Get QuickyBaby for FREE – LAST CHANCE – World of Tanks

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Haven’t played in 30 days? an extra commander, and more, for free…



  1. Tune in to for six hours and claim drops before 27-11-2022 to get me for free, and more, in World of Tanks!
    WG’s guide to Twitch Drops –

    Haven’t played in 30 days? Get an extra commander, and more, for free…

  2. The video’s thumbnail !!!

  3. voldemort commander when

  4. It’s crazy that I’ve been watching qb for years and years and I don’t even play wot

  5. I absolute hate the fact i need too create a Twitch account just too get you in my tank. While sleepers (non active players) can get you from a code. I really want you in my tank but not this way. I love your videos and your reviews, but now you missed an opportunity too reward your active youtube community 🙁

  6. I found once I rebound the double shot key to separate from the regular fire button the 703 II was a lot easier to play, I still find people spam gold straight through its armour but then that’s the same for any tier 8, game problems not really tank problems.

  7. I love your thumbnail QB!!
    so funny LMAO

  8. Im getting 1 QB and 1 Skill4ltu commander.

  9. Should I start WoT?

  10. Shameless Promotion

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  12. Good thumbnail Quackybaby.

  13. Finally!!! After all these years we get the perfect thumbnail!

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