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  1. That first clip is what would happen if Russia had auto loaders 😛

  2. batchat is horribly overpowered. Remove it

  3. Aroused Squirrel

    Come on Matt Brand where are you? Kitty bit your tongue off? Or did your integrity/guilt brain section start working again? Truly a mystery.


  5. Even if some asshole tries to BOOST, Circ is still better with Hon Hon Hon. Get rekked!

  6. No top-gun for the asshat!

  7. David Ballantyne

    That’s what I call clip art!

  8. how is the weather today?

  9. hey that’s pretty good!

  10. Why people call it boosting in this game? What the AMX 30 did was exploiting or bug using.
    I know boosting as help from other people to maximize your earnings in games while they get nothing or get stuff from them to skip earning things by yourself.
    Seems odd that people in world of tanks use a totally different term than any other gaming community.

  11. The AMX30 did nothing wrong. He used all assets he had.

  12. they got clipped faster than you get Clipped here in New York >^>

  13. Jadranka Ledinski

    Let the poor amx 30 go… He might have been dropped on the head as a kid

  14. nice youtube ”clip” 8/8

  15. “boosting asshole”. :-)))

  16. good game and very well played

  17. WG could easily rectify the boosting problem by exploding anyone’s tank, the instant they get into a position on the map where you shouldn’t be able to go.

  18. heb je het koud met mutsje op xD

  19. AMX looks like a pretty balanced T8 premium

  20. Henri Liimatainen

    what in the actual fuck, i thought you were american for so long, like literally you dont even have an accent

  21. At Circ’s gym, you get clipped.

  22. The fucking salt is real. If you don’t like it so much, don’t play the game. If Wargaming REALLY cared they’d fix it.

  23. Boosting? Explain please? 🙁

  24. Matthew Sinclair

    Great game Circon. Though being from Manitoba, Canada I kept getting distracted by all the references to my home province in chat lol. Winterpeg represent! haha

  25. have they changed that “boosting” spot this last patch? it seems harder to get up. (I rarely did it, and if I did I wasn’t very useful to my team)

  26. AMX 50 120 best baguette clips 2017

    And how hard would it be for wargaming to just put an invisible wall to stop these boosting assholes

  27. OberWaffleMeister

    wait wtf is boosting? I haven’t played WoT in a while…Do tanks have boosts now? can they fucking sprint? wtf wargaming?

  28. what modpack is circon using for that reticle?

  29. mockingbird0901

    I don’t mind climbing. I just wish they would balance the game around it, in stead of trying to remove it

  30. I’m sorry circon but you can’t be mad at the AMX. Sure it sucks he got up their, but it isn’t his fault. WG should do something about it…but hé as long as they get money, they don’t care. MORE PREMIUM AND OP ARMOURED TANKS FOR EVERONE!!!

  31. Alexander Snowden

    in blitz the 50 120 and 50 B only have 3 shells in a drum ?

  32. Supersonic Arrow

    How there were 4 tier X in every team? I thought that maximum is 3

  33. Anyone recommend getting the T57 Heavy? I have the T54E1 (Not a big fan), but I like the look and stats on the T57?

  34. 50 120s gun …behaving… what which craft is this ?

  35. I was in my T150 on that map and an enemy platoon of T67 high roller trolls went mountain goat (what you call boosting)…and them little whores are damn near invisable, as you know…I started off with decent game (3 kills) but those little shits raped my team and me in the end (shooting down on top decks of T150 nullified my armor). WG needs to fix that map and stop that shit…gives that side of the map a huge advantage to platoons of goats.

  36. WG should fixed maps and kill this fcking mountain goats business long time ago – like a one patch after introducing new physics (that make it possible/problematic).
    I hope new HD maps they say they work so hard will have it sealed/resolved.

  37. Boosting is fine. Just like every other facet of this game you learn to adapt or get smashed.

  38. That was sexy

  39. Sorry to inform you Circon, but climbing is a part of the game and it will always be! #mountaingoatsunite

  40. sebastianmagnus

    wtf Circon not playing tier 5-6?? wtf


  42. complains about unfair advantage; plays an autoloader

  43. Jorgos papadopoulos

    That first clip was a PHAT meme

  44. that first clip… not my proudest fap

  45. Why did he get so triggered over the climbing AMX 30?

  46. There’s a cheap hair styling chain called Great Clips….I think they have to change their name after this video.

    Btw yay Canada ! Must be a July 1 stream.

  47. It WAS sexy, I have a bit of a chubbie after seeing that 😉

  48. i watched this yt vid once, and this guy boosted up here huehuehue

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