German Tanks Going CRAZY in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

German tanks are the in World of Tanks… at going crazy! Here’s why the E 50 M and Maus are just perfect!



  1. As someone who has a type 5 heavy and not a Maus…. that looks like a ton fun. It’s so enjoyable to watch heat bounce when I get my angles right on the type 5, Maus looks more of the same.

  2. 00:11 Heh-heh…. He said, “do do”. 😂

  3. 1:38 what he said here is assuming players have equal skill , thats a rare thing to see in this game 😂😂

  4. he he, he said doo-doo at the begging

  5. 13:30 lmao look at the game chat „maus u are crazy“😂

  6. You Guys noticed the Concept 1B on the chat in the end of the Maus game? hahah

  7. play the HWK 12 and u will say something else 😛

  8. The reason for spall liner on E50M is that the E50M is a weak tank

  9. Just waiting for that damn hero skin for the maus or the type 5 heavy to go into the store..

  10. Complaints Department

    Given how utterly horrible of an experience the Leopard grind has been on the previous on-track event and struggle-bussing hard on the PT A to get the Leo 1 researched, I’m not buying the Leo 1. Not when it’s just a PTA at tier 10 with slightly faster reload. The gun is horrendously trollish for me at any range other than point blank.

    Screw the Leopard line. I’m going for the E 50 M like I should’ve done to begin with.

    • Leo has a way better gun than PTA. That said it’s still quite a moody tank that is pretty hard to play consistently (unless you are that kind of superunicum who drive leo super aggressively and somehow able to make it work), so indeed for most players E50/50M would be a much better experience. Although rather than choosing I just get both.

  11. the chat was brilliant

  12. E 50M is weak! xD

  13. I watched a Claus Kellerman vid on the Spall Liner. He tested a Leopard 1 vs a Conq GC, tested both with and without a spall liner. Even it was a small data pool, he took more damage with a spall liner equipped, it did not reduce the damage by 50% as advertised. It could be something interesting to test out for your channel QB.

  14. That first game really shows just how much of a detrimental impact the current overpowered meta tanks have on the quality of teams and the gameplay.

  15. I’m more entertained reading the chats…

  16. Robert hållstrand

    Well QB and others like you, i tried for years but you are just f-ing good, simple as that… Guess my IQ fails me

    • BubblesAndFishing

      well… hate to break it to you but QB is out of his prime and not evolving with the meta enough. i used to look uo to him like this aswell but my recents are just simply better nowadays. im starting to see his mistakes and he makes too many to for me be considered a good player anymore. if you want real skill you should watch people like Iyouxin or Kajzoo.

    • I just think its funny how people are so obsessed calling qb legit bad while statswise hes doing well above a bunch of the playerbase
      Qb is not bad player but his opinions and equipment setups are.

    • BubblesAndFishing

      @Mile _ i never called him bad i just said i dont consider him good anymore as hes not evolving with the meta enough

    • Robert hållstrand

      @BubblesAndFishing I tried to watch them but their voices annoys me (sorry) QB speaks perfect english and is easier to understand

  17. If you angle the Maus correctly, you can bounce nukes.

  18. Ralphy’s Replays

    look at the Concept 1B in the in game chat via the Maus game…

  19. Friedrich Wilhelm

    i will always stand that the E50M is and has for a long time been the best German tank because it can fill every roll and it can fill every roll well enough


  21. Would love to see you do this for top tier tanks of all nations, videos where you show off the strengths of these different nation’s styles

  22. The Title should be QB Bizzare Adventure 😆

  23. Someone says that “maus you’re crazy” well he is quickybaby and if that name doesnt sounds crazy to u i dnt know what

  24. BubblesAndFishing

    stop showing your mediocre battles and start showing other peoples insane battles again. ive watched you for so long but the battles you show are usually not even that good.

  25. HT15 for Obj 260 by going crazy!

  26. ‘Maus you are crazy’

  27. Doesn‘t this bloke in the FV 4005 know that his premium round has way less penetration than his regular AP round? Yeah, let‘s just try to penetrate a Maus frontally with HESH.

  28. What is your obsession with vents, they’re not that good.

  29. 8:08 Au contraire, mon cher! 😉
    What about the Landkreuzer P. 1000 “Ratte”?! You remember once upon a time when the team build it just for joy and memes? Those were funny times! And I know that this “tank” was not to be implemented in the game!

  30. Jonathan vallée

    I love the concept saying u are crazy

  31. I think your Maus got #1 scouting as well XD

  32. “Tanking two top tier tanks” say that 5 times fast

  33. I watching this Maus play when you was live, QB! It was amaazing to see live your reaction and all smiles that you puit in our faces! Absolutly crazy play! You’re the GOAT of this game and always will be, no doubt! Stay bless my friend! Much love!

  34. I really hate the way Quicky said you have an 80% chance to lose 😢 I wish all competitive games put everyone in a level playing field. The new Leopard 🐆 is amazing will level the field a bit. Not getting hot in the first place 🥇 is best I’m seeing lots of one shot gold guns on Xbox. I feel armour is dead on Xbox was doing so badly till I got the leopard 🐆 armour means nothing

  35. Hey QB just saw a clip to you reacting to the machine on wot console. Since then have you messed about with the cold war mode at all? If so what are your thoughts about the mode? Haven’t really seen many pc players talking about it or just haven’t been looking in the right feeds. I think it would be some good content to at least review and get your opinion on the direction the console devs are going. Plus they just added the leapoard 2a5 so it goes with the them of the video haha

  36. U have to play the e100 and Maus like a AMX. And you would experience what fun is

  37. Suffering through the Panther, Panther 2, E 50 grind is just too much

  38. What i find funny is that QB is acting like Artillery doesnt exist in the game and was completely gutted. Meanwhile whenever i play the game i get completely destroyed by arty, direct hits, gold ammo, the whole package.

  39. German tanks are the most enjoyable by far

  40. 3:53 “Welp im dead, I better strike a cool pose!”


    The german’s are the best tanks….so funny

  42. Why have you changed your mind about M4Y? You bigged it up in previous review. Have I missed a video about this tank?

  43. I wish more ppl would play the Maus like this. Nowadays they prefer to redline camp and wait for oneshots to come by.

  44. Same setup has allowed me to sustain a 78% win ratio in the E50M, I play a lot of Leopard 1/PTA games but when I’m tired of sniping, it’s now my go to tank.

  45. What about the Pz VII? Nobody is playing that these days 😀

  46. Francesco Monti

    An E50 @63kph…I had to see it.

  47. More of these silly gameplay videos, please!

    A hearty well done to you, Mr. Quickybaby! Those are two of my absolute favourite tanks to mess around in. Congratulations on two most excellent battles!

    Personally though, I much preferred the tier IX E 50. Much more flexibility with the option of two very powerful guns. I played it like a heavyweight sniper with the long barrel gun. Shooting with German precision from long range and absolutely smashing my opponents with ramming speed! Tier X E 50M is still fun too but not as much.😉

    Again, thank you for the wonderfully fun content. Keep it up! And good hunting, everyone!

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