GERMAN KEG LAUNCHER – Loving The Unloved #3 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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GERMAN KEG LAUNCHER – Loving The Unloved #3 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. *Sorry about the audio, it’s fix for next video. My bad. So what killing machine is unloved in war thunder?*

  2. hahaha wa wa wahhh

  3. man play the Jagedpz 4-5, no body plays it

  4. HA! that standoff with the KV-2 was priceless

  5. Me 262 A1/U4 with Leopard 1 please

  6. do the m10 wolverine loving the unloved

  7. Quality entertainment

  8. When I see a tiger H I go fuck this shit I’m out hmmmm

  9. Green Lighterning

    Play the independent

  10. destroyer.of. dumb

    Phly the crusader mk || needs more love caues if you use it right its good

  11. I HE can explode KV 2 ammos

  12. This may have been the funniest video you’ve ever done, at least to me. I’m sitting here playing, and had the video playing on the 2nd monitor, and the music starts up. (Same ringtone for my Dad) I grabbed my phone at 10:00PM trying to make sure it didn’t wake our baby.

    Then realize it… the side kill of the AA with the KV1 at the end had me in tears and covering my mouth laughing trying not to wake the baby either.


  13. Hahahahaha the battle with the KV2 it was really epicness! XD

  14. The gunchariots (Na-To / 75mm M3 / Su-57) need some love. Maybe do a multination comparison?

  15. Phly out the F7F Tigercat and show your enemies what the American bias really is (Attempt #2)

  16. Play the KV-85

  17. ɖɛɱơŋℓσνє

    phly you should play wings of duty it’s a good mobile game on realistic mode

  18. What about the sturmtiger

  19. 15:16
    Made my day. Realy loved it

  20. The Real Joseph Stalin

    Silly boombar had to waste 3 shots to penetrate glorious KV 2

  21. play the cromwell rp-3

  22. Attempt #2

    Try out the new Glorious Russian SPAA with the T-34 base from operation S.U.M.M.E.R.!

  23. Did the thumbnail just change?

  24. Wow you killed that AA truck by shooting at the KV-2, 10/10 points from Sweden.

  25. t 44 with the 85mm. That tank is eternalized as my favorite tank. If not take out the vickers mbt’s and leo a1a1’s russian love child, the object 906.

  26. Play the spitfire fr mk 14e

  27. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any major youtuber play the M16 or M19

  28. Christopher Ødeskaug Hansen

    Us the hetzer

  29. Loved this video , the epic spaghetti western standoff music !!! Phly , please play the Jagdpanther with the 88 mm , ty 🙂

  30. Isu 152 pls

  31. kamrunnessa rahman

    hi phly could you phly ”the soviet flying cigar”( mig 17) with Baron

  32. Phly very nice derp duel 😀

  33. I hate that you are a so underrated youtuber :(. I wish you were more popular

  34. Brumbaaaaar not Brumbear

  35. can you use m10GMC and F6F5

  36. I’ve yet to see any content on the questionable Challenger tank with it’s uh… interesting choice of BR, Armour and Gun choice.

  37. Phly please play some Panzer IV F2! Attempt #2

  38. The Emperor of Mankind

    just got 6 kills in one match, all though it was a 4.0 down tier. Also when using the HE shell try and get under the tank to exploit every tanks paper thin under armor.

  39. Cromwell RP-3 pls

  40. Japanese tanks are all unloved phly lol. Keep up the good work

  41. Hey, thanks for using that music I never know there was such a thing as Electro Swing it is awesome.

  42. Marder III H needs love (german tier 3 tank destroyer)

  43. Kill 2 tigers whit a sherman calliope

  44. Phly daily how do you use the telloscope

  45. GOD DAMN IT PHLY !!!

  46. 15:17 sooo

  47. This was great!

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