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  1. FIRST!!!!!!! Suck it!

  2. Sees phyla vids of being good in realistic
    Me: noted

  3. atleast it’s one of those tank destroyers that has a *turret*

  4. Russian bias level=???????

  5. 5:51 I think you wanted to say M10 and for some reason said Panther. This man doesn’t know what a Panther looks like xD

  6. One of the best intros ever

  7. Phly: Gonna play the M10 today guys!!
    Me: At the loading screen, huh since when does the Americans designate their ammo PzGr 39/42 ??

  8. play the J-21 A-1 it gets countered badly and gets into games with reserve planes

  9. Why are we talking about panthers? That’s a M10 GMC

  10. 9:56 there is a tank driving to C on the right and Phlydaily didn’t see it lol

  11. “They’re capturing E.”
    -Phly 2021

  12. here i am playing warthunder and the way Phly sees enemies behind cover 400-1km out is insane to me. i cant even see 200m inside cover at stationary tanks. he just snap shots and kills it. ridiculous

  13. Says he plays the m10 gmc… Instead plays the german ersatz m10 … XD

  14. An american guy killing american tanks with a german tank from ww2. Wow this is really something. If only the americans from ww2 could time travel to see that. What would be their reaction?

  15. What is the best nation to go through first

  16. Remigijus Seikauskas


  17. One the best intro ever lol 🤣🤣

  18. What do you see ? In this video footage its not visible how you detect enemy tanks. They are not visible. You shoot bushes and bam theres enemy.
    For me the case is clear. You went to the darkside to deliver youtube content.

    Im out !

    • I always suspected that, but this video shown me it pretty clearly. No way you can identify so quickly a tank in the bushes. Seems fishy to me

  19. 5:50 panther ? what panther all i see is M10

  20. Tomáš Petr Chromec

    Do this in sim battles

  21. well if the Italians made it it would have 3 reverse gears

  22. Day 36: Phly it’s time to bring out the family! Giving you some early practice.

    Tiger H1 (Dad), Tiger E (Mom(because let’s face it moms are superior)) and the Pz.Sfl.Ic (baby).

    It’s protect the baby time! Benny can role play as mom and Odd as the little one.

  23. Haha cringe that was me on Intro haha nice

  24. On that ASU situation. Come on they fight that t34/85 who died 1 second before, you even bounced one shot of the t34 at 11:03 while you encountered that ASU they know you where there no need to be scouted when they actually shot you alrdy and watched you from the other side of the building

  25. What would I give to see Phly and Russian Badger play War Thunder?

  26. Dont killed me . Bestt

  27. PHLY !

    The Germans need a reconnaissance run.
    Play the Sdkfz 140/1 Aufklärungspanzer 38t – No video on the channel

    Attempt: #36

  28. Panther ? I don´t know him…..

  29. Where did you get this tank?

    • It is currently not in the Tech Tree, but it was before.
      It may become available again on a special occasion, during and Event, or you can buy it (not for cheap though) on the Marketplace.

  30. where is b57 american jet bomber

  31. Day 76 : can you play the 75/34 M43?

  32. Strat: l3/33c, japan, c point and hide underthe stairs, use a dead tank to hide yourself

  33. America: M10 jackson dont have a son
    Germany: Ezarts der betrüger

  34. will the Erstatz M10 be on sale again?

  35. Day-1 phly can you please play with the Japanese tiger tank please 🥺

  36. Ah yes, the war crime battle wagon

  37. when we search for german-usa line-up game with my friend it never finds but when we play both US it is always with germans.

  38. 0:57 top 10 anime betrayal

  39. Tomáš Petr Chromec

    Challenge: dive bombing with B17

  40. KV 1 or M6a1 cannot be destroyed with panthers or Tigers

  41. Ah yes, brought the war crime out again. Been a while

  42. Hmm … i believe it is time for more sophisticated vehicles!

  43. German M10 got killed by M10

  44. The only thing that would make this funny would be editing the PANTHER on the front to say NOT A PANTHER

  45. 100% played

  46. 9:26 one more for the best moments of the year

  47. Dio Jelang Ramadhan

    phly play the milk rocket again(katyusha)

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