i here and significantly reduce or remove the controversy. I am also shocked they are not doing the same thing as they do for maus every anni. Also crap video just cut out the garbo gameplay from noob mode since only the 40 sec at the start where u actually talk about is what ppl wanna see.

  37. You should play the m4 105

  38. A pretty real vehicle you could do a video on is the warrior IFV

  39. man, i wish they bring it back as an event like the Maus

  40. removing 105 tiger and mouse made me never touch the game again… 🙂

  41. Hey big papa, you should play the ARL-44. I had to grind through that thing, and I want you to love the french engineers as much as I do. Giving it both vulnerable cheeks and a giant flat plate on the turret were ingenious design choices. Love the content btw.

  42. Tiger 2.2

  43. Soviet Scrap Mechanic

    Alternate title: Spookston hates his teammates more than ever while playing a nonexistent vehicle

  44. Obamaprism The Typo Master

    seeing that Jagdpanzer kill an IS-3 was honestly really inspiring. You go, lil’ guy

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