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Source: Rita Sobral

– Czechoslovakia will come in 9.12 along with Czechoslovak-themed map (by the end of the year);
– Czechoslovak T 40 will come in 9.11;
– Some more premium tanks will be removed from sales;
– One more nation will appear in 2016 (RG: Sweden);
– It’s too early to speak about PvE mode in WoT, WG is testing different variants;
– Japanese have so few premium tanks because they didn’t produce that many tanks to begin with;
– More premium tanks will be added in the future but not so many as in this year;
– Clan chat might be added to WoT Assistant but the idea requires research;
– WG is working on Dx11/Dx12 support and multicore support but at this moment no exact ETA is known;
– It’s possible that new crew skills and perks will appear, WG considered a whole scale of solutions including total skill overhaul but the final decision was not taken yet;
– New vehicle classes will not appear in WoT;
– Multiturret and multigun mechanisms for WoT were completely scrapped;
– Developers are considering adding smoke grenades (shells) to WoT but this requires a lot of further development;
– It’s possible Japanese and Chinese TD’s will appear in the game but not anytime soon;
– Developers are working on HAVOK but given the issues with performance there is no ETA yet.

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