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Source: PhlyDaily

START PLAYING!! Download War Thunder NOW!
LAND BATTLESHIP! – NB.FZ (War Thunder Tanks)



  1. hey ply play the new tiger p plz

  2. 1st

  3. 1st

  4. anybody else got a quality issue

  5. Happy Monday Phly :)

  6. its a funny tank

  7. hey phly merry christmas

  8. Gaming With Daniel The Scot


  9. hi

  10. that’s not a ship, that’s a tank

  11. more videos with baron pls, those are the best videos!

  12. Finally Neubaufahrzeug gamplay! :D

  13. play the american DESTROYER combo the ad2d skyraider and the m36 jackson

  14. 1st and nice man, ze German land battleship vs the mother Russia land

  15. Oh guys and stop your first comments 14 people already watched the video

  16. Phly, pls play forgotten TD Su122-54!

  17. Drive out the BIG Boom T34. You know i mean the 100mm Stalin Gun

  18. HD should be soon!

  19. im early i better make a joke
    CZ tanks

  20. Let me guess, IS-2 mod 1944 and Yak-9UT next. The so-called what a joke and
    BS combination among our WT community.

  21. DrawnOutDead :3 (Ghara)

    That Warship is so op.

  22. DrawnOutDead :3 (Ghara)

    That Warship is so op.

  23. Damn, I’m here early! Quick, a joke!

    Uh… Ah.. Wait!

    Battleship drivers!

  24. PHLY!… PHLY!…

    Have two teams on Poland in arcade battles all inside a ‘ground forces
    only’ match (for artillery). Have one team full of PT-76s and the other
    full of four Ferdinands and twelve T-50s. The PT-76s have to swim from
    their side to the other while resisting fire from the Ferdinands and T-50s,
    along with artillery, with the main goal of capping the opposite point. The
    objective of the Ferdinands and T-50s is to destroy the PT-76s and defend
    their point.
    Please do this Phly. Your the only War Thunder player I am subbed to.

    Have two teams again on Poland, but this time full of PT-76s (on arcade
    too). Get both teams to swim into the water for a minute to set up and when
    everyone is submerged, fire the guns!

    Sorry I had to copy and paste.

  25. Fancy “Wandwuff” Man


  26. Not first!

  27. run up on me goofy you get buck buck

  28. my name is not Max Ström

    Phly your videos are awesome, greetings from Sweden :)

  29. Василий Муравьёв

    It’s good, but…I hate fucking Kursk. I can’t see it!

  30. Phly I have a challenge for you… Fly the Ki-43, but you’re only allowed
    to kill American bombers. If there are no American bombers you must be
    honorable and end a fighter of any country without using your cannons (Or
    mg’s, the Ki-43 model is up to you).

  31. Sick of the boom beach adverts, my gosh

  32. love you phly

  33. how do you use binos?

  34. How do I get on to a match with player controled tanks and planes?

  35. Landkreuzer would be funny xD

  36. CB idea NB.FZ vs T-35s

  37. I’ve never seen this in tier 1 RB…

  38. Anyone else wanna see some Shermans? It’s been a while.

  39. Eat my bombs titty fuck XDDD

  40. NB.FZ=Neubaufahrzeug
    It is an agricultural machine or harvester. I swear. I’m German. We do not
    lie, and always tell the truth.
    With security to do something with construction equipment.

  41. Thar wunder

  42. Do KV-2 and IL-2

  43. phly and b von gggggggggg

  44. why don’t you play with entak anymore?

  45. how do you use those binoculars?

  46. +PhlyDaily why don’t you play world of tanks?

  47. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    this tank Is Terrible dont reccomend getting it is but phly is an amazing
    player so he went complete Rambo on those pricks so good work there m8

  48. Day 3451: Still waiting for the intro.

  49. Phly do the OP Russian MLG Combo
    The BT-5 with the 420mm BlazeIt rockets and the Pe-8 with the Tactical Nuke.
    360 no scope your way to victory and remember to have Dewitos

  50. Do world of tanks or World of tanks blitz

  51. We need the 3 Battleships & Their fleets face off.

  52. Blunderbuss muzzles were shaped that way for ease of loading. Not for ammo
    spread patterns.

  53. APCR in tier 1? kek

  54. You mean T-35.

  55. 08:42 im a gazelle. LOL hahahajaajaj xD

  56. YEEEEEES! Finally!!!!

  57. How do i shoot the machinegun

  58. Beast sir . Would like 2 squad up with you

  59. lmao kursk

  60. Maybe could you fly around in a P-51D Mustang or a B-29. If you would fly
    those planes that would be awesome

  61. assault fuse is broken anyway, takes over 2 secconds for them to explote

  62. first thing I hear – Baron ” Hans Hans Hans Lederhosen Hans Hans Hans”
    first thing I do – write this comment
    second thing I do – turn off the Internet for today
    Srsly, I can`t stand this guy and his stupidity

  63. Lol I demolished one of these with the m13

  64. owe miss playing this.

  65. Phly How you do the Scope thing?


  67. bufffff the smk is better

  68. B52 and m60.american muscle

  69. Right as that bomb dropped right in front of you Phly it went to an ad

  70. How do u feel about the Panthers LOSING TO THE FALCONS!?!?!?
    #stopthepanthers #gofalcons

  71. is this an amphibian tank ?

  72. that is gonna be cool ! pe-8 and with 5000 dew and rbt-5 doritozzzz
    For motherland and deal with it !

  73. siren madness!!
    GAZ 4Ms VS JU87 Stuka B-2s

  74. Neubaufahrzeug?
    Newly built fighting vehicle?

  75. Best tank and ground strike aircraft combo: M60 and f84 thunderjet with
    full rocket loadout!

  76. +PhlyDaily please do a vedio on the stuart plz

  77. Kesa “FireteamManiac”

    phly i need your help.. is there any other way to unlock garage place for
    tank/plane without buying golden eagles….. i cant unlock tier III of
    tanks need 1 more tank of II to unlock III tier.

  78. i like how every american thinks germans wear Lederhosen xD Only In some
    parts of Germany its worn and then only for special events ^^

  79. It’s the noob tank!

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