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Source: OddBawZ


The Turm III is literally one of my favourite tanks in War . I had finished the video for this tank in 5 matches then just couldn't stop playing it.

The Turm III Rank 5 Premium Tank for the German . It has the same L7 Cannon as the Leopard but also a 30mm autocannon strapped to the turret for good measure!

The 30mm cannon has a max penetration of 53mm and plenty of ammo to boot. That means Tanks and SPAA's are food for this thing so long as they aren't paying attention.

The main feature though, is this things L7A3 autloading 105mm cannon that has some of the best gun handling in the game. With a max gun depression of 12 degrees this thing can fight on defilade like no other.

It's absolutely awesome!

INTRO (00:00)
GAME 2 – GOT THAT (11:07)
OUTRO (23:41)


  1. A We Comment!


  3. Man it took you and Phly to make a video on this. I was stoked when I saw it and preordered it. I knew it was going to be good and I was not disappointed.

  4. Prototype tanks? So tiger 105 mais and panther 88 coming back???

  5. Easy 8.3-8.7 vehicle with the way it handles + pen + auto loader

  6. instead of slowing down the time for win/lose it should pause the end of the match and the plane must no longer be flying or the bomb must go off although the result should be altered if you kept the game from ending on time like a pyrrhic victory if it goes off if you would have lost with more equal rewards or something and there needs to be a short time limit on the nuke bomber to keep it being used to draw out the game

  7. SvenandBex Ericksen

    Good dammit! You’ve made me reload war thunder.
    Just when you think you’re out. They pull you back in.

  8. The coaxial 30mm should have APFSDS ammo. Missed opportunity. If I’m paying premium, I expect premium treatment and pure “pay to win”…

  9. Can you play your favorite American tank at the moment?

  10. Yeah I should have bought the Turm instead of the A10. Just unlock the A10 late

  11. Still waiting for the ARL 44 video! Hope you will make it!

  12. When are we getting game chat back? This mute is not making me wanna play the game

  13. Backyard deathtraps

    Hey hey hey dont be talking bad about the swedish cheese wedge haha

  14. Damn was hoping you were doing one on the bulldog cause i played with you the other day. It was carpathians and we wrecked their entire team. I was the M64.

  15. The whole turret being a giant ball joint is really funky, but I kinda like it. Whenever I see the whole thing tilt up, my brain has to do a bit of a double take.

  16. Imagine that chopper can still shoot rockets after pancaked on the ground

  17. Turm III is not an actual name of this damned vehicle, and there is no 3-axis stabilizer
    perfectly gaijined

  18. Michael D. Uchiha90

    In the german tank museum in Munster. There is a Marder 2 prototype and its gun can change from 20mm to a 30mm and back.
    Realy crazy that thing.

  19. tap tap tap.. 3 times with machine gun in direction of enemy is universal WT morse code for Enemy, Right , There!!!

  20. This entire update is just adding the most OP and annoying German BS that bukkake all other player in the face.

  21. hahaha…. 60$ premium OP tank… well screw gajin, im done with it, and i’m not paying shit to them, they are too greedy. You can buy a whole AAA game for 60$, instead of one tank of theirs in a grind fest of a game with short matches.

  22. i want a Z decal

  23. Damn, imagine if this thing wasn’t premium, i would definitely grind for it

  24. I still dont understand, why dont we have some maps/mods, where one side would have to defend and the other attack, something like rush in battlefield. Would solve this issue with spawn camping, atleast for defenders.

  25. Phlydaily thumbnail huh

  26. Can you do a vid with the amx 10 rc?

  27. Please forgive me


    the TURMinator!

  28. Big coax? can we have mk1 cent with the 20mm polsten cannon…

  29. Its like a year that i don’t see a video with the M6A1!

  30. You should use the guided bombs on the a4e

  31. I think the only reason this to be 8.0 so it has a lineup, but still ends up on 8.3 or 9.0 anyway since the only other nation that strong on 8.0 is China, and the US.
    Also the full “glass cannon” thing just isn’t works for me, despite i like my WMA301 witch somehow just works well, but any plane or helicopter is “happy so see me” in them (not to mention IFVs). So I’m eyeing with the TAM 2IP instead.

  32. Noah’s awesome vids

    It seems unfair .. glad it weak 🙂 glad m163 can pen it hahahahahahaha

  33. Heya OddBawz! How did you get that great Flag you have on the back of your tank? I haven’t seen that one available in the world flags available in game. 🙁

  34. I look at the Turm III as a gun platform disguised as a tank. It gives up protection for being able to put hellish amounts of firepower downrange and has respectable speed to find positions to do it. The 30mm is so much utility- it chops up aircraft or helis, riddles lighter vehicles, disables tracks/guns on heavier ones if you need to buy time.

  35. do the leo 2k. good auto cannon, and surprisingly survivable. plus no thermals. damn those things.

  36. Game would be so much better if the person in charge of map rotation put down the Vodka, coke and lay off the hookers. I’m tired of top-tier on maps where it takes 30 sec to drive across to mid-tier taking 8 min just to get to a cap. Makes no sense!

  37. The temptation is strong, but I’m still having too much fun with the A10.

    Good to see you back in action, brother.

  38. Day 69 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  39. Declan McGillicuddy

    I bought the Turm for myself and my best friend and on the first session of playing together we got into a full uptier and I got a nuke and delivered it. I brought the alouette so it was a 9.3 uptier.

  40. I don’t have that experience with the T-72 you mentioned at the start, but it’s more likely that I just haven’t noticed it. I don’t have top-tier in any nation other than USSR, so I don’t have anything to compare it against.

  41. “German”… French made half of the tank

  42. Love your videos Odd! But where did you get the Scotland flag decal??? Living in Glasgow that’s something I’d love to put on my tanks too!

  43. When a plane or Helicopter is destroyed it shouldn’t be able to do anything, it’s a pity the tanks when destroyed couldn’t shoot for a couple of seconds after. But what a tank the Turm III is, thanks Oddball.

  44. the sandvitch man

    bro this things got the only thing i wanted out of the modurna a large caliber 30mm auto cannon id rather get this than spend the ridiculous amount of time to grind for the modurna

  45. Shouldnt that 30mm should have at least 63mm pen, still, a fun tank.

  46. Titanius Anglesmith

    If the turret actually worked I may consider buying

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