GAME OF THE YEAR?!? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Galaxien is going argbly have the GAME OF THE YEAR in the AMX M4 54 going 1 vs 8 in WoT madness!



  1. First😂

  2. First to comment😃😃

  3. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Awesome content my friend, have a happy weekend👍

  4. Last time I was this early, QB still didn’t have a 10k dmg game

  5. Hello broo.I wanna say something,you are my idol!!!Im a begginer,what line should i grind,and what tanks should i gring?

  6. And again full pay to win player in +2 tier. No wonder he’s performing good.

    • louis-philippe Tellier

      I’ve seen plenty to tier 10 spamming gold against tier 8 and still doing 0 damage in a game. Also, nothing pay to win. Anyone can load gold.

  7. bro like this is quickybaby should wear a maid dress someday <3 quackybabs

  8. Game of the year!?!? haha

  9. Im currently trying to grind for this tank rn cus it’s one of the few tier X tanks that can fit 5 crew members, how hard is the grind? I’ve currently researched the tier 6 tank

  10. 10th comment 🤨😳

  11. Game of the year with op tank of course 😂

  12. SuperSaiyanMonkeyy

    Wow I’m actually early to a QB video, I know this video will be amazing like the others🔥

  13. If you’re not in it it’s not game of the year QB

  14. The STB was such a coward

  15. Incredible!!!!great game…..greetings from Argentina my friend.

  16. When QB says “Game of the Year” that gets your attention. And as always commentating like a Boss. Rock on QB 🤘😎

  17. Your right QB, one of the better games I’ve watched and he did deserve to win , class game

  18. For real lol

  19. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Very cool this guy, i did carry in my best game like 7 years ago 8k+ with Jagdtiger in a tier 10 game, i fought from a close vs E100, Jag E 100 and many more tier 10s🙂

  20. The Anonymous Gecko

    Thankyou qb love the terrible content 😂

  21. Meh. All that gold. He paid to win

  22. Syahareen Sha Rani

    From a weak chonky tank into a super strong chonky tank

  23. WOAH, that was even getting my heart pumping!

  24. Awesome game, only gripe with it was the duel against the Grille 15 and 79 hp Type 5 Heavy, i was screaming at the monitor ” switch to HE for fucks sake, conserve your ammo !!!!”

  25. I had this tank but I already stopped playing since 2020 😂

  26. I was convinced that the STA-1 was afk. And I was wrong.

  27. That moment when he fight against type and progeto,i asume those 2 player are below 45 % win rate,because if 1 of them are a big smart they could kill him there. All in all he played very well congrats to him.👍🫡

  28. Hello qb can you look at my replay?it is in my channel

  29. Nedeljko Janković

    Am I crazy or is that skin making that tank even better?

  30. Honestly mate just make the videos you want to
    I love watching all the different aspects of Thailand and I love how bat shit crazy they are 😂
    I love watching the tours seeing all the beautiful places you go to

    I hope one day when I visit my Thai girlfriend we can do our own tour around Thailand to

    Just keep up the good work bro

  31. This certainly is OP TANK of the year.

  32. It’s 1v8 enemies and he heals the radio operator? Who is he gonna call?

  33. FIRST TIME i’ve heard QB say ‘Health point’ 0:47!

  34. I really don’t mean to take anything away from Galaxian’s great game play here. BUT 8 against one, you’ve got to be kidding me. This is an EPIC throw by the opposing team.

  35. Kolobanovs, the one everyone wants, I got 2 within a month in the 10yrs I have played, one game in a T71 and another in a Marder, I wish it was my bigger tanks but any Kolobanovs is still not easy even at lower tiers.

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