Getting reported for this one. – STG – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Oh no, getting reported by teammates for not playing the game..


  1. damn dude, you could make money playing! oh, wait..

  2. GG man. This gameplay screams what the actual exploits of the game are. You have become a true master of world of tanks. But you know already 😀 Always good never lucky

  3. Only real pussies do 5.5k damage and get 11 kills

  4. And the potatoes say that win rate means nothing in a random team battle game. LOL

  5. “So anyway, I started blasting…”

  6. 0 damage in a type 64… Should have reporting him for botting / afk.

  7. You didnt get shot by ally arty. The shot came from your left which lines up with where the hummel was when spotted by the hellcat. The m44 was behind you and facing a different direction when you turned around to look at him. The m44 shot at the hummel right when the hummel shot at you so it kinda sounded like the m44 shot you even though he did not

  8. Yes, it seems you had played this game Before…. SIR

  9. 1 more toptier game.

  10. Mmm dunno Circ. You played a medium with Uber turret (brawler) as a turreted Td. Aka using others to spot your targets most of time (while they were getting massacred). If not for the abundance of chromosomes in the opponents you’d have surely lost. Farming still a lot damage, but lost.

    • looooooooooooooooooooooool stg is brawler, loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    • @Circonflexes Circ, I know that it has nice Camo and good accuracy, but in that match you played it as another type of tank. Result was optimal, but at the expense of entire team imho.

  11. class discharged

  12. Do you think you would have had the same result if you were not using the anonymizer?

  13. Casual Pool’s…and the pinger didn’t even send you a message apologizing for his actions =(

  14. You can ping me anytime CIrcon <3

  15. How do you even die in a type 64 in that position. There’s plenty of actual working bushes on that ridge. And a ridge.

  16. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy with both the rear-turreted soviet meds and M4A1 Rev. IF you play them like your supposed to- idiots start screaming at how your a “coward” or a “noob”. Because that symbol above your tank always means you should play the same way as a CDC, 44-100, Mutz, or Type 59 right?

  17. Would you look at that… the top tiers had a good game, never happened before lol Great game though, it’s never easy when the enemies shred your entire team.

  18. Unicum guide to successful comrade WoT game:
    1. Bumrush map
    2. Die absurdly early
    3. idk, oh, blame the team for lack of support
    4. ping spam
    5. jajajareporta surviving teammates.

  19. How does your back feel after that match?

  20. You should send that clip to the asshole that wanted you reported and be like suck it a hole

  21. Reported!!!!

  22. just….lol.

  23. Absolutely disgusting that the game was almost lost because Circon ONLY camped in the back. I see your game now, Uncle Circon!

  24. Has Circon gotten more kills than 11? I mean above tier 5. GG!

  25. The one person @Wot in one year when he sees the report: Lol, right, like Circon would do that, and instantly dismisses it.

    • Regardless which person played, none of the ways this game can be played constitues a bannable offense as long as you don’t hinder your teammates or suicide. Everyone should be welcome to play, regardless of skill level. It really bothers me that people are using the report function to penalize players who “played badly”.

  26. Holy Hera!

  27. Btw that friendly M44 arty didnt shoot you and enemy one did when he was about to die from the super hellcat

  28. The joke is, that the Type 64 who did 0 damage, and maybe some spotting, got slightly less XP because of Circ carried won the game for him, than the enemy T28, who did almost 2k damage and lost. GG WG, its really inspiring to play the game 😀

  29. “Report STG pussy.” – Sexist type 64 who did zero damage.

    Meanwhile in the STG: Four female crew, 11 kills, and 5630 damage.

  30. Ya you pussy. There are 15 enemy tanks and you only killed 11 of them. You need to be reported for not playing a Russian tank to it’s full potential. Is no problem in Mother Russia and I’m not even joking

  31. Ah…… just….. bloody nice again you did !!

  32. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    wtf is going on with you lately? … you on fire or something? Still feels you are getting better and better…

  33. That is a crazy game. My top kills in a game is 8 and I was happy with that. 11?! Wow.

  34. GG. I think the team 45TP and P44 Pantera 4:29 also did their best to slow down the enemy southern push including their Defender.

  35. Shinyone Incarnate

    I had 6 kills today. Got reported for inactivity, by a TD who ran out & got killed, with 0 kills to his credit. So it has happened twice now, LOL


  37. OMFG What an awesome game. It kills me that I will never be that good.

    • I know what you mean, but don’t fret it mate. Just enjoy the game because it’s like getting upset that your not as good as your fav pro sportsmen.

  38. Great gameplay Circon!

  39. Out of curiosity, Who would you guys say is better, circon or quickybaby?

  40. Circon can we get a mp3 of “i died early so i’m gonna ping”? By famous crooner Frank Circnatra of course.

  41. Report STG camp bot didn’t yolo into enemy in first 3 min report pls noob

  42. Honestly the STurmGewehr looks like a decent, non-broken tank, that has a fully traversible turret in the K-91 line. Kind of a shame that Wargaming keeps making decisions that close my wallet a little further each time.

  43. how do u know if u r getting reported?

  44. Kristián Petrovič

    guard has ridiculous gun

  45. Max dmg in the STG was only 4k. Never found the turret to be that dependable as youve just shown

  46. do you know how tedious it is to watch video after video of top tier tanks clearing the board?
    try doing that in a tier 6 versus tier 8’s and 7’s then ill be impressed.
    you had not a single ricochet or a ‘that didnt penetrate their armour’

    it aint the way the game works 90% of the time dood

  47. I appreciate how you don’t take too many meaningless shots. You’re very choosy about pulling the trigger.

  48. “Manticore reported!”

  49. STG is my BAE. Im on the road to 3 marking it. Its like a tier VIII K-91 but with poopy gun depression. Basically a second line support sniper. The ass end is even kind of troll and can bounce lower calibre guns if you bait it around a corner (post comment: Oh and it tends to high role for me… A lot…)

  50. Wow, a master class on assassinating the opposition. That was something else. Icing on the cake to have a muppet not happy with your game play. Hope he sees this and learns something about himself.

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