Gamer Leaks Classified Document To Win War Thunder Argument

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Source: PDS News Clips

For the third time this month, gamers have leaked restricted military documents on the war thunder forums. This time 's the manual to the Apache helicopter which was supposed to be for the DoD only. Earlier this month, a user leaked part of the manual to the F-117 Nighthawk's flight manual. War Thunder's dedication to realism is its Achilles heal as players often resort to leaking classified documents in order to settle online arguments… which has happened at least 13 times.

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  1. I can just imagine two guys arguing one going “the Apache helicopter has a Boeing 30mm M230 chain gun” and the other going “nuh-uh it has a Northrop sky viper” then the first one goes “oh yeah” *hacks the government and leaks the apaches documents* “see I told you”

  2. Putin: 👹


  4. War Thunder Gamers are the best of getting classified documents than the KGB and FBI

  5. war thunder player trying not to leak classified documents 😨


  7. I think we’re missing the main point, gamers have classified documents

    • Unsurprisingly people in the military also play video games…. like come on half of those guys joined after 9/11 because they thought Call of Duty was cool.


  9. Not even their fault how tf is our security this bad😭

  10. CIA, GRU, R&AW, MOSSAD, MI6 are overrated and over funded, we need War Thunder Players

  11. “no you’re wrong, the helicopter wouldn’t be able to do that”
    Proceeds to leak the entire manual of the helicopter

  12. I’m so proud to be a war thunder player, it’s been 5 years now 😅

  13. It was the Ah 1Z

  14. At this point the military is better of hiring these people like goddamn

  15. At this point they do it for sport

  16. Guy 1: I bet you that that button is for
    Guy 2: I bet it’s not
    Guy 1: imma hack into the cia real quick and steal the manual so I can prove it

  17. GOD WHY ARE THEY SO FUCKING STUPID WHAT DO THEY HOPE TO GAIN??? “look I broke the law for epic pixels!!!”

  18. Bruh I just wanna play War Thunder in peace, they’re putting the game in jeopardy with all that need to win arguments.

  19. When the system you created to train future soldiers backfires. 😮😮😅


  21. It’s not accidental, gamers are prime targets for military recruiters, to the extent that Defence puts free versions of games on the web to track gamers. Gamers also supply a ready venue to test everything from training to tactics to weapon combinations. Be sure the leaks are “guided” by the military.

  22. Um the f117 was declassified ,if memory serves me right there is even a sim with a huge manual (not putting my hand in fire for it’s accuracy however)

  23. I love War Thunder players

  24. then stop letting them leak or cancel the game it stops being funny when some nerd gives away bs that shouldn’t be in a game


  26. that awkward moment when you apply for a govt. job and they ask, “Do you or anyone you know play the online game _”War Thunder”_ ?

  27. Dylan Torres-Brown

    Don’t argue with gamers of reddit, they’ll hack military secrets to prove theyre right lol

  28. Detective On 80's Miami

    You’re welcome

  29. Looks like warthunder should be cancelled, there literally weakening the country’s protection.

  30. Let’s be honest. If players are able to leak classified documents to win arguments, then they aren’t very classified.

  31. Gabriel: The Apostate of Hate

    Even the game devs said “DO NOT POST GOVERNMENT CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS!!” They know their players will do anything to prove a point, and now even Minecraft players are starting to get into it too (yeah I’m looking at you “Thug Shaker Central”)

  32. Fuck its the warthunder player base again.

  33. At this point it’s getting stupid I myself play warthunder and I really do hope people realize that doing that means you are going to jail so you just threw away your life by doing that

  34. Typical day at gaijin hq

  35. Bluespider Gaming

    Imagine realeasing documents on a almost 50yo aircraft

  36. How are they able to get information like that 13 times

  37. Someone started spamming documents in discord because of how I disliked a tank and how bad it is

  38. As a WarThunder player I agree

  39. тнε ρυηιsнεя

    Threats to national security: Chinese hackers, Russian hackers, War Thunder players.

  40. Classic war thunder

  41. warthunder gigachads

  42. Holy fuck War Thunder players are based.

  43. Phước Thịnh Nguyễn

    This is how Russia got intel

  44. War Thunder Thug Shakers Central

    Showing the Russians how far behind they are

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