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  1. The salty revenge killers are so pathetic. Is it really like 80% of the player base that does that? They need to grow up. It’s just sad.

  2. Bigger isnt always better.

  3. #1 play with triplex rp-3 rockets

  4. Day 2: p-36g
    It’s good

  5. -15°with128mm

  6. Why can you always see the distant target?

  7. Can u please play the p 61c

  8. Hans is so relaxed he never puts his head down, hes not scared of a tank round decapitation.

  9. i disagree this time. I aced the sturer crew by playing it and it can remove any enemy it sees, which is good for tigers who struggle with some british tanks. Useless? No way. And i think it’s better than Nashorn bc of the gun depression. It should be 5.3 where it was some time ago.

  10. Day 1 of asking for LeKpz M41

  11. 9:38 ASU-57: Why you bully me?

  12. German 5.3 really kicks ass nowadays.

    I mean the greates downfall of the Tiger at 5.3 was its lack of support from medium tanks like the Panther, but the Panther D got moved down to 5.3 as well

    Really, at 5.3 you can have :

    – a heavy tank and medium tanks that do not seserve this BR
    – a tank destroyer with the same gun / armor that panther had on its hull with a very low profile
    – an open top tank destroyer that has the long 88
    – good CAS
    – good SPAA

    and all these vehicle can be used later on in the 5.7 lineup

  13. I don’t know about WarThunder, but in WoT the Emil is known for insane gun depression.
    We use it to work ridges.

  14. whyyyy is this beast at 4.7, its better at higher br to play like 5.7, don’t think it was a required move for it

  15. You forget that vehicles like these are an abolute blast to play in sim. I’ve played a lot of sim recently and noticed that a lot of these glass cannons that excel at sniping are great in sim. The maps are larger and more sniping focussed and planes are more uncommon then in RB. I know that you’re not much of an sim player but anybody else that reads this please try it out for a couple of games.

  16. Thats one hell of a big gun

  17. Phaeton359 with that suicide revenge kill… that’s just petty and sad my dude 🙁

  18. “Everyone needs to stop camping” *proceeds to camp at the back of the map like everyone else*

  19. I’m just curious, how many hours do you have in War Thunder Phly?

  20. South African techtree is coming bois

  21. Hetzer in WarThunder; everywhere, numerous, effective, one of the best tank destroyers in game.

    Hetzer IRL; a mobile armored coffin

  22. Recker_YT -StayFrosty

    Best depression

  23. I really do be vibin

  24. Das ist deutsche bau Kunst dat können nur wir

  25. Today we acknowledged Phly bulies baby tonks

  26. Wait I should watch my team lose I do that always especially in 5 (I play italy and no iam not a fan of the br of the R3 so yeah) everything for OTO

  27. This video puts me in mind of two game ‘mechanics’ I absolutely detest: Revenge Killing and Spawn Camping. To stop both I would suggest:
    Revenge Killing: You have a 70% chance of doing no damage to the player who killed you until you damage something else.
    Spawn Camping: You have 20sec of complete invulnerability on a respawn.

    • You already have 15 sec before you can get killed actually you just need to count down to 15sec and you can still get spawncamped bye that so I think it should be 25sec

  28. This madlad referencing Grandpa Lemon in 2021

  29. Why did tjey leave this and get rid of the tiger 105 and panther 2

  30. dAy 168942 play the one wheeled fart blaster wHy WoNt yOu pLaY mY rEquEst?

  31. ‘Look at Hans just chilling in the back like he’s on vacation’ – He was, it was the German 6 year holiday to France 🙂

  32. phil_expresses sabordo

    Phly please play japanese battleship hyuga

  33. Please I beg you play 3 inch gun carrier

  34. When I’m in a plane I always go for these


  36. german bathub-boombus

  37. can you make a vid about the archer just pure because the way that thing drives

  38. fun fact: 8:50 thats me -_-

  39. No likes no everybody song

  40. Thankyou for the good commentation without all the strange voice overs, this is golden thank you so much.

  41. No Armor,best armor,Gun depression is everything 👌👌🇩🇪

  42. “Play the Sturer Emil if you want to watch your team lose while you -enjoy yourself- slip into insanity trying to climb a small rise and contemplating why you continue to play WT” -fixed

    Also, that feeling when bombs exploding right next to you do more damage to the plane that dropped them than you: 06:40

  43. Yo I got killed by someone using an ASU-57 yesterday. Was about to rage coz I was doing good but they had tigor on the front so all was forgiven

  44. how you can change that how long range you are shooting????????

  45. Hans taking a bullet like a champ 7:28

  46. Hans is really chilling there with that posture which looks so funny

  47. When life gives you lemon, ask it why this thing exist on this game in the first place

  48. Distilled to the final conclusion? It’s a mega-ultra-you can’t be serious-struggle bus from hell. Phly had an Ace Crew on it and it still had over 18 seconds on the reload. Hard pass on this PoS.

  49. Hans do be vibing tho not gonna lie 😳

  50. I like the last fight you had on Finland and then you start playing the battlefield music.

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