German HUNTING TIGER – Jagdtiger 128mm (War Thunder Tanks)

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HUNTING TIGER – 128mm ()


  1. *HMMM you guys seem to like German TD gameplay… How about the Jagdpanther next!?*

  2. Phly What Happened to *World of Wardship* Do you still play ?

  3. yeah, Americans.

  4. Did hitler just masturbate and shout “nein” rapidly ?

  5. There is something satisfying about piercing the front armor of a Sherman

  6. so JPZ 4-5 how can survive ?

  7. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Bombs need a buff. If 1000 pounders land 20 feet away from you you should dis

  8. You were in Chicago? I’m from Chicago. Why didn’t you visit me, Phlee?

  9. Hehe 19:46

  10. lol the beginning?

  11. Oh oh oh. Phly, howabout a killing tanks with torpedoes challenge ??

  12. ” I’m not a traitor”, always knew he was a turncoat

  13. Remember me on work blitz “fury”

  14. “Sweet potato fries, heh, I know, Americans right!” No no, you had me at sweet potato casserole WITH MARSHMALLOWS?!?!

  15. LMAO, girlfriend should have been mentioned before your dogs….Dogbox anyone.

  16. Phly where’s W2 Part 8?

  17. Dr Pancake Face Gaming

    Fly out the TB-3M open cockpit bomber!!!!!!

  18. Danmmit Phly you did not have to send me to gulag

  19. Can you try going to A next time on Abandoned Factory for something different.

  20. hey what is your sys config.

  21. Hey PHLY!!! ?
    can you give me a link for free golden eagles, I recently got the game and need to get started. THX

  22. Lets bring back the SU-100y Stalin Cannon

  23. More plane gameplay!

  24. 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. In Spain we don’t have Thanksgiving 🙁

  26. sounded like hitler was beating his meat while saying nein repeatedly lol



  29. Hey Phly! I just bought the P-51D-20 NA bundle, and bought the Ta154 with some of the gold. Was wondering if you could do a video on one of these

  30. chi town allday

  31. Do the m36 next pls

  32. Had to work Thanksgiving and black Friday ?

  33. Wheres that Wolfenstein doe 😉 <3

  34. Viva la FRAAAAAAUNCEEEEE do any 2tier bomber pls (why u
    Stopped the french pls do more french aircraft )

  35. 3:24 RUSSIAN a hundred and twenty two *HUNDRED* mm gun……….. *RUSSIAN* *BIAS* *CONFIRMED*

  36. Phly take out the M4A3 105 and the P-40E Warhawk for loving the unloved
    Attempt #8

  37. Yes the jagdpather would be awesome to see

  38. Take out the FV4202 with the APDS!!!!!

  39. loving the unloved XF5F Skyrocket

  40. My all time favorite, its slow, its sluggish but it packs a fuckin punch

  41. Phly, challenge time. The big boomstick ZiS-30 paired up with the MiG 9/L.

  42. use a userskin on your tank

  43. did u hear it? when phly said best flank ever then the crew of the tank said affirmative

  44. ill take out the Jagdtiger: get oneshotted by an Object 906 ….

  45. play the Japanese type 87 anti air thank please ?

  46. Get that shirt happening Phly….shut up and take my money!

  47. Саян Ильяс

    The maus in the beginning had cropped “Истребитель” sticker (means exterminator in russian), it was cropped to “Ебитель” which means “Fucker” quite literally. I have the same cropped sticker on my KV-2 cause it sure fucks up panthers and tigers

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