gErMaNy sUfFeRs ft. LEOPARD 2A5 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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gErMaNy sUfFeRs ft. LEOPARD 2A5 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

Beautiful Screen Capture –


  1. *[Insert Hitler crying tears of joy here]*

  2. Glotts lego new V2.0

    Love your content you help me with my war thunder tactics and I like the comity you add in and good luck with you dentistry

  3. If the radar patch is realistic, the M248 would lock on to trees and friendlies and anything but your target

  4. Anti-cli-mac-tic. Keep missing that 2nd c….

  5. Thats bullshit

  6. Yeah… why does the leopard have a terrible acceleration? The real leopard can accelerate to 60 km/hr very quickly.

  7. Erika in a tank game humm should it be panzerlied

  8. 6:21 Pssssssssssssst *big brother is listening*

  9. When you are 10 sec into wt n chill, phly gives you the audio cue: *oho, oh*

  10. First match against this thing I OHK it from 1200m on Kursk through the upper plate. Not very scary.

  11. Christopher Dudley

    I’m dumbfounded by how beautiful the map where he had that cool background music was

  12. Can I get 10 subs cuz I'm PEPSI?

    my entire rank 6 gameplay are full of leopard2a4s even my team and enemy

    so I just drinking tea and chilling

  13. Matthew Kotzmacher

    Why must German boys and American boys fight we should all be teaming up on the pesky ruskies

  14. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 guard rail song

  15. We’re done phly. You talk too long in your videos.

  16. Für Deutschland!!

  17. The SS marching song 😂

  18. I love it when they nerf the armor on tanks just to make the balance and no longer realistic 🙁

  19. “Germany sufferes”

    *British sigh*

  20. Tiger 105 and panther 2 still 7.0

  21. deathfighter661234

    Look how they massacred my boy

  22. Opening has me with the widest grin on my face

  23. Capitán Rastrero

    Yup, power creep is killing the game. But it makes money so…

  24. Hey Phly, can you please play more on low BR vehicles? Top tier gameplay is so stupid, it’s just point and shot, see first – kill first, it’s not even fun.

  25. They should have added the Leopard 2A7

  26. Skagero_the_artisan 2019

    I don’t say leopard I say leo-pard it’s funnier

  27. Tenno Shenaniganizer

    Quality German product

  28. ImmuneHen96643 YT

    Let’s do the Sea Hawk MK.100 (german jet)plz😃

  29. BrakeHorsePower92

    I know what you mean about the community. I still love my shitty Chieftains and Challengers, even though I’m German. 🙂 Have to get my hands on the Leos soon, though

  30. Hey Phly the leopard 2A5 is a very cool tank but i ask you if it is possible to see the Ariete in action please

  31. What’s the song? That was awesome

  32. Wesley Oosterbosch

    Gaijin should spend time in creating historical accurate skinpacks, with all the markings, decals, etcetera.

  33. Play the pizza time (recoilless rifle one) in top tier #1

  34. The challenger has this protection, *SORT YOUR SHIT GAIJIN! STUPID WANKY TOSSERS!*

  35. The Russians,and Gaijin in particular won’t be very happy about this lol

  36. German worth work. Like in the real life. Can’t say anything more.🤔😊🇩🇪

  37. Just realized how vulnerable this tank is to heat and HE. srsly, it’s the other way around with this thing

  38. 13.14 George “Phly” Bush – Wont get fooled again !

  39. best br is 3.3.

  40. Moisesezequiel Gutierrez


  41. “I PTFO even when im sleeping” lolololol 🙂

  42. m1 abrams is completely useless now, i tried it…its…trash, the m1a1 is much better at the same br…im considering going germany and abandoning the us completly…

  43. I know you want to get a video on the Abrams asap for viewership, but please don’t forget the Ariete. With the armor it has it can’t stop any APFSDS anywhere at all, I can’t see it fare very well.

  44. Is that what us currently Canadians have? All i remember from my military days was that our tank weighed 90 tonnes, empty.

  45. I have little interest in these new vehicles. I just watch videos, because they are created by you.

  46. wouldnt be great if we see some israeli vehicles like merkava in the future ?

  47. 6:22 that’s how war thunder

  48. I’m confused I thought they where reducing rp Ohhh well liessssss

  49. Never forget 6.7. *Salute*

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