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Source: PhlyDaily

GERMAN JAGDTIGER JUNIOR | He's a ( War Thunder )


  1. Thanks a PHILLION PHELLAS 🙂 HERE’s TO 2021 🙂

  2. YEAH! Congratulations on your little guy being inbound!

  3. One of the few intros i don’t skip

  4. Hey Phly, first of all, congrats!

    Next, i’veen noticing some slight delay on voice over video, being the voice a lil bit in advance than the video, you can clearly see this at 21:15 where you react to the Valentine moving just before its shown on the video

    Thank you and keep the good content!

  5. phlydaddy uhmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Congratulations on the parasite! 🙂

  7. A few days ago i charged a cap point in a KV1. 3 Stugs stood in my way. None survived.

  8. Can’t wait till little baby Phly starts playing WT and he we have Daddy Phly Jagdtiger running around with Little Baby StuH 42

  9. Hey Phly, Congratulations on the good news my man! I would love you to make a video featuring the Japanese J6K1.

  10. 0:48
    when you balanced by bvvd

  11. Congrats on the kid

  12. Congratulations to beeing a dad :D. That intro melted my heart

  13. lemme be hes godfather pep

  14. Congratulation…..

    I wish you bougth blessed new year and much love for the future…..

  15. Awww babies are awesome but they do smell 😀

  16. H a m b u r g e r

  17. New hangar update peeps

  18. Congratz to you both, Welcome to parenthood 😉

  19. Phly is gonna be such a cool father, gonna get his son playing WT at an early age

  20. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Just your standard Phlydaily video but this intro made this one special. Good luck Phlydaddy

  21. If I don’t get at least 1 dad joke in every video I there will be consequences

  22. Tohru for president

    Yo the Intro made me tear up dude

  23. Congratulations Phly

  24. Congratulations!!!

  25. We will ever support you, Phly.

  26. “Russian bias doesn’t exist”
    *T-34 just magically pens tanks that have armour it shouldn’t be able to pen*

  27. Phly: The Sturmheiboots!
    well everyone, we have a new stug variant now!
    congratulations phly!

  28. PhlyDaily and the PhlyBaby

  29. This video reminds me of company of heroes

  30. Couple years later, Lil phly and Daddy Phly

  31. PhlyDaddy has a nice ring to it.

  32. I play War Thunder on Xbox and the back machine gunners on the low tier bombers cant move and are stuck when I go into manual, does anyone know how to fix that?

  33. The archer next plzzzz
    Also the gun carrier and archer destroy that ez

  34. Congratz Phly!!

  35. You should teach your wife to play war thunder

  36. And they said playing computer games will amount to nothing

  37. Day 1 of asking if Phly has ADHD (no offense)

  38. 0:20 big thumbs up for that supermeatboy soundtrack hehe

  39. Phly I can assure you me and you both teared up some with that intro. We will always be here for you dude, we love you[no homo]

  40. The b1 ter has at least 70 mm on the side and a lot on the front at 2.3 for some reason

  41. Bombarman_12 George

    because you are too good and I appreciate what you do
    and congratulations
    You will be a great father

  42. It’s mainly due to the optic region. But the tank is amazing. Speed, armour, pen. Shows that germany doesn’t suffer

  43. 17:00 Pathetic, I killed a Matilda once with a panzer 2 true it use all my ammunition but I did it.

    Also will be here for ya phly

  44. Congratulations. You gonne be a good dad. and someday u sit there with your child on the computer ” no no….right under the turretring”. keep up the great work and greetings from germany. sry for my bad english ^^

  45. Wholesomeness increases

  46. Congrats Phly…and keep going 😀

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