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  1. Gladiator Mk II loving the unloved please Phly

  2. ahhhhh stealing some Dollarplays edits here….

  3. A missed opportunity to use “German Sparkle Party” in an intro

  4. phly plz bring out the walker bulldog next time

  5. Dis sum booshit

  6. its only funny because its true 😀

  7. Hans don't lewd the lolis Pls or were dead

    Lol i was expecting Phly to be ambushed by Private ryan while trying to cross the grassfield TwT

  8. Well you are with out a doubt the better man, id have rammed that Ahole off that cliff for tht behavior if i was in your shoes.

  9. If you know, you know

  10. I was expecting some Erika.

  11. Germans don’t have a 50 cal

  12. The Venga bus is comin’ and everybody’s jumpin’
    New York through San Fransisco
    An interstate free disco,
    The wheels of steel are turnin’ and traffic lights are burnin’
    So if you like to party,
    Get on and move your body


  14. I hate the “push game”. you are a better person than I did. I would have shoved that dude off the cliff and fallowed him for the rest of the match. “pushing” him until he died or quit the match. f my stats. I hate people like that!

  15. I want half track must get half track must get Oooo OOOO AAA OOOOOO AAAA OOOOO

  16. First party at the drug store, nice one

  17. saving 19:20 for future reference

  18. Congratulations on getting engaged Phlyman. If she’s a keep, who knows, maybe one day some baby Spitfires and Helldivers.

  19. How can i get ze party bus

  20. Le half-track dans le film “La grande Vadrouille”, avec De Funes XD

  21. the idea of that being a party bus along with the music just made me laugh.

  22. I love halftracks. Hope to see more. XD

  23. Phly: Slides down the hill


  24. Yo this was more then usual super quality video.Such creativity for polishing and making enjoyable content.Phly you are amazing,I have stopped playing WT but I can’t stop watching your videos.

  25. hey phly if you see this can you please tell me the name of the song that sounds like something from a 90s rave because i need to listen to it on repeat for like the next week

  26. Classic Phly!! Love it Happy Friday!

  27. 1000th comment

  28. Phly whens the pyoremmyraky vid finnally coming, you havent played props in a while

  29. This vehicle should get arty.

  30. 19:18 Long. Range. Yeets.

  31. bring back call of duty for a few more weeks the finale mission is very awsome

  32. Watch “Top Gear UK” ?

  33. Best intro ever

  34. This looks more like the BANG!!! Bus

  35. “Please let this be a normal school trip.”
    “With the Hans? No way!”

  36. This is alright I guess but would have preferred to see the Sd.Kfz. 251/22 “Pakwagen”

  37. *Everyone hunt down “Flew_Hunt” and let it know how much of a dirty piece of fecal matter it is. It doesn’t deserve being treated like a human being. TK and mass-spam if can.*

  38. How about Gaijin fixing all these mysterious hull wobbles going on in this game…

  39. The party bus did a lot better here than it did in Saving Private Ryan.


  41. 16:37 “Hello there!”

  42. 1:36 1 word: *art*

  43. The 110 dislikes were those who missed the bus 🙂

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