German tank destroyers / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Today we are taking a look at German SPGs, from the very bottom to the very top of the tech tree. Broadly speaking, there are two distinct types: lightly armored tank destroyers… and heavily armored vehicles that perform pretty much like tanks.



  1. Leopard 2A5 VS m1a1 abrams

  2. All of this isnt gonna matter because youre still gonna get whacked by P47s or AD4s from American cap rushers before you get into a position…

  3. The stuG III F is my favorite, i take it to it BR Level games and even top br. Such a secluded TD

  4. Discuss maus

  5. Sturmtiger

  6. will we be able to acquire the 2 premium Puma’s one time again? (by completing tasks, looking forward to complete my puma collection)

  7. I wish the Flaks you mentioned would get AA shells with distance fuses. You even showed scenes where you shot down planes with those guns (even though it was probably normal HE)!

  8. When he mentioned the Marder tank I was like “don’t you mean PAK a punch?”

  9. metcalf antique farming

    VFW rare i see it in every battle in the masses

  10. Martin Vokurka DRe

    1:35 “AND THAT’S A BIG BUTT”

  11. Video about AA!

  12. BlitzpanzerV8 SturmVogel

    Hans! load the anti-depressant shells, our Marder is getting depressed again!

  13. #save the maus

  14. F14 tomcat That’s a secret

    How to make a tank destroyer take a hull add tracks and slam on a larger than average add crew and a engine and bam a tank destroyer

  15. #SaveTheMaus

  16. Decompress the BR system and dont remove the Maus! BR is problem not the Maus. A lot of other tanks suffer from BR system, not only the Maus! Listen to the comunity!

  17. Using English pronunciation for German words is really strange. ‘J’agdT’ai’ger, Na’sh’orn was really awful.

  18. we are war thunder, we think Assault guns are tank destroyers, dah blyat cyka.

  19. #PleaseConsider decompressing the BR. #SavetheMaus.

  20. The brumbar is a fun tank shame it hasnt got the light machine gun.

  21. how they say jag gives me cancer

  22. the Dicker Max

  23. #SaveTheMaus

  24. Kinda useless starting at 5.3 BR you’re facing Cold War tanks most of the time……devs are drunk…balance the Germans please 5.3/6.7.
    King Tiger/Jagdpanther/Jagdtiger are useless vs those tanks.

  25. I came across a sturmpanzer, on the map that’s huge and lots of trees. The map is called kutez or something.

  26. *shows flakbus shooting planes without flak shells*

  27. Could you stop kicking us in the balls by mentioning the Maus its a pain… well in the balls

  28. Fix the game

  29. Rainbow Six Siege

    Fix the Br and do what the whole community tells you!

  30. #savethemaus

  31. grandglad dylanyt

    11:33 ha aside from the mau- oh wait.

  32. Rawil Fahrislamow

    Я один зашёл на немецкую версию чтобы послушать немецкий язык?

  33. It would be nice to see the Yak tree explained, I’ve been thinking about switching to Russian aircraft lately, would be nice to know what I am getting into.

  34. how about add the waffentrager e100 and the waffentrager auf pz4… it would be nice to play those tanks in the game


  36. sturmpanzer 2 is not a TD

  37. Nashorn …. Oh yeah

  38. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Gaijin sold Maus’s soul for 62 cents.

  39. liem thanh Nghuyen

    Puma, sturmpz2, brummbar, jagdpanther, hetzer, pak88, are the best injoy ger TD i ever played

  40. if you guys at WT hq reaallly read all of the comments, then hear this. your game will not benefit profit wise or size wise by removing the maus or any of the other tanks in the next updates (other than maybe the coelian, i think the ostwind 2 will be fun, but thats only my opinion.) the majority of players dont want to see the rework and are fighting to see the changes that we have been begging for, for some time now. so give the community what it wants find a way to keep the maus.

  41. I LOVE the stug td

  42. The hetzer is the best

  43. Don’t take away the maus

  44. Gijan is American an Russian bias


  46. “VFW a rare vehicle” yeaahhh no

  47. Wasn’t the Maus really intended to be inpenetratable in WW2?

  48. I got shot in the tracks while playing with a Stug! I started repairing and for 30 seconds the enemy was trying to pierce my front armor! NO LUCK! 30 after I shot at him few times and backed back to A point

  49. my name is max im fat im german because of that call me dicker max

  50. Flak Truck for the Win!! lol

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