Germany made this TANK so much BETTER!

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Source: Circon

KW I (r), its quite good imo!



  1. Another Circon video!?!?! Is it Christmas?

  2. Channels not monetized at all atm, if you wish to help, sub/follow my twitch channel:

  3. Hallelujah more circon

  4. Am I dreaming or something? Two Circon videos in three days?

  5. Yassine Wertani-Tn

    i cant belive it he’s actually back!

  6. We need to supply Circon with more placebo!

  7. Is this a flamethrower? Those fires, my gosh.

  8. The MAN is BACK

  9. Are you spamming gold at tier 5? 😳

  10. Con-trib-buter

  11. Thanks for taking the effort and making a video on a platform where you’re not getting any compensation. It sucks that you don’t get attention beyond your loyal fan base all thanks to YouTubes pettiness.

  12. Must have been using Circonsense for those blind shots.

  13. Circon deez nuts

  14. Ah, the KW I C. The not so OP anymore premium from WT is in WoT. I wonder when this got added and how good it actually is, guess ill find out watching the meme god himself. Circongod

  15. 2 video in the same week? You spoil us, Circon.

  16. Two days in a row?! Holy wow batman!

  17. Regular youtube-vids from circon, is it christmas?

  18. Circon is back on youtube!
    Lets gooo!

  19. Lord Destructive

    this crosshair mod is shit. so many ppl saying it works but it obviousely does not. you can see so many shots flying outside of new reticle… just funny how many big streamers promote this crap

  20. Hello Sir, thanks for this great gameplay. 👍

  21. I was here

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