German Puma 20mm Worst Nightmare (War Thunder)

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Puma 20mm Worst Nightmare (War Thunder)


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  1. B1 bis
    aka. Panzer II and Panzer III hanger transporter

    Hitler: *Laughs in Paris*

  2. Drewski and phly, the most ambitious crossover to date

  3. I see b1 I run 🏃

  4. Fun to see you playing with Drewski! I’ve watched his brother for quite a few years at Demo Ranch

  5. Hey phly dail5 do you have any advice for playing reserve tier biplanes

  6. “The hill guy” Phly 2020

  7. I appreciate the Trailer Park Boys Memes. Phly is the definition of a mustard tiger.

  8. Aleksander Lenartowicz


  9. Didn’t know Drew play warthunder

  10. ok ok ok ok ok hear me out. opperator drewski is brothers with demo ranch who knows doughnut who knows welyn from rust. the most epic cross over.

  11. Phly needs to play with Drew and his brother Matt!

  12. Phlys bi ter is like the tiger that took 300 Russian shells

  13. Marder III H plz. Glass cannon.

  14. Phly and the Baguette Brigade go puma hunting in the wild safari

  15. 8:23 Phly “Push out with me…”
    “I’m still repairing my track.”
    Phly: “Okay how long?”
    “13 seconds.”
    (13 seconds and 32 shell hits later…)
    Calm Phly: “Okay guys, I will take all the hits.”

  16. enderhackergaming

    Phly: Uses french

    Amx: use me

    Also b1 ter and b1 bis: let us introduce ourselves

  17. I have a suggestion for a challenge:
    Try to negotiate a cease fire/peace treaty (more or less just make an enemy tank not engage you)

  18. Phly with the normal guys: this is brilliant!
    Phly with the newbloods: but i like this.

  19. So uh, phly. You still doing the request stuff? And if you are, you should play the French in top tier again. The leclerc is literally so sexy.
    Attempt #3

  20. i cant believe you were the tanks that we were feasting on HAHAHAHHAHA you guys were annoying to shoot, wont pen for some reason

  21. Dang everybody’s doing b1 vids rn

  22. Pls do kv1zis2

  23. Wow😯🙃

  24. Footage of Elite French Armored Division assaulting German lines (1939 Colorised)

  25. The Budgie Admiral

    This is the only reason I love my IJA tank destroyer. What was it, the Chi Nu? Something like that. It oneshots this angry French boi.

    I have no other gun that can pen his armour in my lineup, only the turret ring.

  26. The B1= how the Tiger H1 gameplay should be, but hey its gaijin so its not

  27. Has Phly played the american T95E1???

  28. NotACommunistPerson

    I’ve seen clips of drew playing war thunder, but I can’t find videos of him playing it, can someone link me to them if they exist? Oh and can we see more of phly and drew playing together, i smiled the whole video

  29. So like, the last thing ther germans needed was another auto 20mm BUT ALSO another fucking puma holy shit. Cancer pure cancer War Thunder eat my ass.

  30. An Urban Frontiersman

    Great content.

  31. I had no idea you and nicc played together that’s funny

  32. Alexander Jonsson

    Phly I have a really weird challenge for you and I don’t know if it is possible!
    Squad up with 1 or 2 Pt76bs and you should take out the asu 57. The goal is to get a kill while you are ON TOP of the pt76bs when they are in the water.
    Good luck comrade! You will need it.

    Attempt #5.

  33. drewski is a fucking goof fuck him

  34. Attempt #12 of requesting Phly to do a collab with Bo and Dollar or a 1v1v1 showoff with them all

  35. I want to know exactly how many shots you took

  36. whoa didn’t expect drewski to play wt

  37. @phly now you have to play arma3 with op drew

  38. Actually it was only th Sdkfz 234/2 that was called Puma.
    The variant with the Kwk 39 50mm gun, not the variant with the 20mm.

  39. Papa Phly this was great to watch! You should bring the bois on for more adventures!

  40. So what am I actually supposed to do when I’m that Pz II and I come up against a B1?

  41. 2:20 Got revenge bombed by that guy lol.

  42. Pz2 Dakka laughs in flank and spank

  43. Bo time v phly daily
    Attempt 6

  44. Niccaman? What’s a phlyboi like him doing in a tank?

  45. Isn’t drew DemoMat’s brother?

  46. Phly Please make a video about the XM-1 GM you haven’t posted a video on it
    -attempt 89

  47. T H I C C

  48. 6:55 music in my ear :v

  49. cmon Phly you could have easily put Sanic Music when dodging those Bombs

  50. You should not load full ammo on the 75 mm cuz it makes you an easy ammorack(from the back especially, because german 20 mm can make you go boom)

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