GET CLIPPED – Somua SM – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Platooning up with Foch, with the Somua French Heavy!



  1. NOOOO i missed the platoon stream

  2. We’re not doing this to make xp. We’re doing to make a shitton of xp.

  3. Not gonna lie, kinda surprised that was an ACE.

  4. CirconRage is OP.

  5. Aw, Foch not playing the Foch so we can’t make the; ‘Foch playing with himself again, hurr durr’ jokes.

  6. What a hill wipe!

  7. Move over LeClerc, it’s LeClip!…

  8. Does anyone else noticed that almost all Circons highlights played on Westfield starts at south spawn.

  9. Would consider making a video about the anonymizer to talk about the changes it made for you? I am curious about the difference it made.

  10. 3:58

    RNG at is finest cause you didn’t feed the crew with baguettes Circon

    (Anyway good game and Merry Christmas to all of you well not really but eh whatever)

  11. gun started to work when u loaded AP

  12. That Caernarvon is my hero in this replay, it really shows how annoying and useful you can be even on 10 hp, and you should never stop playing just because you are nearly dead.

  13. SOMEBODY CLIP THAT suddenly has a new meaning

  14. Wealp. I need to get one

  15. Just noticed Jingles was in that twitch chat. Legit?

  16. what is the mod for the MOE tracker u have ingame?

  17. 3:10 bro do you play with squidward?

  18. EZ 300k credits LMFAO

  19. Hey Circon I have to report you to the GUN ABUSE ASSOCIATION….

  20. He’s got a valid point about that 10hp Caernavon AX, Arty players REALLY need to keep their eyes open for shit like that and use their rounds to take enemy guns out of the match. Not forcing the tanks in a fight to load HE and waste a reload doing it.

  21. circon can you do the shitter next haha its the SETTER

  22. ahahaha that was crazy!!!

  23. Holy shit, Foch lives!

  24. Does Foch now sound even more Nasal then he ever did or am I imagining things xD

  25. My name placement is top notch in this video 🙂

  26. Where’d that I’d pay good money to see circon hang from the roof donation sound come from? Genuinely curious.

  27. Dimas Agung Wicaksono

    SirFoch sounds like squidward lol

  28. “Buy now, the new premium from WG, the T69B, for the low low price of 139.99$. What’s the difference? It’s painted black, makes credits, and has better premium ammo. Buy now!”

  29. Dude you’re doing so nice flanking shots !!!

  30. there was so much crying in this clip.. so unfair buhu

  31. Dude that zoom out mod needs to be banned from the game. FFS look how much more you can see with it 3:15 than you would normally see. How is WG allowing this!?

    • I have to say I kinda agree, although the extreme zoom mods can also be detrimental to gameplay if you overuse it. But you can get “too much” info, as you said. For example, seeing which way enemy is facing behind a building or at some corner, etc.

      The same kind of logic was applied to the minimap enemy turret direction mod. I think it was included in modpacks for several years lol. In the minimap you could see spotted enemies vision cone directions. Basically telling you which way they are looking from the map.

      If I remember correctly, it became illegal only last year. A company as big as WG is, they sure take a long time making such decisions. Well, I’m just happy it turned to illegal, using it felt like cheating and I didn’t use it much .

      I have a feeling zoom out mods are next- however, I don’t know if they are harder to detect.

    • @hibakusha0 exactly! You get info you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. Unless you are an arty.

  32. 4:41 – “So I started blasting…”

  33. Usin a fucking mod of penetration calculador what a fucking noob

  34. Circon before the year ends. Please upload your longest every video

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