GERMAN FLYING TANK BUSTERS | Hs 129 B-3 & Bf 110 G-2 (War Thunder)

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GERMAN FLYING TANK BUSTERS | Hs 9 B-3 & Bf 110 G-2 (War Thunder)


  1. where’s the “quack” sound? 🙁

  2. oc com on this plane is old as the game

  3. I just love Aircraft like these….they are just lovely to watch and play…tho i don’t have WT, i can imagine that they’re phun to play. i’ll just stick to my Simpleplane aircraft strapped with 250mm cannons tho

  4. wait
    why is it called a duck?

  5. Day 48 : play the daimler mk.2

  6. Play the t-34-57 it got moved to 4.7
    Day 4

  7. I’ve probably got more ground kills with the Bf 110 than I’ve got with the fucking IL-2, and that’s my favorite attack aircraft in all of history. That thing is a beast and a half.

  8. you did not include me 410 50mm

  9. Me: Chaika
    Phly: *chaffe*

  10. Comrade Phly, our glorious leader Comrade Stalin has decended down from Heaven and spoke to me in my Sleep. He has said, that KV-220 MUST be taken out to crush the Fascisti scum under our red boots! Attempt #19

  11. burak hüseyinoğlu

    Phly:Says chaffe to the chaika
    Me:*Visible confusion*

  12. day 5 asking phly to phly the ju 87 D-5 with the 6 20mms

  13. Is.. Is that the duck

  14. Hey plhopply wohpply can u increase bitrate? its a bit choppy at 1080p

  15. NooBie here, What are your key bindings to turn the plan when looking behind?

  16. Filip Kandic VIII-1

    Hey can anyone tell me how to turn on some thing so tank destroyer can follow my mouse

  17. Day 2:play the fw 190 A-5

  18. Quit war thunder a week ago repair costs ruined it for me it sucks

  19. how u selected the secondary weapon?

  20. This is just so ducking good.

  21. РаДмиР НаФиКоВ

    Day1:play the yak2 kabb
    P.s i am from Russia

  22. holy shit the explosion in 3.05 on that kv1JUST BEAUTIFUL.

  23. I think i getting downgrade in war thunder

  24. phly play br 1.7 on german side with the he 112 a-0, it will be fun haahhaha

  25. Hey phly the yak9T has a 37mm on it, pls play the yak9T it’s very phun

  26. am i the only one who thought “GERMAN FLYING TANK BUSTERS”
    was a tank in the middle of the thumbnail?
    I was like “wait a minute… Phly gonna phly the tank and kill tanks? I’m in, holyshet”

  27. What are your graphics setting tanks are so visible from air

  28. 15:24 *sad chaika noises*

  29. How come they updated all the textures and shit in this game but somehow they made the exhaust flames looked even worse than before, at least for the hs-129

  30. Comrade Moist Nugget #0101

    Ask War Gaming for BT-42

  31. Why can’t night vision be activated in these kind of weather setting? Just wanna play my panther 2 with ir spotlight

  32. I love running a muck in these two planes❤️

  33. How are u that good ive been trying for life to be as good as you

  34. You NEED to play PROJECT WINGMAN!!!!

  35. maybe you can revisit grizliy again. Seems like it all flying tank busters are better now.

  36. man the new ephects look sick

  37. Hi phly I want to get into war thunder on console but the controls are hard to get used to and it is such at grind. My best plane is a Gloucester gladiator. It’s so bad 🙁 any tips on the controls or on how to get to the better planes?

  38. Now I love this thumbnail 🙂 Green and blue dont make yellow phlee XDDDD

  39. This is like a ww a10

  40. 16:21 “This will be a suicide run”
    “I aGrEe!”

  41. I liked your videos, now it seems that you desperately trying to be funny somhow. you talking to us like we are babies, adding weird “memes” please, dont try to be “funny” like that.

  42. That driver was having fun in WT so he got punished….

  43. Duck when you see it.

  44. Plz play the centurion action x, don’t make me suffer like other people. Attempt #1

  45. phly can you do a challenge where you can only scout out enammeys no wepons

  46. What does he mean when he keeps saying a plane has a lot of “compression”? Surely he isn’t talking about the engines, right? What else does compression refer to here?

  47. How do you alternate between primary/secondary armament or types of missiles?

  48. Come on – we’ve seen the duck many , many times already. How about the T18 with the 57mm, Ki-45 with AP ammo or Ki-109, which is like a fast duck made of paper? Something NEW

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