GARAGE SLOT + 300K – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm NOT reviewing the AMX 13 (FL11) in World Tanks… I'm reviewing 300k credits and a garage slot… at least 90% of you!



  1. 705a is better the 60 tp

  2. Thanks wargaming! I’ve always wanted to battle with the garage slot itself!

  3. 0:55 ah yes the FL 10

  4. Quicki babi cen wi play togevee pls pls pls

  5. The Garage slot is certainly going to be an extreme contender for the best tank in the game.

  6. Can’t say I was disappointed (due to low expectations) but in saying that I have already played 150 battles in the god awful tank.

  7. A-20 looked like it had lower DPM. Was I seeing things?

  8. Love the title had be laughing big time!

  9. I think if wg gave it a 3 or 4 round autoloader with slightly better dpm then it would be balanced

    • Unfortunately the whole point of the vehicle is that it was a purposeful downgrade of the AMX 13 75 that removed the auto loader due to it being impractical in Vietnam. Increasing the fire rate would be welcomed though as I laugh at the idea the Covenanter is beating the ever loving crap out of these.

  10. I still remember that “we give you a free tank slot” video, it still applies.

  11. I’ll say that when Wargaming introduced the Battle pass to World of tanks, all tier 5 premium tanks seemed to be devalued, like the better priority onwards was to collect tier 6 premiums because they can grind battle pass points and earn the rewards, while also still make credits and experience, but with tier 5, it’s a tier where you wouldn’t want to deal with low tier seal cubbers in their 3 marked LeFH and overly maxed Light and Tank destroyers because of their toxicity

  12. Try it with a Turbo instead of Exhausts. It’s a game changer for this tank.

  13. I’ve actually had some very fun games in this tank, 4k combined on some games it’s okay when you spam full gold but really does defeat the purpose of the vehicle

  14. As someone who plays wot and warthunder it’s always crazy to see how much better the bad tanks of this game are in warthunder

  15. Thumbs up just for the title. Way to go.

  16. i sell inmediatelly when recibe them

  17. QB – why are you emphasizing it’s a moving camo? it’s just top 3 camo overall….

  18. Seems like you are French kissing the gift horse in the mouth … and you seemed to be playing unlike your normal self, very carelessly.

  19. its a nice dust collection

  20. One benefit of this tank is that it allowed you to make a video that indirectly helped me understand better when to take Off Road Driving! So, thanks for that at least! Will sell it to fund my Object 257 fund.

  21. Damn, this thing is amazing in War Thunder
    Sad to see that’s not the case in WoT

  22. Not a fan on that AMX 13 (FL11), sold that piece of crap

  23. By the way, why WG does not buy back garrage slots? I have lot of them.

  24. Gotta say, cant disagree with QB here.

  25. Dunno dunno, i kinda disagree. Yes i dont play much of tier V’s but with patience it can be extremely satisfying tank to play, it actually has gun which can hit shots which shouldnt be hitted, premium shells assures it can be pentrated aswell, yes its slow, at least in accelaration wise, but it has great camo and solid view range. 7,6/10 from me. Any signs of better dpm or mobility would make this tank broken for no good reason, especially when everyone can have it

  26. I literally didn’t see this coming💀

  27. If this was a Tier VIII or Tier IX premium behind a Pay Wall I can tell you this would be an amazing Pay 2 Win tank…. But because its not intended to make money… is garbage!

  28. Of course it’s awful. It’s free.

  29. lol QB is reviewing garbage slot

  30. Its average I feel, i managed to snipe across map. Once you have a good crew (amx 13 105) it performs fairly well.

  31. i got the tank and had probably my best game in a light since i started playing so that made me rather happy

  32. turret gets damaged easily

  33. Elc amx are better with these amx 13 hull with shit turret. Even the camo is not good too.

  34. For some reason I can’t get myself to sell low-tier premium tanks like this. I’d rather have them collect dust in my garage than not having them at all.
    Weird, and stupid, I know.

  35. I’m keeping it! Just in case they recycle it during Christmas

  36. The super hellcat and super chaffee are fun

  37. “Thanks. I hate it.”

  38. I like horrible tanks. Got 1000 games in KanJPz

  39. nice, i can put the 300k to good use.

  40. LOL awesome video title hahaha

  41. this tank isnt that bad but the spg damage i got like from 50 games over 30% games 1 shoted by arty

  42. I gave it a spin yesterday, I was shocked, even with a turbo, this thing is as agile as a moose in a swamp

  43. The only reason to play tier 5 is to fulfill the daily mission to be top player in terms of experience. Jump into Churchill III, don’t suck too much and you have it done. Of course, doing it on tier 6-10 would give BP points, but would also take more time – if your time is limited, Churchill III is your best friend

  44. Don’t need garage slots pmsl the credits meh can get by so it’s gonna sit there as collector tank haha

  45. Why did they release something so poop 💩 for the community when we got the Hellcat, vk2801 and T-50-2 previously. I mean those 3 tank weren’t epic but you could have fun with them.

  46. Qb is crazy for that take.😂

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