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  1. Day 21: Lets get a throwback to the Crusader Mk III. It’s become my favorite tank in the game and I still bring it up to my 7.7 British lineup!

  2. ZA-35: waaaaaaa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa

  3. Emile Fourie Lamprecht

    Mr phly daily
    You pronounce it as
    Roy cut in English

  4. Terminator IVI T-850

    Never 66

    Trooper: Yes lord my…

    Me: ok …

  5. Attempt #82. C2A1 with CL-13A air support please Phly.

  6. I-16 type 10 with historical inphormation please Phly.

  7. Why does Phly sounds like Josh from Let’sgameitout back with some lost sanity ?

  8. Man just stop yelling!

  9. Carlo Mendoza Martínez

    Day: 667 Phly, use the 153 Chaika, the 7.62mm one

  10. Imagine a game mode only for spaa and light tanks

  11. Sulaimans Mubarokh

    PHLY Try Use KV-1 B

  12. Is this just a high br r3

  13. 12:41 10/10 volumetric physics

  14. That thumbnail is more cursed than the new south african puma

  15. 3:33 wtf ? where is the enemy

  16. Phly out to commit fratricide with that giant phly swatter.

  17. Fortnite gods Lol

    guys thats south african armor for u

  18. The original intro music is still here!, I thought he was just faking us

  19. Day 1: Would you do a video on the Freedom Fighter in Air RB.

  20. Have you played ASU-57, it has comfortable seats and a convertible roof.

  21. Phly use zsu57 to get nuke

  22. Id like to see if there gonna put in thE SAAF in

  23. Even the falcon can kill all t54-t90 tanks from the side

  24. I would love to see they add BT-42, it’s weird and awkward just like war thunder.

  25. *Y E S*

  26. Phly swatter, you have become what you fear

  27. see at 12:40 the mistake you made is that you almost had fun, which is illegal under soviet constitution. Gaijin are such an honest, thoughtful, and wholesome bunch, they prevent us from accidentally having fun with war thunder because they don’t want to be responsible for any of us going to Gulag.

  28. FeuerfesteUnterhose08/15

    Day 26: Phly play the Sd.Kfz. 140/1 you never reviewed it

  29. Which kind of vehicle turret can turn fast like that LuL

  30. try T72AV + mig12 bis as CAS
    (Syrian army)

  31. Attempt uhh 6: let’s take a look at the Type 74G!

  32. 1:37 complains about penetration rates on an SPAAG

  33. Riderpulous

  34. For the algorithm

  35. i blame phlydaily for my war thunder addiction

  36. i thought crossout is its own game

  37. Love some fist of the north star sound effects

  38. 3:34 how did u can see that enemy?

  39. You know it’s a South African tank when it takes up 3 to 4/4ths of the view vertically.

  40. From now on, we all must shoot the phlyswatters, whenever we see them.

    That is how us Phlydaily Phans will identify each other.

  41. Day 43 play the as42

  42. YAT-YAS to the EXTREME

    I had no idea untill the other day, that you can shoot and derail the train hahah.

  43. I wish I had so much fun playing the game, am an absolute noob in the game and that’s why it takes me years to lvln lol

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