^^| German Medium BUFFS! Patch 9.17.1 Preview

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Taking a look at the upcomming buffs for the germans!


  1. So many German MTs to rebuy but not enough crews to equip :'(

  2. World of viagra

  3. Hugo “hugog2773” Giles

    if you hold the cursor over the tank in the cxarousel it shows that stat
    tree you were talking about, that’s the one I use instaed of the new drop
    down one to the right of the screen

  4. Even bigger Panther-penis memes?

  5. talk too much for nothing so fuck you

  6. Panther 2 looks funny, but yeah, its a L100, so it has to be this long ^^

  7. 8.8 L100 metre

  8. Leopard “pain in the ass” as I used to call it back in the day.

  9. i have a Pen i have an island ugh penisland

    vk 3001 m got armor!!!!! ????

  10. 8.8 cm KwK 43 gun in game is nothing like real life, lol.

  11. you need a bigger screen, say 32″, to alleviate your info view complaints

  12. thanks WG, now i have barrel envy complex :((((

  13. Kind of stupid that they removed the sideskirts from Panther II,
    considering that tank was developed specifically as an upgrade to make the
    Panther more resilient to the russian AT-rifles and those sideskirts were,
    like, the main thing….

  14. Why fire at weakspots when u can literally poke ur gun into them

  15. Krisjanis Valdmanis

    That Panther II gun…Holy smokes!

  16. would love to see some love to the T29 and T32, gun wise. gonna be
    diffiucult to deal withthe new german tanks otherwise. maybe

  17. Leo PTA with 8 deg ?? Holy Shit thats so cool

  18. Nice to see these buffs. But, isn’t this just gonna end up in a Status Quo
    situation If Wargaming goes through with the plans to nerf shot dispersion
    within the aiming circle, and the reduction in Penetration on all guns in
    game after 50 meters as opposed to the current 100 meters?

  19. Panther II gun wtf

  20. I welcme these buffs the rest of the patch can just go die

  21. Matthias Dregger (matthias1106)

    Song Name?

  22. That gun on the panther II OMG

  23. sitting here still waiting for buffs to the M6 and Sherman Jumbo and the
    M36 Jackson…

  24. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Yeah, the 30.02M is the prototype Panther but it’s basically the same as
    the first production version, the Ausf. D

  25. where is my leopard 1 buff :(

  26. I love all these recent buffs, makes so many tanks viable again (without
    making them overpowered in the process).

  27. Panther 8,8 needs a buff as well.

  28. If they buff the reload of the Panther’s gun , I have 3.71 secs reload now
    but next patch would it be less? I love this tank. still in 2 marks now.

  29. waiting for t-54 players to bitch that they didnt get a buff as well…..

  30. Hello Sir Circon, SJW’s are Fascists and how are you?

  31. nice to see the many obsolete german tanks making more sense. The panther
    line is a joke and wargaming make them look stupid so people will not keep
    them and move up the tier.

  32. With the new Panther II gun on the test server you can sit in the spawn and
    block the barrel of people playing tier 10 arties. Because fuck them.

  33. MrImmortalityPrince

    Unrelated tank question: Why does the Heavy tank no. VI needed a buff? I’m
    currently on my 3rd mark hunt and it’s not a bad gun at all. But like the
    Tiger I don’t expect bounces, the vehicle being a matchbox shape tank. Oh
    and fuck my Pz IV hydr, that tank need’s a gun and maybe a little armor

  34. he panther 2 cracked me up so much the gun is sooooooo long hahaha

  35. Panther2 looks like a naughty Pinnocchio.
    E50M’s turret is imo a massive downgrade, the gun mantlet on the SD version
    looks so much more badass, the cupola in HD is fugly and the front of the
    turret just feels…old. Worn. Not sexy. Not german, cheaply slapped

  36. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    Finally the Panther/M10 got buffed! nice vid btw

  37. Did they decrease the frontal slope of the E50M?

  38. wow they didnt buff the Panther 8,8 mt

  39. panther 2 new nickname meme “pinocchio” tank

  40. Circon, can you please find out if the Chaffee-T49 line will still go to
    T54E1 once the Sherridan is added? I need to know if I should speed up the
    grind towards the T57 Heavy.

  41. Hey circon, how do you think wg should buff turetless tds? They are rly bad

  42. e50 looking good but e50m….even my grandpa would disagree!

  43. No 3001 p buff??? :(

  44. I lol’d pretty hard at the L/100 gun on the Panther II.

  45. Now with the VK 30.02(M) UFP buff WG could simply change it’s name to
    “Panther Ausf. Something”. Will add a little bit of flavor to the tank
    instead of the feeling “this is just a Panther Prototype, but is the
    closest thing to an actual Panther within the game”. And just change the
    Tier 7 Panthers name to “Panther Ausf. Something Else”

  46. Thanks ‘n’ beers!

  47. dat L/100. looks so dumb.
    Give WG a few more years and german tanks wont be able to get sniper
    medals. Barrels will just be to close to enemies and the maps to small to
    get the barrel far enough away.

  48. They just couldn’t make the Panther a Panther. Just make an A and G model
    and get this abomination out of the game. Those L-100 guns are just so
    ugly. Panther gun should have a slower reload and 180-200 dmg a shot
    because it’s more a heavium and this gun doesnt facilitate that kind of
    playing imho. Missed chance once again by WG.

  49. My God… the VK 30.01 D is catching up to the cromwell! Why doesn’t any
    youtuber still feature that awesome tank which almost has the same mobility
    as the cromwell minus the awful bloom?

  50. Panther M10 looks as if it came out of borderlands

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