Gambling in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m talking about how, in my opinion, Wargaming are encouraging gambling with the IS-3A.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. Hi everyone. Sorry for another critical video but I can find no other way to purvey my feelings that I believe the community share. If you want to see my open up 200 loot boxes and see if I actually get the IS-3A you can find it here:

    • QB, it is like you are saying “I absolutely need to get that IS-3A”.
      No, you don’t. You can try if you want to. You can dump infinite amount of money there and not get one if you are not lucky.
      But you don’t have to do it. Nobody is forcing you.
      I see you do not like gambling. That is fair.
      But putting something very attractive, something exclusive into the lottery is also fair. Because nobody is forced to participate.
      And BTW, putting Type 59 into the gamble was not much different. As for the WoT audience en masse that tank was indeed a legend and the only practical way getting it was the lootbox thing. The fact that you understood that the legend is not OP as it was some day and I did understand that won’t change the fact that the tank was desirable for the most of the players.

    • +TheSzatanshow Most of the WoT audience and the target group of WoT are adults. The fact your 9 yo kid is playing WoT means you are breaching the end user agreement with WG. Kids that young legally cannot play WoT.
      And the situation when 9 yo kids are talking only of buying lootboxes is a great opportunity to educate children about gambling. You can prohibit things, they go underground, attract criminals and get much more damaging than they are by themselves. You educate people, they can avoid risks themselves.
      And as a father of 3, just forcibly deleting a game when you don’t like it won’t make not much more than erode trust of your kid in you.

    • azgarogly well its a stopgap for now till he understand its bad Unfortunately i cant control his entire class so the bad influence is right there and not good And if you go and see how lootboxes affected uk children (they estimated quadruple incerase in children gambler thx to them) its a thing to get wortied. And lets be serious age restrictions are a joke. Even mature ppl get addicted preety fast to this kind of gambling no wonder Belgium ban this.

    • Hi QB, thanks for your brilliant vids. I share your concerns. I play WoT, WoT Console, WoT Blitz and WoWS for more than two years now. At the moment I seldom play this games. I don’t enjoy playing them. I used to spend some money, but not anymore.

    • Why dont all of you community contributors not your head together and tell WG to stick their game ? I noticed that most of their prem tanks are now put into a package as well.. Before you could buy tanks without all the other shit like gold… I DO NOT WANT TO BUY THE GOLD !

  2. Παναγιωτης Δενδρινος

    Good morning from Greece.
    Everyday i am looking forward for your videos. You are so right my friend.
    I usually try to play with out spending too much money.
    Last year i have tried to earn more boxes only by playing the game.
    This year i make i gift to myself and bought 3 crates and what a surprise i get an IS3A !!!!!!
    I think i am too lucky and a big exception.

  3. Hear hear, excellent point QB.
    They should do this for all the content: the skins, the tanks, the gold, and so on. You can get it cheap by gambling or get it for a fixed price (and the chance to get something should have a final cost that is the same as the purchase in the shop, maybe +10% at most more)

  4. You know this moment in the game, when there is one or two tanks left in one team and everyone are rushing just to kill them and they’re dying one after the other? It’s greed. WG starts to behave like this. They are greedy. Instead, they could think about other ways of earning money.

  5. MrPumpkin Pumpkins!

    all belgium mothers happy that their kids wont waste their money 😉

  6. The premium tanks should be equally balanced. For instance I have T92 ,but regret buying it when I played against LT432s. Howcome WG make a new LT (around same value) which has better camo, better armor, faster and on top of it with better penetration?

    Why Soviet bias? Why should we play in Russian tanks to get better results???
    And it must not be so hard to make better MM, not so hard to make teams equal in power by adding/dividing players WN8’s etc.

    I am also against that buff/nerf crap. WG please test well before launch them. People spend a month or so for a tech tree, when you reach Tier 10 (The one you want and struggled for) bamm WG nerves it. This is BS.

  7. MrPumpkin Pumpkins!

    but damn QB is pissed ;D

  8. Well, if they don’t listen to any of their community contributors, they won’t listen at all.

  9. I bet you, chance of getting is3-a is A LOT less then 1%

  10. Hi QB.
    Agreed with your arguments but:
    There is another way to think about this lootboxes
    You can buy some gold for the same price and with a liitle chance to have new tanks that you don’t have.
    I need some gold, and I bought some boxes. I loot the 4 Tier V tanks and add the gold I want for the same price as if I have bought it on the premium shop.
    In addition I’ve been able to get to T10 Chrismas decoration and so have all the good stuff with it.
    But no t8 tanks and no special camo for T10 tanks.
    So yes this is gambling but you have to see that in some kind of a funny way to get gold.
    But I want to say that i’m hate heavy tank and I don’t care about the defender and IS3A, to game borker tank.
    Anyway, Agreed with you, they need to sold this tank in other way and be clear on there politics. And play with there community to make money is just a shame.
    Keep up the good work QB

  11. Its because WG have the need to earn more money per player with paying players migrating away to better games. Rather than focusing in the issues at hand, they class the only isse that exists as “we need more money per player”.

  12. I agree 100%

  13. Wow…now this is a statement coming from the number 1 ComCon…you are ABSOLUTLY spot on!

  14. Respect for the video qb!

  15. WG are not idiots, they know very well what they are doing and that is making a lot of money. People are complaining about their way of making money for a long time, but nothing changes, only getting worse, so I wouldnt expect anything will change in future. What I dislike the most is their attitude towards customers, ok you want to make more money, fine, just say to people we want more money and our decisions is based on that, not this bullshit – we listened to players, or according to our data its not the case, or we need another 6 months to collect data to see some tanks are obviously broken, basically pretending they care about their players, and sometimes pretending to be stupid.

  16. Hi Will! I couldn’t agree more! I used to have a gambling problem and I realize how dangerous it can be to spend money on a chance for something that is at best an abstract object. This is at best predatory. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game! One reason I don’t buy anything from WG is the fact that they promised us they would not change tanks to be less good that were purchased for money and when they did nerf them, it just proved to me they were liars and could not be trusted. Remember how good the Lowe was as a money maker, even when you lost the battle? Even when years later they buffed those same premium tanks to be somewhat relevant, I will always trust WG NOT to live up to their word!

  17. Now I’m waiting for a QB&Foch collaboration lol. That rant video would be amazing ?

  18. Hmm 2 videos recently being critical of WarGaming’s strategies… Are they going to threaten you I wonder?? ( Fochgate style) I agree with you completely Quickybaby . Now when they go so far as to get you off side it really is an end of life situation for the game I think. I’ve been a player for 3 years or so and I flatly refuse to give WG anymore money until I see some sort of substantial improvement to the game. Personally i think the game is on it’s slide into history it’s “jumped the shark” to use a TV reference. Now they are doing their best to squeeze the coin out of the community before we all leave.

  19. IS-3A is not the first soviet autoloader tank in WoT.

  20. Time to start looking for a new game QB…

  21. young players shouldn’t have the money to gamble tons

  22. Personally I am liking raw and angry QB. Once upon a time a time (many years ago) I would buy WoT content purely from the position of wanting to support them and what they were building, IIt was a game I was enjoying greatly even as a free to play player. I stopped feeling that about two years ago and have not played for about a year, but I still watch your content despite non longer being an active player. Their recent position makes me sad as they seem to be actively killing the game I once loved. Props to you as I feel there is nothing I can do. Please keep trying to stop War Gaming from following the EA path of doom.

  23. You know that they f-ed up realy good when QB is furious like this, and he was the last nice guy in this game overall, sad thing he is right for everything and i support him 100%

  24. George Kharaishvili

    Makes video about lootboxes. Starts it with “an issue I really want to get off my CHEST”.

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  25. Yeah i hear you QB, I did it for fun, was R577 for 20 boxes, thats about 30 pounds i think and I got 7500 gold, 17 days premium 5 crew and a Scorp G, IS 3A and a Crusader. Oh I also got am M4. So I got lucky. And I knew that i was taking a risk.

  26. Bravo quicky baby…that is why i love you dude…

  27. I’ll be honest. Instead of buying 100€ worth of loot boxes, I’ll buy 100€ worth of weed. And smoke it through holidays while playing tanks. And I know it’s going to make this game better.

  28. QB, just wanted to say a big thank-you for looking out for your community, and i’m with you all the way.

    I’d be totally ok with the boxes being advertised as a bit of ‘secret santa’ style thing where there were more of the gold, credits and maybe a chance at some T5s, but dangling the ridiculously OP IS-3A just makes it slimey, disgusting behavior. WG make enough money, they aren’t doing this because they need to, but because they want to, and that makes it worse!

    Would you consider the CC over this? No pressure either way – just wonder what your thoughts are on this? If you decided to i wouldn’t unsubscribe, and would totally back you!

    Merry Christmas buddy!

  29. As I’m an “Extreme tank collector” I got mine in 2015

  30. Why dont all of you community contributors not your head together and tell WG to stick their game ? I noticed that most of their (newer) prem tanks are now put into a package as well.. Before you could buy tanks without all the other shit like gold… I DO NOT WANT TO BUY THE GOLD !

  31. Thanks for your rants QB. U are doing a great job with your criticism. They should stop that.

  32. Got myself 25 boxes yesterday just to give it a try. Already had the scorpion from last christmas. Wanted at least the Defender or IS-3A. What did i get? The defender, E-25, 2 pieces of IS-3A ( one got converted to gold) , the small level tanks. 24 days of premium, 19500 gold ( most part of it from that converted IS-3A). So i am pleased. Won’t buy anymore boxes.

  33. I was playing since the start of the 2011. Yesterday, when I saw what IS-3A can do and how overpowered it is, I decided to stop playing. I installed Armored Warfare for fun. Good speech QB.

  34. I won’t be lootboxing. That’s how i roll. Don’t need the tank to win. WG will learn then

  35. You are right and I hope that wargaming doesn’t overreact to you telling them so and make it difficult for you to work with them after this. I predict that they will offer the IS-3A for sale in the Advent Calendar during Christmas week. (if they are smart and listening)

  36. Finally, took you a long time, buddy.

  37. I bought 22 boxes and i received is-3 a , 10k gold , another 3 premium tanks(tier v ) and 13 days premium .But i want to get defender , i rly like that tank

  38. I bought the IS-3A 3 years ago. It’s been gathering dust in my garage. Played it 47 times. I think it might be time to take it out and try it again. 🙂

  39. i live in Canada and it costs $125.00 dollars for 75 boxes so i don’t know what your bitching about QB… Blah blah blah i’m sick of everyone bitching about WG… Wake the fuck up WG will never stop with all the shit they do and the games they play with us to try and get ow’er money…
    So stop crying about how bad WG is, we all know how bad WG is… get back to making vids on how to play and improve in the game.
    I watch everyone’s content / vids to get all the bad shit out of my head about the game so i can keep play it.
    Not to have a shit day of tanks and then now watch everyone vids about bitching about it…. If that’s the way it gonna be I will quit the game and quit watching all of you guys. It’s really pissing me off.
    Bad day playing tanks and bad day watching you guys bitch about it, fuck i’m ready punch the shit out of someone or something….

  40. QB – good job! Stay calm and carry on!

    I have been thinking on buying some WG boxes for my son and myself (both WOT and WOWS), but… after this video I decided otherwise. We will get some Cobi, Revell and Tamiya boxes! Now I am sure it is definitly better idea.

    Best regards

  41. Well said QB !!!

  42. im very pleased to see my favorite WoT streamer saying this. Shows that QB is not bought by the gaming industry ! keep up the good work QB

  43. Thanks for your straight opinion on this theme. I thought about buying a few box,es but not because of the tanks. In the moment i am low on gold, so i thought why not. But you opened the boxes (and mayby my eyes) and i thought, nope i need no tier 5 tank, or premium-time and when iam buying the gold on a paypal event i will also gain more gold than are contained in these boxes (19,99 = 5500gold, 19.99 = 11boxes = guaranteed 2750gold). So thanks for your words and the remind that there are better ways to spend our money.

  44. Wargaming won’t be getting a cent out of me for this, even if I had the money and willingness I could not. Something between their latest update, and Nvidia’s latest driver update made something go FUBAR so now I get a “Error with your Nvidia graphics settings” message and unable to launch again after the first crash without a full system reset, just to happen again. -.- Had this happen with WoWs and WoWp as well in the past but no previous fixes are working.

  45. Hmmm, do we get an 2nd Sir Foch Reaction from WG…

  46. WG treats their customers with a massive lack of respect. Considering how they are just milking money out of us before they kill their own game. If they can miraculously turn this around, I might enjoy this game once more.

  47. Gpod job QB. WG shame on you

  48. Sounds like War Gaming doesn’t understand how a free market works. You have to have a reason to keep customers coming back, you need a reason for new players to want to play the game. This just sounds like they’re hell bent on destroying their game. If you make your game impossible to progress through? nobody is gonna play it. I left this game two years ago because of this shit. And it just looks like it’s gotten worse. A shame too. Because WoT can be a fun game to play. But, they’ve chosen to go the old route of “Money before Art”. And yes, I know they are a company. But companies don’t need this shit to make money. If so? The gaming industry would have never gotten off the ground, all those years ago. If you want to stop this shit, then speak with your dollar. Stop playing, they’ll start listening.

  49. The Type 59 is considered balanced nowadays? That really shows how WoT has changed.

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