German Accuracy, RNG and American Muscle | World of Tanks T110E3 Gameplay

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I will always be providing free entertainment and content you, but it really helps the channel out!

Today I am going to show you one really amazing battle by “Paul_MX3”, with one of the most legendary tank destroyers in this game, The T110E3. This tank was also my first ever tier 10, love it a lot even today!

Enjoy the show!


  1. Am I erly…doesnt mater….love your vids keep it up👍👍❤️❤️👌👌

  2. this game is crap :u Have a nice day everyone!

  3. first

  4. Chivalrous Veteran

    The one thing that needs an overhaul more than anything else is : the economy in this game!!!!

  5. More epic battle episoDEZ

  6. Maus has 911hp left.
    The 2 things couldnt be further apart if they tried. I mean maus 180 tonnes of steel. And the porsche 911 great car made for the track.
    I found that a bit funny. Call me an old petrolhead if you want

  7. The E3 is BRUTALLY situational. It’s so much more likely that you are either to slow to get to the party, or you’re so slow you cricled to death.

  8. the bunker with a big gun

  9. Here I am sitting thinking to myself “man that guy had a great game” then I realized after the replay was over that it was a no arty game lol

  10. this video make me want to play agin with it lol

  11. le forestier damien

    It look like he is doing the amo roulette like you did back then

  12. If the Maus had not been such a moron Paul could have done ALOT more damage

  13. Wg should make tier x games more profitable even without a premium account

    • More? Are they profitable? I had a game in e5 where I did over 10k dmg, and I used a few heats, because I was running out ammunition, win the game and still had like – 40k credits…

  14. Good game, in fact, very good. Almost as if having no arty leads to good matches..?

  15. love the battles, don`t like news 😉

  16. Jaromír Caisberger

    Lol I love YouTubers, that posts replays without aries. I turned it off after 1 min thx. Next time with 3 artilleries and we shall see skill battlefield performance.

  17. Александр Яковлев

    здарова всем. почему на американском танке русская озвучка?

  18. I think it’s safe to assume the FV4005 was backing up right as the shell was in flight, so he literally drove into a 155mm HE round.

  19. This is pure Russian Lend-lease accuracy. Germany has nothing to do with it.

  20. if you paid attention where this shit.. where this shell landed 🙂

  21. the only tank i want the only tank i want to be my first Tier X and this gameplay shows us that when RNG is with you then you dont need anything but THE RNG

  22. Hey Dez ! It’s been a really long time since you featured the Amx 50B 😉 !!
    Do you think that it’s worth to grind that line in the current meta? (I’m considering to buy the B1 again, which i sold years ago because i found it unplayable)

  23. Was my first Tier X ever

  24. Lol, there is no such things as german accuracy. 4 skills crew on my scorpion g, cant hit shit. Should have a 430U instead for snipping

  25. It’s a freacking stupid rng game, i f***ing hate it, so many shots you take the time to aim and the shell just f***ing disappears , and then you have these stupid ass shots , and guess what, everything hits…..F*** this game

  26. 21 shots, 21 hits, 12 penetrations, 8 splash damage. So only 1 shot did no damage at all.

  27. Lovely game. I did 3 times in t110e4 over 8k dmg but not 5 Kills in those games. I have e3 as well but for me e4 is more easy to use.tks for the video.

  28. What voice mod is that?

  29. Shows how obsolete and under powered the Jg100 is

  30. Just a simple gamer

    7:03 wat? xD

  31. My Skorpion G has .29 accuracy and it would argue with you about German accuracy. There are heavy tanks that are more reliable than that tank. It used to be good till Minsk f’ed it up.

  32. Ah, I remember your game in the T110E3 it was great! Awesome replay and commentary! Take care, Vern

  33. badassesttank copy righted

  34. Yeh this Tank’s a beast…IF it has proper flanking support and no arty. Absolutely a keystone in a push or defensive line.

  35. Just sold this piece of shit….between gold rounds and arty i had to start taking blood pressure pills…

  36. love this tank. Armor that actually works unlike the jgpanzer, and even the badger. Hated the badger

  37. My first thought, Man the maus on his team is annoying and just in the way.

  38. Namegoeshere Orhere

    He must have gone hoarse from shouting ‘Russia!’ every time he fired.

  39. What German accuracy in this Rashan game??- Stalin.

  40. hanikrummi hundursvin

    awesome performance, but no artillery. Once in a blue moon, lol.

  41. Holy shit these map clicking ru players trigger me

  42. Too bad lower plate is poo poo even tier 8 tanks pen it without problem

  43. Hello Dez I have an idea for a video, which tier 8~10 tank can definitely permatrack any other thank despite all repair skills.. Can you make us one, some ppl sat tortoise other say badger some say strv 103

  44. Admittedly I rarely watch your videos..

    …But why in the BLAZES is the shield not centred?

  45. 11k damage, lost money 🙁

  46. German accuracy? what’s that? back when the game was released one of the Germans strengths was accuracy. Now every nation has the same. Choose any russian tank it will disperse just as much as a German one. The German tank line needs a proper overhauling, they are dated and the power creep makes them very poor.

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