GET SOME! – A-44 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

A good game, ending with a great scrap in the A-44, Tier 7 Medium Tank from Russia.


  1. First. Hope you all have a great weekend! <3

  2. Suction army assemble!

  3. No, circon. The worst bounces are the ones where you have a one shot opponent, idk like 18 health, and you’re top tier, full health with a gun that can definitely can pen… But you didn’t aim your shot because your enemy has a derp gun and you missed while he one shotted you.

  4. The only tank I suffer grinding it and what’s even worse is that the gun takes 4 years to fully aim even when fully aim the shot miss the side of the O-NI …

    (I only grind it cause I don’t see K-91 very often in tier 10)

    • maybethere is a reason…hmmm…wait. let me think…ahm…?.

      ah yes…BECAUSE IT SUCKS!!!

    • @Siddich honestly, the A44 is one of those tanks i really enjoyed. Just like the entire rest of the soviet pancake line. The playstyle just suited me i s’pose

    • @Creepy Kid yeah…before the nerfe and introduction of the obj430u-line 😉

      guess what my best high tier tank by wn8 is? obj 430II

      But the k-91 is crap. call it support tank or whatever. but everything this tank can do, other tanks can do better without having a non full rotatable turret…

    • When I grinded it (maybe 4 or 5 years ago), I used the 76mm and I played it like a shitty E-25.
      It wasn’t fantastic but it worked.

    • Creepy Kid …what…

  5. when your number is up, you cane come down the hill HAHAA

  6. What’s up with the new subscription sound?

    • @Circonflexes lol, before seeing the clip I thought someone really hated you (i know that’s the point of the clip without context, but still)

  7. why does everyone insist on using that crap gun? the good dakka gun is where this tank shines, a true knife fighting tank, but you need to put some exotic equipment to make it work but its so much fun to rush people down blasting away

  8. Challenge Circonflexes: Maus with all HE only shells

  9. Lol so what’s the story behind the new sub audio clip?

  10. Ivan drank the vodka bottle before loading it to a gun

  11. You miss many shots because you always forget to shout out loudly “RUSSIA”.

  12. Your streaming is so funny! I love it

  13. Hellcat bounces arent the worst….. EBR bounces are the worst

  14. I feel like the simplest nickname for the new Anonymizer club is, Welcome to World of Tanks anonymous club. Please share your experience of getting XVM focused, remember you are among friends.

  15. That brawl was funny af.

  16. Half of enemy died from gun, half from Ciron’s roar.

  17. Maybe it is late but something that might be a good video would be to go over the reward tanks from the November veterans missions “t14 m4 improved and the ram 2 “ might help some newbies make a good choice

  18. I have never laughed so hard in my life till I hear cabbage say ” I would pay good money to see circon hang from a roof” ??? also we should have a circhang emote lol.

  19. Wow , after watching this i can say nov that this tanks is pretty retarded xD

  20. Geeze, who has the hate-boner for you, anyway? Some kind of massive?

  21. I don’t like fanbase names, it feels like a slippery slope to gatekeeping and elitism

  22. that’s not ur replay it’s just some anon account …..

  23. Welcome to the circus!

  24. Just barbaric as good can be

  25. I hated this tank! That aim time! Troll gun, no gun depression etc etc etc…..

  26. Nice map awareness Hell Cat.

  27. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    I literally watched this on stream. I also watched your 3 mark game in this tank last night when you where on Mines. O.o

  28. this is what happens when you take the vodka bottle from the gunner and shoot it out of the gun.

  29. I hated the grind on this tank, and yet somehow managed an 80% win rate in it. I don’t get it, for me it’s a fantastic tank, but I hated it.

  30. Best part 6:30-6:46 Circon´s facial expression 14/10 and “voices” 19/10 x)

  31. NOPE play on the asia server and i will be impressed as the ASIA server is a phucking joke

  32. Pretty sure if circon tried to hang from a ceiling fan he would turn a 2 floor house into a bungalow

  33. That was savage

  34. This tank is definitely a brawler not a sniper

  35. Oh shit play hunt showdown it’s fantastic ish. They’re working on it but it’s still gr8

  36. The gun on this thing reminds me of Leo. Hate it so much. You can miss 50% of all fully aimed shots like no problem

  37. Good to know the gun trolls everyone and having a stupidly skilled crew doesn’t change that.

  38. solid entertainment

  39. 6:25 Oh god my stomach hurt xD

  40. 6:00 – 6:45 Ahh, yes. Circon winning a 1 v 3. Or as I like to call it, a…

    …Triple Circon-cision

  41. Soft stats never been so hard XD

  42. Circon, Hunt: Showdown is a fantastic game. Highly recommend it.

  43. Is that the voice of snooze? Doesn’t sound like cabbage.

  44. Oh man, that gun gave me nightmares. Overall enjoyed the tank in the right situation but that damn gun. Great brawl btw, laughed my ass off.

  45. The MEME Machine + Circon never disappoints!

  46. Where are those ennemy teams??

  47. Enemies: It’s just one guy. Let’s charge him!
    Circon: *battle cry*
    Enemies: surprised pikachu face

  48. Welcome to WoTs Anonymous. Theres a name lol

  49. Bitching about a hellcat in their base is bitching about a Maus going into city

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