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  1. The T-34 with a 75mm PaK kinda existed, the Finnish army refitted a T-34-85 with a 75mm Stuk 40 gun (from a hetzer). This conversion was called the ps. 245-4 and I think that it would be good at 4.7 between the panzer IV H/J and panther D.

  2. @PhlyDaily There is a hidden 20-30 mm (?) plate around the gun breech hidden inside. That’s the hidden Russian bias. Stuff like that. You can see it when you perfectly align your mouse between the vertical crack of the “cheeks” of the turret and the gun mantlet itself

  3. Hey Phly! For All Mankind S3 is out XDDDD

  4. Hey Phly I was wondering if you could do a video on that big Italian plane with 4 engines and has like a 75 mm cannon in the front, that would be very funny

  5. I love that thing. It gives my StugIIIG a battle buddy at 4.0.

  6. Been watching your videos for years, and still to this day I’m baffled as to how people NOT see you – even when they are looking directly at you and you are sitting right in the open XD

  7. Is that a toilet paper on the frontal armor? Lol

  8. Low tier fun tier.

  9. The famed Russian bias there! Just is in the German tech tree. (The Germans do have a lot of improved Russian stuff.)

  10. What if because of this video war thunder add fuel gage for tanks hahaha that would be hilarious when you are in the middle of the battle field doing a lightning speedy boi then run our of fuel in front of enemy teams

  11. As I often like to say, even though I don’t play War Thunder anymore.

    *The best vehicles in the various trees usually aren’t even from their own country.*

  12. Justin Cresswell-Beer

    Strap a PAK 40 to anything and you win, BR who gives a fk?

  13. toilet paper is more important than ammo, not a good place to store it

  14. They used the excuse that the German M47 or was it the M48? faces tough targets and were going to drop it’s BR based on that but they’ll ignore that the German captured tanks face far fewer guns capable of 100mm of penetration or more. Gaijin sucks at balancing.

  15. dude .. egyptians put Self-propelled gun on (T-34 chassis) lmao

  16. WHy o WHY … do we have the toilet paper rolls on front of the tank ??? 😛 we already past the panick buy phase ….lol

  17. space armor on the turret maybe

  18. Day 399: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  19. The Cannon breach on the T-34 is just extra turret armor

  20. Phly: This is a Minecraft Friendly channel.

    Also Phly: 21:17

  21. Noah’s awesome vids

    I still kill it with ease with my American tanks at the same tier while t34 and kv1c and B lol while they struggled to pen me

  22. Day 355: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  23. Pay-to-win-Thunder

  24. Not even SMOKE SHELL can pen that turret….

  25. t14 turret armor is pretty strong at the sides and back 100mm at the front 75mm

  26. Phly please listen to my boy sawyer and take out the Hawk plane

  27. Youd probably do better with tank destroyers in any role then

  28. @1:30 NO NO NO, dont brink theat warthuder thing here

  29. Why does it have 3 different rolers and has them asemetrical

  30. Once I had encounter with that german K-1 premium. He was driving boldly on our positions uphill on cap point and in dense forest. The fight was fierce. I at least shot him 15 times, and my team was shoting at him all the time. So I think he got like at minimum 40+ shots. Multiple artillery bombardments. He soaked all. He survived. Multiple times he was tracked and in repair mode and he just stand there. Many wrecked tanks, both ours and enemy gathered around him so he could hide behind them. Meanwhile he get support from others and so I died. I came with plane to bomb him. I droped bomb. Yep he survived that too. Nuts. He won that game for their team.

  31. Phly, can you do either Conqueror or IS4M? It’s been a while

  32. 19:07 ayo

  33. Jesus Christ died for the remission of sin, was buried and rose on the 3’rd day. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes on me has everlasting life”. John 6:47

  34. I find it baffling that the M4A2 is 4.0 and btw ppl say low tier is balanced, it’s not, stz is worse but it can go down .3, br compression

  35. phly you should try the TU 1 this beast has 3x 1000kg bombs and 45mm

  36. flak 88 on a t34 seems like something gaijin would add as a battle pass tank, they have the gun already in the game they just would need to remake the flak gun or reuse the ground variant

  37. Are those toilet papers?

  38. The best kv is the kv-1e and kv-1b

  39. That killed me. “Lets try a… Smoke shell. Same thing”

  40. Anyone else realize mf called a M24 a sherman?

  41. idk anything about war thunder but why random player get green name? what that mean? can any war thunder player explain this?

  42. 05:12 What, at the current prices?
    Absolute mad lad…

  43. The finns experimented with a StuG 3 gun in a T-34-85 turret.

  44. Phly:”the geramans in War Thunder hAvE ThE ‘bEsT’ T-34 with a 76mm”
    mean while the
    T-34-85: …
    T-34-100: …
    “ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU!?????”
    ‘like they don’t exists’

  45. They kill me as easily as in every other T-34 when I drive this. Since I play mostly AB I still have to face german guns.

  46. Is the german T-34 the 1942 variant? They didn’t add those extra armor themselves.

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