GERMANY’S COLOSSAL TANK P. 1000 RATTE ( War Thunder P.1000 Ratte Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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GERMANY'S COLOSSAL TANK P. 1000 RATTE ( War Thunder P.1000 Ratte Gameplay)

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  1. I wish they made the game mode based off battle royale where at the end top 3 or 5 players get to play the single ratte as a team (each player handles different turret/systems) and everyone else has to defeat them. Would keep people at the game if there was some serious award/prize for winning final battle 🙂

  2. When are you going to bring the 1500 Monster?

  3. dang if that gets in warthunder, how much penetration you would need to beat it?….

  4. +Super Crunch you’d use a Lancaster lol

  5. How many MB did you waste

  6. This tank is available in war thunder?

  7. Pe 8 will kill it

  8. Lol Kill it we don’t understand it Kill it we don’t understand it Kill it we don’t understand it.. pewww (ricochet)

  9. I have no doubt someone will put wheels on a USS Fletcher class Destroyer & it will fire – ‘Land-torpedoes’ that will run along the ground on wheels of it’s own.

  10. Bring back phlydaily

  11. intro wolfenstien 2 wafen SS march.

  12. Give this to the german tech tree at 1.0

  13. Damn still sharing for him to play the church black prince and the xp-50. Attempt# 23

  14. its called a glitch

  15. This thing is not practical in real life,his weight would make it dig in into the ground

  16. When you literally just spent all your money on other games and then there’s the War Thunder Sale.

  17. Boss fight

  18. 4ichpich

    200EUR bundle tank confirmed

  19. Rush b in the berlin map with some russian tank or plane start with b word attanpt 17

  20. Airborne Artillery

    14:02 You think you can get away with it you aint getting away this time

  21. Why german dont build another One like that, i hope he make some very huge landed battleship like metal slug

  22. Hey phly what video editing software do you use?

  23. Jaws Of Fury AF:JC

    It’s going to take a B-29 Super Fortress with a Nuke or Atomic Bomb to take this out

  24. It’s a battleship with tracks

  25. But still no oi for Japan in the game, a totally legit addition

  26. Seriously what about oi for Japan? I don’t even play them but they deserve to get something cool (and legit)

  27. I wonder if the P1000 exists in the “The Man in the High Castle” universe. I hope so.

  28. humm…….the shooting gallery , next april fool’s entry perhaps ?

  29. IS it no that i can play war thunder on Xbox ????

  30. **still gets sniped by t34**

  31. This is what I love about WW2
    Instead of focusing on missles and shit like today in 2018 there was people who had crazy ideas which were almost made or at least prototypes and I just love the creativity

  32. I think you need to work on your phrasing instead of “did have” try “could have had” ya know given how the thing never actually existed also one 4000lb bomb from a Wellington and it’s good night Vienna

  33. kv2 can trapshoot it

  34. From my point of view this tank is just a huge target for air strike practice… Just as useless as the Maus…

  35. “blitkriegz whit 10kmh”

  36. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    Ask Becket to do the P1500

  37. Douglas MacArthur Gaming

    When your Girl Rejects you for not driving a Lamborghini.
    Look at her reaction when you drive up in one of these.

  38. sadly look at WoT and its premium ammos

  39. Dis gun be guud.


    the big boys is here

  41. True be told, the Allies did have something if the Ratte ever became a reality. It was called the Tallboy bomb, a 12k pound bomb that could penetrate up to 16 feet of concrete before detonating. These bombs were used to sink the Tirpitz.

  42. That ratte was under crewed only having thirty crew while needing forty

  43. well if this tank releast at War Thunder What we can said B-29 with A Big Boy

  44. Bellerophon Sirenidae

    Where are the flakvierking mounts? There should be some Wirbelwind turrets on there…

  45. 600 RPM -_-

  46. Great target for my Planes

    Laughs in air superiority*

  47. If only you could plonk (is there a word for a heavier plonk?) one of these into a custom battle.

  48. The guy who knows da wae

    Only BT-5 can kill this

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