GERMAN SNIPER – Ferdinand Tank Destroyer (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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SNIPER – ( Gameplay)


  1. Hitler_Always_Fails

    Can you guys just stop saying which attempt number you’re on already?

    Attempt #1

  2. hay phly play the bm-8-24 and the ar-2
    katusha bomber (try 1)

  3. well today i pend the front of a ferdinand that is 200mm thick with my is-2
    200mm of pen and he was angled

  4. Phly take the 72-k GAZ out with the BB-1 with the 6 100 kilos. The 72 has a
    low enough point cost that 1 kill will get you in your plane.

  5. my personal fav combo
    Attempt #10 im not stoping phly
    Stug3 A and the Ju-87 R-2 with the 1000kg bomb

  6. Phly take the Battle of Guadalcanal combo/Japanese combo the Type 97 Chi-Ha
    and the A6M2-N with 60kg bombs. Attempt #4

  7. Phly take out the Japanese version of the M4A3 (76) W with only using the
    APCR rounds

  8. do a kamikaze party combo.
    3x kamikaze using A7M or Ryusei, then use Ha Go.
    Note : in PvP
    Attempt #5

  9. More crossout and more AB PLZ

  10. Soviet Navel Bias SU-100Y and Pe-2 Make the MotherLand Proud

    attempt #9

  11. btw Ferdinand has two layers of frontal, you just didn’t check it

  12. calliope rockets? attempt 6

  13. Take out the t-44 100 and the mig-9 late?

  14. Skyler Christiansen

    You know what I just realized PhlyGod, War Thunder needs to add the
    Westland Whirlwind. That plane looks like a beast. Just my opinion, what do
    you think.

  15. Phly so I am new to war thunder because of you what is the best starter
    nation I like American tanks but do u have any suggestions

  16. Take out the Avenger and the Stirling mk.1

  17. this was a good video phly. I really liked seeing you playing a tank or
    plane that you have a negative view on and find out you actually enjoyed.
    also watching you snipe was very enjoyable and i actaully learned something
    from this video. Thanks.

  18. +PhlyDaily
    World Of Warships Series?? Play the Yamato!!!
    Introoooducing the Yaaaaaaamaaaaaatoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    Attempt #1

  19. Try this on for size. Cheiftan Mk3 and Vampire. Show some British Pride!
    Attempt #1

  20. that intro almost made me rage quit the video

  21. make a Maus a home

  22. Redo the type-62 now that it has heatfs and is 6.7!

  23. Hahaha that flat spin!

  24. How do u play with planes and tanks in the same battle. Answer?

  25. Play with a ps4 controller tank realistic battles

  26. T-32 super super Pershing

  27. Isabel van der Woude

    go kamikaze WiFi the mous


  29. How broken is the meteor? That broken.

  30. phly daily play the bm8-24 Russian bias super launcher with a high tier
    plane :)

  31. whats with all those small skips?

  32. Sayonara ?

  33. Ferdinand have 200 mm front armor. Game will show you only 100mm because
    that was two 100mm plates welded up one to another and deeper plate is
    covered by shallowed plate. So finally it’s 200mm 🙂 Greetings from Poland!

  34. keep that intro music phly please

  35. Is the Hunter any good in tank RB?

  36. do more arcade please

  37. Phly, I love your intro! Epic set up, expecting the epic kill – then the
    troll! :D

  38. When people frontal attack a german sniper tank and get killed, after
    getting killed they go to the forums and complain about that germany is OP

  39. lel, with my earphones in it echoes like hell

  40. How to get golden eagle

  41. That intro is why i stopped playing this shitty game.

  42. Dude i love that song in the intro

  43. M41 Walker bulldog and F4U Corsair attempt number 2

  44. i have 600 games with Ferdi and %75 win rate ^^

  45. I am the one that kill you LoL you suck

  46. I got a challenge for you Phly, try killing a Maus using a machinegun

  47. Ok, quick question I’ve been seeing in all your videos: You have actual
    language commentary when your vehicles destroy enemies – or you take hits.
    Is there some kinda patch I need for that?

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