GETTING MAD in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m going to talk about something that almost never helps – getting MAD in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I used the box strat to win a game a while ago after i first saw you use it, good stuff

  2. Sometimes it is really frustrating, no matter what you do, it’s seems like too many random “teams” we got thrown in are hellbent to lose like almost on purpose, sometimes it’s obvious from first few seconds of a game. At moments like that even I start talking crap in chat, not like swearing, more like complaining about their cognitive disabilities.
    BUT what somehow sometimes works for me in those situations, is losing all hope. I mean, when it seems we are doomed, there is only that grim commitment, that fatalistic resolve left, when winning doesn’t matter anymore. Aaaand… somehow we win then.

  3. It’s funny you talk about two things which affect me (and probably many others), age and how we deal with the frustrations involved in WOT. I play games platooned with my son and he is much better than me and when I get annoyed about not been as quick he talks me down from my annoyance. Having said that, with me being mid sixties I find it really annoying getting the nasty comments . My son calls it TROLLING and suggested I turn my chat off; I did that and it helps. BTW your probably a little younger than my son! Great videos. Thx

  4. Tomas Rusakevic

    I’m loosing my head when tanks like ebr,430u or any other tank with bad accuracy camp in the end of the map and do fuck all.Or from this game, complete idiots udes15/16,121b and T62A.

  5. fyi: He is raging at 15:12

  6. This is the standard setting for 80% of the players mate.

  7. Ya getting mad is something alot of people including me need to be practicing something more constructive…along with the muppits doing their thing

  8. Seems quite regular that my first two shots bounce while the enemy shots go straight through me. I know it’s lost from there.

  9. Angry then push a bus 😂

  10. Really useful tip when u get frustrated. Before this video, I thought you aren’t getting those kind of games 🙂 I am glad you do, which makes me realize something! Thx, great motivation and good spirit!

  11. “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same, you’ll be a man, my son! ” RUDYARD KIPLING

  12. watching this game on steam was legendary

  13. Define “ever happened to you”.
    If you mean by that “almost every day”, then yes, it happened to me 😛

  14. Synthetic Danimal 90

    Its so funny how many crybabies play WoT. Way more than ANY game ive ever played. Im at 3.5k games. Im just now getting the hang of the game to the point im doing well now, but man if i dont play like a pro, im guaranteed to get a toxic message calling me garbage. Lol most of the time its from a pc player with a lower win rate

  15. I do beer breaks when things get ugly…
    problem is if it really gets ugly…

  16. I just dont even know how can I increase my wr or wn8 anymore with this state the game is in, you either go 0-15 or 15-0 and Im just confused, it gets annoying

  17. Is not only that at times you can aim as much as you want your shot will always miss. Too short too long to the right to the left, even trying to compensate by aiming before or behind your tank no chance all you can do is either just watch the others or dump your tank.

  18. nah getting mad at the morons who run this game and hoping some massive tragedy befalls them is the way to deal with the BS in this game

  19. why is always talking about we…is playing alone…ho is the other one?

  20. It helped me quit the game.

  21. This is me like every game with the dumb RNG in this

  22. I get into a game and less than a minute in theres people saying “we lose gg” or calling the team idiots for going a certain direction. this game is surrounded with pessimism

  23. Edward Erickson

    World of tanks is only online game than I’ve ever played or you can go on such a long long losing streaks no matter how good you play

  24. 1:43 mmmmmmmmm, cheeseburger… Although I’m the last person who needs one, but still…

  25. Strelock youssef

    or rng tell you to fuck off and all your shots miss and you low role all the time

  26. Adverse Effects

    oww a 5 or 6 loss string WOW so my common 19 + strings of losses are nothing???

  27. I would say this Kolobanov’s Medal has even more value – You’ve got it, because of not giving up and because of outsmarting enemy team. How can that be not worth the Kolobanov’s Medal?

  28. arty_lover EBR_hater

    I altogether stopped looking at the win rate , I focus on getting medals of excellence. At least they reflect how I play, not how my potatoe teams play. It reduces frustration.. A bit.

  29. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    And Quickybaby got what everyone wants the kolabanovs medal.

  30. I had a game like this once and it´s still my only kolobanov´s medal i earned

  31. I had similar game … we caped first, they had few extra seconds to cap, game ended in draw … now im mad and im not even playing

  32. the whole problem is MM is rigged with controlling your win and losing for they keep addictive to play. . over 10 years of game and is more and more unbalanced. is more game be more pay to win. turbo game as more and more autoloaders. super fas lights mean clown EBR with magnetic auto-lock. and when you go over tier 7 all spam 90% gold/prem shells. when it makes almost all tanks absolute with armor contra shell pen.

    the game never will be good if mm will not be based on your ranks. and balance tanks and ammo. and also don’t forget to use better maps. is 2021 and all maps are super static with soapy rocks. and we still on havoc engine what outdated same like wow with sc2 engine 😀

  33. Quickybaby, it’s because the game is completely rigged. Wargaming rig rng, sigma, paying to win ammo ALSO increases your rng, aim etc.

    Wargaming don’t tell the truth and hide their coding for a reason, to hide that they manipulate everything, NOT to protect their coding, that is very easy to duplicate.

    Spend more win more, because they rig it that way. The game completely sucks now and gets more rigged and annoying after EVERY single patch.

  34. Do people still play that sht?

  35. sgt_ paskie_101

    how can you be angry, you have 20 m/s ping? I have 120 m/s..

  36. my recommendations would be to play with someone good in a platoon, someone who has a good synergy with you and just play for fun you know, after all its just a game so dont take it too seriously, just play for fun and chill…. it should make the game a lot easier to play without raging, well at least playing this way helped me a lot, and trust me oh boy do I rage a lot in this game, or at least I used to a lot… 😀 but when I came back to the game recently after like half a year of not playing at all, I noticed that yeah QB was right, I am raging less the older I am, so yeah he was right 😀


    I have only remained angry as I have got older, only now I also get far more depressed.

  38. manny greywolfsdb

    My signs to ragequit already are always two: First, a losing streak. Second, losing -15,000 to -35,000 credits while in these losing streak. 😛

  39. But how to take a break for 10 mins when the precious credit booster is running? Huh? xD


  41. Jeroen Barendse

    I recently had to push a bus of a granny lol.

  42. I actually have one question. ST-II vs 60TP. What’s y’all’s opinions?

  43. Not 1 person, including QB himself, got it right why people get mad in this game. By far the issue is RNG. More precisely crazy RNG.

    Examples of crazy RNG, both seen and experienced
    missing fully aimed shots where only a tank is within the reticle
    zig zag on the run reticle bloom the size of the moon but still hit and pen tanks 2 tiers higher
    hitting a weak spot but RNG says no pen, hitting a strong spot but RNG gives you a pen
    using bush mechanic and still getting spotted
    tank with great frontal armor in frontal fight loses to lesser tier tank
    even the scoring system has some element of crazy RNG …. countless times I’ve been top 3-5 in damage + assist and still not getting top 10 XP (usually spot 11)
    the examples go on and on

    I get this is an RNG based game and needs to be for some way to level the playing field, but get rid of the CRAZY RNG then you can at least have consistent reasonable games.

  44. EVERYDAY!!

  45. QB being a typical anime sensei

  46. You use “We” as if you’re royalty!
    What makes you think you’re qualified to give other people life lessons?
    This game brings the worst in people. You don’t seem to see that part!

  47. As a teen going through puberty……. I just go sleep and dream of winning.

  48. Themis Spanopoulos

    Funny how in order to play this game properly we need someone to coach us on how to not get angry.

  49. Concerning what he said at thestarting? Yesterday i been getting teams that losing 5vs2 and losing games they can clearly win or me and my toonmate alone holding a side and the otherside where everyone went lost

  50. I sometimes ragequit because of artillery after 2-3 battles.
    Yesterday I had a great battle, it was a lot of fun, and suddenly i realized that the sole reason for this was the fact there was no artillery. Losing 700HP in a tier 9 medium tank to a tier 8 arty really is extremely annoying…

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