German’s TU-4 REVENGE, BV-238 Bomber Formation – War Thunder 1.63 Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Gameplay – BV-238 Bomber Formation!

Thanks for watching!


  1. I would like to c u and sherman play MoWAS2

    when u just keep spawning in troops on top of each other


  3. For hammer is from the hobbit

  4. can u play arcade with the new american jet

  5. challenge accepted gamer

    what control are you using? how do you move the mouse like the old
    version… how

  6. war thunder physics, where you can cut the biggest plane in the game right
    in half with a 37mm cannon.

  7. war thunder physics, where you can cut the biggest plane in the game right
    in half with a 37mm cannon.

  8. I think the KV-122 will be a fun russian prem to play

  9. I want to see PBJ 25 H1 vs BV 238

  10. New American Jet! The Cougar!

  11. Can u play the tiger

  12. Play the 8.8cm half track (Flak 37)

  13. This update will be disastrous for high tier players as new and average
    players will want to try the new stuff and so will buy their way to t5 .WT
    should have give the low tier players more to equalise the gameplay ,as it
    is many of us will not be able to play the new vehicles because as soon as
    we try WHAM veteran players will have a seal clubbing time

  14. link to the wt data mining?

  15. Wasn’t this the so called American Bomber to reach America? But it never
    came to be?

  16. SgtBigglesworth I Judah I

    Baron you are shit at planes, especially bombers. You could’ve killed all
    the planes on your tail and taken no damage if you had the brain cells to
    fire your guns. Please take the time to learn how to play the game you play
    for a living.

  17. anti air battalion : the new 88 truck (use it for aa even it doesnt come
    with the flak rounds) and ze ostwind.

  18. fuck harambe, RIP Echo 419

  19. I was looking forward to T-20 but soviet leftovers in Gaijin nerfed it, in
    5.0 it is crap especially since US 5.0 ALWAYS goes against tigers and
    panthers. Fuck that NKVD devs.

  20. When war thunder releases ships they will have most likely beat WarGaming
    in every way

  21. Why don’t you jump out of aircraft?

  22. Baron, create the the Wulf pack!

  23. Lazy Squirrel Gaming

    How do you free look in this game. I just got it so I’m still trying to

  24. I look forward to the ki-87 the most I test flew it and really like how it
    flys can’t wait till I can buy it

  25. Christi_infinitul 01

    try the tier 1 Japanese monster The J1N1

  26. How much gold does it cost can anyone help me!!!!!!

  27. Baron do BV-238 VS The 8.8 flak truck with HE video

  28. How do you use the smoke?

  29. BV-238! I JUST BOUGHT IT YESTERDAY ON MY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. The Reagan Administration

    Flak 88

  31. play the flak88 truck plzzzzzz

  32. I have played all the Halo games actually. They are awesome!!!!!

  33. I want the German 88 halftrack

  34. 이거 어떻게 해여

  35. Brandon “The Alaskan Devil” Johnson

    dear baron please block political adds off your channel. If i see one more
    i may just have to pay youtube to not see them and i really dont want that

  36. Please make a battel BV-238 VS. B-29

  37. what ammo belts where u using?

  38. The Penatrator 9000

    the FW-190 A1!!!

  39. I want to play Blom and voss ?

  40. Uhh……. Have you tried Ki-83 ?
    Maybe you should use that……….

  41. Baron killed me YAY!i was the la-5

  42. union of soviet socialist republics

    War thunder ships are not ships, its war thunder boats.

  43. You mother fucking cunt son of a bitch, I already wrote you, thats its NOT
    pronounce JEEPARD, but GEPARD, G as in GEAR, GEPARD, not JEEPARD, as a

  44. Play the DShK Truck, cheeki breeki comrade!

  45. The flap flying off in 9:49 looked so smooth. Is it a new addition ?

  46. Flak 88 is the best tank in the patch by far

  47. I knew i realised the BV-238 bomber that i saw today i watched that other
    video the other day you made lol sadly the guy who was using the BV-238 did
    not know the diffrence between a seaplane and a regular plane cause he
    landed at the airfield instead of the water :D

  48. baron if it truly is the german revenge then do a video on the BV-238 vs
    the TU-4 to truly know if it is the german revenge

  49. Looking forward to. Flak 88, no competition.

  50. i 1 hit everything in the BV238. best low tier plane imo

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