GERMANY SUFFERS AND NEEDED THIS | Sd.Kfz.251/2115mm (War Thunder)

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GERMANY SUFFERS AND NEEDED THIS | Sd.Kfz.251/2115mm ( Thunder)



  2. Kris's Bitchin Kitchen

    Pour one out for the homeboy daniel… he will be missed, R.I.P

    Daniel 2020-2020

  3. Bruh, i thought this was going to be the new cancerwind, turns out it’s just a german ripoff of M16 MGMC

  4. We will all remember Daniel

  5. Everyone knows this is just a problem waiting to happen


    Also the sale will end before i get paid …

  7. I play slot of world of tanks blitz. Watching your videos converted me. Warthunder is way better huh

  8. tfw phly keeps using your name…

  9. Photoshop made by phly is priceless

  10. Tomáš Petr Chromec

    Da half-track madness

  11. Day 3: Odd, you should get a meme squad together with Phly, Dollar and Justin. You could use the Centurion AVRE, R3, BT7 and sturmpanzer 1. It’s be fun to watch and probably good content

  12. “Warthunder listens to us always”

  13. Question attempt #1
    Phly you haven’t played the French in awhile
    And I don’t remember you making a vid on the somua am French tank

  14. I was literally ONLINE as the sale hit, and it really really confused me, I got so trigger happy to just stay up all night and earn shit, whew so glad I didn’t and I can go play and still get de stuffs!

  15. Denial was like get down Mr president

  16. T0ran you are useless!

  17. “killings fun!” Petition to enter for best quote of the year

  18. Hey phly if u can pls convey this message to Gaijin
    Hey Gaijin team 2 quick questions.
    1. Will you add modern day jets like the f14,f15,f16,f18,f22,f35,Rafael,eurofighter,mig25,mig 31,mig 29,su30,su 27,su34,su57 etc. And if yes when?
    2. Will you ever add new countries like India, South Korea,etc. And again if yes then when. GAIJIN PLS REPLY

  19. Bruh the dancing santa

  20. Lmao loved the spectator experience

  21. They should have brought the Wirbelwind up to 4.7, at the same BR as the Ostwind (it’s honestly better than it anyway), and have the Sd.Kfz.251/21 take its place at 3.7. It’s a much more balanced SPAA for that BR.

  22. Day 12 : play the m6 heavy tank there’s no video about it in the channel

  23. im the toran of every game

  24. “The Church goes for the child first” 😭

  25. Day 18: u should do a type93 vs po2 race


  27. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 144 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome.

  28. Why does the best Spaa line get another good spaa

  29. Can we get a modded map where an F4 Phantom has 10 of these machine guns on it

  30. The church goes for the child first.
    Well he’s not wrong.

  31. Phly: Can you see what I’m shooting at?

    Teammates: No, we can’t see through the sheet of dakka you’re pouring out, you moron

  32. phly’s laugh on 15:42 was like a wolf doing a howl but getting tickled

  33. Daniel got his 2 minutes of fame, and as the good conor mcgregor once said “I didnt come here to take part, I came here to take over!”

  34. Today its my brithday

  35. Not enough additional cannons on the thumbnail – please go back and double it at the very least.

  36. Johnathan KONSTANTARAS

    Phly play pacific battlestations! Attempts #1

  37. nice hanomag / halftrack you got XD

  38. Bruh the santa animation in gmod

  39. That moment was straight out of GuP

  40. Killings fun! Signs of lockdown sorry phly

  41. you should play the BMP. All 4 of the russians ones.

  42. why you bully Toran

  43. Just got 2 tu-2S and a tu 4 from this sale

  44. It’s Christmas eve here now in *PHLI*ppines.

  45. I still miss the “Everybody” intro

  46. I’ll give you a $100 to play a stock French 9.0 jet and have fun. Good luck

  47. Jesus fuck that intro really shows the suffering

  48. day 20 asking phly to phly the Ju 87 D-5 with the 6 20mms

  49. Salvador Buschittari

    Attempt 2: Do a vid on the TAM 2C

  50. Both the Hanomag’s are underwhelming. I wish they’d add the Stielgranate 41 round for the 37mm to make up for it’s lack of armor and mobility. Your taking something that has no armor, poor mobility, and no turret, and expecting it to hunt tanks. Even 1.0 tanks are a real a real threat, because they have MGs. Anything with a 50cal is instant death unless the crew is exposed or virtually unprotected by armor.

    The 20mm Puma has mobility to make up for its subpar weapon, and 20mm can kill consistantly at 1.0. But the pak36 is a single shot gun. You need to kill with that one shot, because you have to armor to absorb retaliation and you can’t maneuver.

    There is a 20mm version of the Hanomag 250, but it’s not in game yet. That thing will probably make this odd late war variant obsolete, but it too will be trivial if its put with the Whelydoo, as it has no turret armor, and only 1 gun.

    At the very least, if they mounted an MG42 AA mount, at least you could use that to shoot at other open topped vehicles. But the pak36 variant doesn’t even get an MG. These half tracks had rear and front facing AA mounts for LMGs IRL. If the Pak40 Puma gets an MG42, so too should the pak36 Hanonag 250

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