GET OFF THE MOUNTAIN! – EPIC – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: PhlyDaily

GET OFF THE ! – EPIC – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

War Thunder – Get Off The Mountain-


  1. do the f4u1c next…. its beast

  2. woh super early XD 2 min ago

  3. sup phly?

  4. Here comes the flying calvary!

  5. Liking the new intro music phly

  6. Phly , help me with 1 euro in War Thunder plz :((((

  7. If you want tank down from mountain call phly the professional tank driver

  8. PE-8, Soviet Unions backbone of aviation

  9. love the new song btw

  10. phly play

  11. You’re a pilot that is afraid of heights?

  12. Imagine a flying Kv-2 being launched off the mountain,FOOR STALIN FLYING

  13. You have the biggest fear of heights, but are still a pilot? :P

  14. Rolling around at the speed of sound,
    Got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow.
    Can’t stick around, have to keep moving on,
    Guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out!
    Must keep on moving ahead,
    No time for guessing, follow my plan instead.
    Trusting in what you can’t see,
    Take my lead I’ll set you free.

    Follow me, set me free,
    Trust me and we will escape from the city.
    I’ll make it through, follow me.
    Follow me, set me free,
    Trust me and we will escape from the city.
    I’ll make it through prove it to you.

    Follow me!
    Oh yeah!

    copy striked 4 dis

  15. 7:08 And here was me thinking that the hawker hunter would be the fastest
    vehicle in the game.

  16. super sonic tank ??

  17. You spin me right round, baby
    right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round
    You spin me right round, baby
    Right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round

  18. Aleksander Nikolai Dahl

    wtf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. ERMAUGERD Phly I think I know what our new military tactic is! Flying tanks
    ftw! XD

  21. Piotr Aleksandrowicz


  22. From a height like that, it is literally the same as landing on concrete

  23. fastest vehicle in wt confirmed

  24. 8:30 Tank hit’s mach 10 :D

  25. you broke the sound barrier 9 times over…

  26. So many back flips

  27. what if sombody made kv6 who would get of the mountain

  28. what if in war thunder they added small AI infantry running towards and
    near objectives just to add a little more immersion and shooting them with
    you MG will give you very small amounts of points. some may even have AT
    weapons that can take your tracks off. Just and idea i had

  29. Bt-5 The masterpiece of soviet engineers: a tank that can fly at the speed
    of sound and takeoff from water LOL
    Nice vid btw!

  30. More user missions please, Phly!

  31. Did you have the T-95 on that account? Because to be able to use a vehicle
    in a user mission you need to have bought it.

  32. ITS OVER 9000!

  33. Driving a MAUS in this would have been GLORIOUS

  34. gaijin. plz

  35. Gaijin pls fix Russian tenks are too op as it is, no need to make dem fly

  36. god, the climb rate on that BT-5 though

  37. Phly use First Person Cockpit view please :D

  38. wtf did i just wached? some sort of bugs?

  39. You didn’t do the T-95 D:

  40. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    is this available for 1.53?

  41. #bt-5 pingpong

  42. Why no driver view?

  43. Imagine this with the amphibious tank

  44. Nah so this is the war thunder, right?

  45. Lol, Krebs where are u!

  46. I feel like you are having way too much fun with this

  47. When you ask ho high are we, I’m like ” very XD”

  48. Russian vehicles are OP, Gaijin pls nerf xD

  49. William Ruiz cooper

    at 8:43 you were going mach 9.7

  50. Meanwhile my crew get knocked out if a fucking fly lands of the armor.

  51. You should try this in the t95 or somethin

  52. SO this how the Russians got the Sputnik in orbit

  53. The BT-5 was the fastes vehicle ever build!!! XD

  54. Yes, this is obviously how the Russians made it to space

  55. BT-5 fastest tank in the game, 12000km/h xD

  56. 6:24 at this moment he knew he fucked up

  57. 8:42
    Max Speed: 12,544 km/h
    Mach 1 is too slow, comrade.
    Let us go Mach 10.

  58. Breaking news! Phly drives a bt-5 at biplane speed, wait now he flying it
    at jet speed

  59. Who knew a reserve tank can go to space?

  60. So, I was chat banned in War Thunder today, for “racist remarks, foul
    language, verbal abuse, and rude towards other players” and all I said was
    “fgt” lmao.

  61. Fastest tank in game. And puny Americans who try to make fast light tanks
    that go at 60 kph.

  62. That poor Fucking tank crew…. Imagine what it would be like to be in that

  63. You know water tension makes water worse than concrete to land on at
    times…. right

  64. is this a plane map ?

  65. PHLY you went for 10000 kmh

  66. Show us the crew members

  67. it will be hilarious if you put the “over G”, “sink rate” and “altitude!
    altitude!” warning sound in this video

  68. And this is why these games need glitches like these

  69. C’mon guys don’t freak out, it’s just gaijin testing the possibility of
    introducing the russian’s flying tank project into war thunder.

  70. Imagine this with the Panzerwerfer

  71. mount chiliad?

  72. I was laughing so hard I squeaked

  73. BT-5, best Soviet jet fighter

  74. don’t worry guys. phlys a professional???


  76. This new intro music gave me ear cancer. :3

  77. *Bomber is getting height | *Sees BT-5 go past | Bomber: Wat

  78. My rofl tank goes soisoisoisoisoisoisoisoisoi

  79. My rofl tank goes soisoisoisoisoisoisoisoisoi

  80. At one point you were going 13000km/h yes 13k km/h with a BT-5

  81. Joe Luna (Archimedes)

    wtf?! XD

  82. Russia stronk

  83. take that hawker hunter

  84. Use the maus? God that would be amazing

  85. I would be scared if real life was this glitchy…

  86. Look like America didn’t win the Space Race.

  87. The Combat Commission

    can you please fly out the new Variant of the SB2C HellDiver with the
    rockets or The Hurricane MkIV with Rockets

  88. phly do map called super anti tank!!!!

  89. Try the custom mission with a PBJ 75 rapid fire

  90. Got some Battlefield trampoline physics going on here

  91. BT-7 the new tier 5 russian jet

  92. phlydaily what is the intro song called


  94. that laugh

  95. If tony hawk drove a bt 5 this would happen XD

  96. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg


  97. Szymon Patermann (Epix9000)

    I couldn’t stop crying the whole way though xDDD

  98. Hey Phly, i just arrived at homr in the great germany and what i got for
    today is a lot of youre epic videos. i love you and ure series, keep on
    doing this you make my damn day!!! i would give everything to meet you,
    just because of ure awesomeness :3 cheers m8!

  99. 7:3O : hello comrade ready to see new soviet rocket propusions systems,

  100. do this with the oculus :)

  101. phly redo it with the maus

  102. Mom: Kids what are you doing?

  103. Soviet space program

  104. Gaijin:We can’t have supersonic planes for our engine isn’t capable of that.
    And here is PhlyDaily with his record of Mach 10 with BT-5…

  105. can anyone explain why this happens when tanks hit water in games? the same
    thing used to happen on Battlefield 3

  106. this guy just reached mach 10 in a goddamn BT7.

  107. Jesus Phly, your intro music is like 50 time louder than your voice.
    Please, turn it down a bit. It hurts

  108. Hhahahahhahahaah 5000km/h hahahahahah

  109. ..and they said they haven’t implemented amphibious tanks yet.

  110. such is the power of stalinwood!

  111. Typical Russian aircraft OP! BT5 best aircraft in game! xD

  112. I was laughing so hard all throughout this video

  113. Much funny, too laugh, very pain

  114. didnt Krebs do this a few days ago? :/

  115. Get rid of the shitty intro music please

  116. how in the world would a bt5 or the t95 get in that situation?

  117. newest yak takes flight

  118. Is that a b-57 at max altitude…oh no its just a Russian tank…Gajin pls

  119. BT-5 a.k.a Sputnik

  120. it would be cool if some one could make an tank map on some of the plane
    maps so you could get desert and winter maps that are not normally in the
    game for tanks.

  121. Last intro was better :-)

  122. +Phly Daily you have to try out this usermade plane:

    it has an epic rear gunner!


    I’m watching this while drunk… and this video is getting me super

  124. Lol.. You peaked at 11000km/h! xD

  125. OMG Mach 10

  126. if i can see a maus or a t95 do all the things this bt5 did in this video,
    i can die happy

  127. BT-5 going higher than any plane. faster than any plane…say this is
    really Russian biased…

  128. Omg the BT-5 hit over 10000 km/h

  129. Marcpgaming Danish yt channels rools

    i laugh so had i was legit crying

  130. cornellius cornwall

    8:40 you are moving faster than the speed of Mercury. Not joking.

  131. bt-5 first tank in space

  132. 11:20 Russian helicopter tree confirmed

  133. Is Phly using the LIZARD LORD’s outro song as his intro song now? HISSSSSSS

  134. historical documentation of the fastest BT 5 known

  135. I can hear the muffled CYKA BYLATTT in the distance.

  136. i nearly died if laughter XDDDDDDDDD

  137. Top speed of bt is 12000 kph

  138. its just so funny watching a derpy tank doing derpy stuff

  139. 11k kmh HOLY FUCK

  140. plhy next time please put the view of the driver!!

  141. 8:43 SPD 12298Km/h

  142. I’d love to see what Jingles would say about this …

  143. Looks like Phly is blasting off again

  144. Can Kollegah (Sp3d TrickZz)

    More m8!

  145. intro music is nice but a bit too loud

  146. Omfg! Thanks! I haven’t laughed so hard for months. This was epic man.

  147. How can you be a pilot if you are afraid of hights?

  148. Made my day

  149. 8:00 preparing for reentry

  150. i laughed my ass of man this whas amazing XD :P

  151. Phly, to break the sound barrier is 640 MP/H and the max speed you went was
    over 11000 KM/H and divide that by 2 and you just broke the sound barrier
    at least 10 times

  152. Unfixed “UnfixedCarp803” Carp

    sekrit fyzixcs dokcumentzs

  153. bt-5 the power of christ compels you!!!!

  154. That intro is the best Bussian Rias I’ve ever seen! Hooray for Soviet
    flying tank technology!

  155. Love the new intro phly ;)

  156. OVER 12,000KPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. Fergus Nix (Penisfish)

    You should have a Fartic1S appreciation stream ;)

  158. War Thunder meets Kerbal Space Program!

  159. LOL hahahaha

  160. BT5 space program.

  161. 8:41 Look at his Mini Map xD

  162. Suprised it wasn’t a T-34

  163. 5:51 Thats what you call, quick sand.

  164. Physics so broken


  166. Marc Vicent Bautista

    Russian stronk stalanium steel allows for super height.

  167. 9:00. Looks like Phly got No Man’s Sky early.

  168. This is the modern day Sputnik

  169. “It’s getting dark”.
    I’m dying of laughter.

  170. Omg phly, when you bounced back at 8:50 you were going 12,290km/h! New
    Soviet weapon of mass destruction, the BT-5 Blackbird! This is so awesome
    please do the T95!

  171. Arendellian Foot Gaurds

    I feel bad 4 the crews of that bt-5

  172. More than 10000 kph top speed…Russian tanks are entirely op -.-

  173. since few hours, when i want to start war thunder and its trying to connect
    to the server it says fatal error and constantly crashes, what is wron,
    I´ve never had that before.

    (Maybe its another update, given the shit they threw at us the lat patch I
    wouldnt be at all surprised if they now completely broken thee game and
    just wont allow you to even start it….)

  174. Krebsie couldn’t make it ,-)

    and i just died from laughing

  175. I’d love to see more of this content ???

  176. Who ever said Soviet tanks cannot fly?

  177. Geddan tanks!!!

  178. BT-5 goes 11,191 km/h seems legit

  179. So Yuri’s Sputnik was actually a refurbished BT5? ….those cheeky

  180. Where was the t95?

  181. I lik it :D

  182. its like i am whach bf3 funny moments same glich in the water 🙂 :D

  183. tier 1000 :D

  184. Germans often make the mistake to say “if you will” because in german,
    “will” means “want” ;)

  185. Play hurricane mk4. W Cruiser Plz

  186. that laugh though XD

  187. “Not the underworld! Not the underworld!”
    *Underworld rejects your BT-5 at warp speed*

  188. those guys in the tank would be pulp against the inside of that tank omg
    the mess would look like someone painted the inside with red and chunks

  189. Trampoline Fun :D

  190. Kerbal Tank Program?

  191. this is how cosmonauts were invented

  192. Phly you made my day ^^

  193. 6:55 everyone in that tank is pissing themselves.

  194. Magic Thunder

  195. FullmetalDraGon 124

    A FLYING DERP TANK WITHOUT WINGS XD *Demons pop up besides me*

  196. Reminds me of the LAV glitch in Battlefield 4

  197. 0:02 And that, is when the BT-5 became a helicopter rotor.
    1:12 “Da, Commissar! In the words of the Japanese Imperialists, “BANZAI!!!”‘
    8:43 The BT-5 just went 12,467 Kilometers per hour for a short moment.
    That’s 7,746.6347 Miles per hour.

    Holy shit. BT-5 Hypersonic. 2-OP, nerf pl0x.

  198. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Imagine if this was multiplayer,Connect tow cables,wonder how that would

  199. This technology must be utilized, for Stalin!

  200. The Majestic Dolphin (Marbijo)

    Bt-5 has to be nerfed!!!

  201. Hmmm, gives me an idea for the next April Fool’s Day… Tanks flying air
    missions… Instead of just the regular tank hulls though, all tanks should
    have wings and either prop engines or jet engines!!! Make sure you tell the
    Gaijin people to give me credit for the idea, Phly! ;)

  202. The Majestic Dolphin (Marbijo)

    +Phly your laugh is OP

  203. Please do more like this. it is fucking hilarious.

  204. That mission with a FCM F1-> ez af

  205. We know now that the tanks have the same physics as the battlefield tanks.
    Hit the water to fast and you would fly away

  206. My sides are in orbit just as much as that BT-5 is.

  207. Themaninpurple 1997

    I can’t stop laughing???

  208. Reminds me of that old battlefield 3 bug

  209. war thunder “physics”

  210. Fling of the Mountain

  211. Thank god I don’t have asma. I would die

  212. They believed they could fly

  213. he walked up to a giant at level 4.

  214. 6:37 When your dance moves are fresh af

  215. PonyProject Games [OFFICIAL]

    Screw Sputnik 1!!!

  216. Stayed up way past what I should have watching this over and over again but
    it was so worth it.

  217. M2A2 would be best for this

  218. bt y the space evader

  219. Panzerführer Chavez

    2:03 Phly has fear of heights. Yet he is a pilot.

  220. Panzerführer Chavez

    BT5 hits 11000 kmh that = Mach 9 O_O

  221. aiman nabil redhani

    that is how tank drivers in russia train

  222. holy shit 1200 km shit

  223. Holy shit that 11,000km/h

  224. Breaking the sound barrier in a tank. 1200 km/h is roughly Mach 1 at Sea
    Level (temperature and what not notwithstanding).
    And at one point you hit 11,000 km/h or roughly 6,900 mph, which is around
    Mach 8 assuming that we use 1236 km/h as the speed of sound at sea level.
    Hypersonic speeds.

  225. Keep up the good work phly your videos always make my day

  226. WHAT 5000 KM

  227. you had me crying… hilarious video!

  228. 1,600 km/h to go fast

  229. Fancy “Wandwuff” Man

    BT-5 new Sputnik!

  230. I’m laughed so hard when watching this XD

  231. Russian Space programme test 1. BT7

  232. Try the Doom Turtle lol:D

  233. Extreme Amusement defined.

  234. best map ever

  235. 6:06 Of Phly, if only you knew… >:3

  236. ‫علاء الدين لطفي‬‎

    this was soooooooooooooo funny ,thx phly,I just love it

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