German SPAAs / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In offence and in defence, in sun-scorched deserts and in thickly wooded forests, tanks lead the fight almost everywhere… but, in most cases, they are almost defenceless when attacked from the air. What shields them from the wrath of the skies a special type of ground vehicles — self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles, armed with quick-firing autocannons and missiles.



  1. Greg Schoellhammer

    Ah, our Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft vehicle weapon systems. We made designed them so that they can kill pretty much anyone at their rank. Or higher ranks… My favorite so far has to be the simple truck with a 37mm cannon fitted at the back. It’ll destroy aircraft in one shot sometimes, and that’s not too uncommon.

  2. Don’t let the snail get away with simply removing and then ignoring the Coelian

  3. Wirbilwind PTSD anyone?

  4. Where is Coelian?!

  5. You forgot to talk about the Flakbus

  6. The kuger cancer

  7. Rip Coelian

  8. Take the YS back 9.7

  9. Ja, viel Spaß habe ich gehabt

  10. Best German SPAA ??? Coelian of course ! Double 37 mm, Panther mobility and resistance, deadly traverse speed, smokes : Just the beauty and the beast in one vehicule !!! But don’t forget 88mm flak-bus.
    (Sorry for orthographe, french corrector ^^” )

  11. Fishing pole studios

    ‘The same, but with two guns.’ So, is better

  12. You missed my favourite, the coelion (flkpz 341). Once you get to know the guns, you can nail a plane from a few km out.

  13. What about the Flak 88 Gaijin?

  14. They really should at least given honorable mentions to the tanks that are still playable in game but not free.

  15. As there are many spaa vehicles with more or about the same penetration and caliber of the kugelblitz with full or almost full ap belt at much lower br. Maybe the kugelblitz should get a real apcr/hvap belt again

  16. They forgot the milktruck 88

  17. And its Russian turn now xD

  18. Martin Foking-Hardbass

    Wilberwind 10.7

  19. German SPAAs are a complete pain in the ass to fight be it while in a tank or a plane, but are amazing when you get to use them

  20. Me, who shoots planes down with my primary gun: *laughs in Otto Carius*

  21. What do you call a kugelblitz engaging any aquatic tank in the water. Duck hunting season

  22. Sad Coelian (flakpanzer 341) noises

  23. #Coelianonly or #3,7 cm Flakzwilling auf PzKpfw V 😛

  24. Barnabás Báronovics

    Read the title.
    Thought I would see a spy disquised as a medic

  25. Btr is better for me

  26. You forgot about Flakpanzer 341

  27. Where is the best spaa? The SdKfz 140/1?

  28. JackAttackplaysgames


  29. I beg you. Please say Panzerkampfwagen and dont spell it Pz.kpf.wgn. or whatever. It hurts

  30. you mean tank destroyers

  31. all German SPAA are fun to play

  32. Gepard, Gepard
    Whatcha gonna do
    Whatcha gonna do
    When he comes for you

  33. Uptier the weirble to 5.3, tier 4. Its camo unlocks are already up there and its far too op to be at 2.3. Those things can take out KV-1s so no its not only light vehicals. Just move the ostwinds down and put the wirbel up more no one would care because they all already use it at 10.0, at least at 5.3 it wouldent be able to kill everything and anything in sight. And before you say it cant kill everything at its own br, i once had 2 wirbels in a game try to take out my IS-1 without aiming for any weak spot probably because theyre so used to killing everything anywhere

  34. Screw you gaijin, for changing the stock ammo for vehicles of rank VI-VII which now has the default HEAT shell, this is another frustrating change made to the game if we can call it a game because War Thunder is the most frustrating game ever to be played and everyone knows that this “game ” is getting worse and worse after each update. I won’t play this anymore!

  35. Wirblewind is King!

  36. You forgot the Coelian dumbasses

  37. George Vasilopoulos

    You mean tank destroyers

  38. Deswegen, spielen alle Wirbelwind auch im höheren lvl. Ostwind 1+2 treffen kaum was. Die explosiven Granaten sind zwar schneller was das vorhalten angeht, das bringt bei 250 Schuss Recht wenig. Dann lieber 450 Schuss und die Chance erhöhen.

  39. Ausserdem,kann man mit Gepard oder Roland nicht die Ziele erfassen, ein Helikopter aber schon. Ich hab mehr Luftkills mit dem Raketenjagdpanzer, als mit dem Gepard. Man sollte schon bei einem 15km Radar ein Ziel erfassen können, und nein ab 10km geht es auch nicht. Ab unter 3km ist es erst zu 100% möglich. Wo wir wieder beim Raketenjagdpanzer sind.

  40. Excuse me, as someone who has played AA before, I can tell you that AA barely shields the tanks on the ground. The sky cancer almost wins all the time

  41. When will we get the skink

  42. I prefer the Wehrmacht to the Bundeswere.

  43. Weiblewind

  44. The Wirblewind is a MBT not a SPAA

  45. I just got the Roland, but dont know how to use it. Are there some “How to’s” somewhere available?

  46. 7:00 well, ingame that burning pile of metal is still capable of firing its AT missiles for a nice and not at all infuriating revenge kill

  47. Oh yea definitely the kugelblitz can destroy light armored tanks the bloody thing killed my tiger II fast

  48. I want to know why Ostwind I & II, and Kugelblitz have such ridiculous repair costs compared to everything else.

  49. I have them all – it is bloody hard to grind them out of stock because I find it nearly impossible to hit a plane with them. I accidentally shot a friendly down so maybe not “impossible” 🙂

  50. Allen Carlo de Leon

    pls hope for Rheinmetall Spaa of german modern….

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