GEPARD, SHILKA & M163 Gameplay (War Thunder 1.63)

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Source: PhlyDaily

GEPARD, SHILKA & M163 (War 1.63)

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  1. Do a tournament of all the new AAA against other new AAA.

  2. I’d say Je-perd.

  3. Geeeepard.

  4. it’s pronounced with a J sound

  5. I don’t see why they don’t add shell ejection animations for ground
    vehicles. They have it Implemented for aircraft. Just upscale the spent
    casings. Or say, use the Mig 15/17 37mm shell ejection animation, and other
    aircraft shell animations, actually. Just uber sped up. And it’s not like
    the shell casings have to stay on the battlefield, that would be amazing
    though. But yeah, just make them dissappear like in most games.

  6. That ammo capacity lmao

  7. When does the BV-238 come out?

  8. Night battle with the gepard and jets!!!

  9. Dennis van der Wijst

    new aircraft next?

  10. Test out BV-238 huge flying boat

  11. F9F8 Cougar please!

  12. Strange ammo designations: The Leo uses the ones from the Bundeswehr, the
    Gepard obviously doesn’t. With its APDS ammo it is supposed to pen 120 mm @
    1000 m. Even with the slower APDS it should be around 100 mm. I’m not
    surprised that the ammo in game seems to be nerfed. The gun doesn’t have
    HVAP in RL, it’s either APHE or APDS. Well, hail to ZSU-57-2, long live the

  13. Chieftain please if it’s in the game (I cant remember)

  14. The A1E1 Vickers Independent

  15. Big German float plane!

  16. take out the m163 and the super fortress

  17. Hawker hunter and chieftan mk3
    Show ze. Germans how tea is made

  18. take the T29. Its a nice tank

  19. what about the new british baby chieftain? like FV4202 something like that
    it looks so cool!

  20. ‫مجاهد جان‬‎

    the Leo 1a1

  21. What is the button to turn off the HUD?


  23. ho229 and the m163 Vulcan
    dual combo
    ohh I kown I like to see a gepard aa tank tier 10 heavy tank from sea

  24. model rockets and planes

    F9F-8!!! zooooom!!!!!!

  25. is it just me or War thunder getting more modern stuff.

  26. by the way, “shilka” is still used by many armies, including Russian
    Federation army

  27. At 6:50 I almost thought that this would be the new ZSU-57-2. Fortunately
    it isn’t.

  28. LOOOOL, kugel still the best :)

  29. 12:55 now thats a song! listen very closely the gepard when it fires
    sounded like a DRUM

  30. Looks like phly got a enormous errection

  31. Dustin Scott (Snowflake)

    “Track’s have a huge hitbox” Gee why am I not surprised, This is gaijew
    after all of course Russian tanks are going to have ballistic shields 9
    inches thick of track’s

  32. Phly you can kill the Is 4m from the turret, there is a empty part to the
    right of the turret you can even put a stick into it and it will penetrate
    😀 +PhlyDaily

  33. There goes my infantry dream :(

  34. use the sea venom FAW.20 jet with the strv 81 tank

  35. yeah how can the stuka with 37mm APCR have 140mm but the Gepard only 112mm
    pen with 35mm APDS ^_^

  36. play the new flak 38 88mm half track

  37. You can kill an IS-4 from the front with a Panzer 38t! xD

  38. Aluminium it’s got a U in it. No O

  39. take out su-122-54 and the tu-2 russian bias

  40. i think those triple A is still being use

  41. commit the AA is OP in War Thunder

  42. is that the strong infantry carrier from toy soldiers soviet DLC

  43. Did you buy all these golden eagles ?

  44. Please stop calling the viewer boys, not all war thunder player are 13
    years old kid

  45. M1A2 Tusk!!! (Second attempt,)

  46. hype is real ?

  47. Show us the m56

  48. _ Sharpshooter321 _

    You know that you can shoot through the sight for the gun on the IS-4M?

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