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  1. The Toastinator

    You should play the premium Italian helicopter Z129

  2. Lol we are going to seduce the russian zerg rush XD love it.

  3. Good keyhole weapon. Retaliation comes quick usually, except for that spot on that new map, keeping them from crossing a bridge.

  4. Day 480: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  5. Its not a laser range finder its a mechanical computing range finder (uses some complex math)

  6. Dementia Gaming

    Swedish APHE in reserve hits different

  7. Play the Aussie pls phly

  8. Day 83 of requesting phly to phly the Kfir C7 in Ground RB .

  9. You know what has a laser rangefinder IRL but not in-game? The G6.

  10. Goater Mcgoatface

    i have died so much to this thing that i now irrationally fear it and when i see one i skeddadle

  11. its funny you say that about backing up because ive learned thats a clutch place to shoot them since the ammo is stored there lol

  12. Joshua Nugent Fitness journey

    I honestly hate this vehicle

    Gun is amazing, just hate the handling

  13. Delirious Gaming

    attempt #43 use the M134 turrets on the huey and roleplay as a gunship

  14. The Russian Yag-10 is also similar. Milk truck with a phat cannon on it with a “lazer rangefinder” as well. It’s really good and fun to use

  15. What is with that, is it a bug? You can’t shoot down trees anymore. Did the devs not like losing one of their map manipulation tools that force people to come out from behind cover to take the shot? I can now shoot clean through trees, now that’s just wrong. If they think shooting down trees is unrealistic then put more realistic damage models in trees. That would probably make people carry a few more HE rounds if they need to clear some scrub but you should be able to damage a tree with solid shot, obviously.

  16. Austin Duffar-Roberts

    Phly daily I have realy loved your content but I don’t know how to shoot properly in war thunder may you help me one day to learn proper aming and controls

  17. Best tanks to have. The Magic Flak bus and the drunk Russians in the Yag-10

  18. Favorite vid In awhile

  19. This is a great lead-in to do a video on the VFW! It’s the same basic principle, but with a long 88 that has a 4 second reload and insta-zaps everything! I’d almost say its rangefinder is even quicker!

  20. This vehicle is a beast at assault ground mode. Easily got 70-100 kills every game.

  21. WarthunderWivias

    Day 3: play with Pz.W.42

  22. Mateusz Piotrowski

    4:00 SEMI shadow. Lol, pun intended?

  23. Sebastiano Frijia

    I have used this like anti airplane game, very difficult, but same wasp fall down

  24. Joshua Stiteler

    Day 36 requesting that you show some love, for the first time on the channel, to the Ju-188!

  25. Attempt 45 – Please play the SAu 40 tank destroyer. It’s one of the strangest looking TDs in the game and I love watching your french-tank videos!

  26. So annoying that you can’t shot down tree’s anymore….

  27. “semi shadow” nice

  28. I wait always an option for use he detonator for the fun.m, and terying kill plane.
    Use rangefinder for adjust the detonator is very not convenient … …

  29. ..Phly’s tactic is to seduce the Russians…then what after they abuse you?…

  30. “a semi-shadow” is exactly the content im here for.

  31. Nah the rangefinder would be perfect when targeting helicopters since they don’t move as much, plus a chance to kill t80’s with flak 😀

  32. Video 6 of asking for the Shenyang-F5 gameplay

  33. The 88 is one of the best funs in the game

  34. A normal tank fan

    Dang I have played this tank for so long and I still don’t know that this tank has a ranger finder!

  35. A semi shadow…I appreciated that

  36. How do you get the emergency light?

  37. FireDrake12 Arc

    thought phly was just confusing the Rangefinder with a Laser Rangefinder and holy shit he’s not, it doesnt auto adjust the gun for you but that read speed is almost just as fast as a Laser Rangefinder; that has got to be fixed. I have no idea if the Flakbus actually had a Rangefinder IRL but if it did it should have the same read speed as other ones, no reason to be better.

  38. That soundtrack at the begining is from a game that i played before but I am not sure what it is. Can anybody tell me what game it is?

  39. Phly sure does love that yellow flasher.

  40. “Reverse spawn camping” AKA “Turtling”

  41. 12:16 what a setting for that thing?

  42. Thats fun to play at 5.3

  43. i would love to use it as AA but the ranging /time fuze mechanics are so utterly bad implemented that its ridiculous how this feature made it into the game as it is

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