Ghost Tank Night Battle – War Thunder Gameplay

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  1. ze flak 88mm truck

  2. Anu cheeki breeki Iv damke

    Need to fix the resolution, 1080 looks like 720. Trees are pixelated more
    than usual.

  3. sure they do but there are other games out there the same way

  4. #iOS10sucks

  5. do a chirchill and mk V spitfire combo!!

  6. I’m new to war thunder and at first I was doing great for the first month
    or so…now ive had weeks of just absolutely losses is this normal for the

  7. I like when you get all crazy and play tier 1 :D

  8. “What are all these random explosions?”…Yup…said that myself….usually
    juuuust before I get owned…..

  9. You should play the plane tank the t 60

  10. Large maps are awesome. It’s VERY necessary regardless of battlerating when
    you take into account maneuvering. Proper flanking takes time and requires
    space. Flanking is NOT driving around the other side of a rock.

  11. Baron, just found your channel about 4 days ago. thank you for your help in
    understanding the UI and your great game play. I need a PC to get the full
    effect from this game. playing on PS4 is kinda a joke.

  12. why are you so strange in this video ?
    did you drink something before recording

  13. What about the German JPZ 4-5 …

  14. A and G productions

    No I don’t because I have a all black German Shepherd and I’m allergic to

  15. ohh hablando español, ¿Como esta señor? :D

  16. Totally agree with the spawn camping bullshit, you can’t target the spawn
    with artillery but you can bomb, strafe and fire into it. There should be
    some form protected area where you can’t fire into or out of, or something
    like it.

  17. Take out the M22 in 5.0 against box tank destroyers.

  18. Habla español !!!! Saludos de Argentina xD

  19. Destroyer destruction

    play m47 patton

  20. How do you see these things??? Secrets plox!

  21. I Feel like the Tetrarch is the british Locust.

  22. Jeff Allison (VikingThorvir)

    You know what, Baron, there isn’t anything wrong with spawn camping…but
    only for those that want to win the games they are in. It’s a viable
    tactic. Yes, it’s frustrating, yes I’ve been the victim of it many times,
    but that’s life. If one team is doing so poorly that they are getting
    spawn-camped, then the other team should be commended for doing well.
    However, I’m not against WT doing something and changing it, but it’s not
    actually a problem.

  23. Suprised the IL-2 Didn’t nuke whole enemy team and flew off in the sunset.

  24. They should add night arial battles, it’d be neat with all the tracers

  25. the ghost tank real name is tetract, british tank

  26. The devs should make the spawns invincible as long as an enemy’s vehicle
    never left there vicinity since their spawn

  27. “¿Como se Dice Señor?” You just said it Baron XD

  28. Hey baron can u do a British Mosquito plane, that plane will bite into the
    enmities, and also it has bombs :D

  29. Is this free?

  30. Baron Battlefield 1 single player mod had come play ones sometimes

  31. Take out the Tortoise.

    his nickname is Frank.

    Frank the tank.

  32. ?Como se dice? is “How do you say”. Were you looking for ?Como estas?

  33. lol at the beginning of the video he called the tetrach the locust XD

  34. All the new spawns do is gives ATGMs more time to kill you.

  35. Baron, you should watch the movie “The white tiger”. There’s a ghost tank
    in that movie too.

  36. Gaijin should make it to where if you try and spawn kill the person in 100
    yard circle can shoot the camper but they cannot shoot the spawnee. Or give
    em bans. I hate the feeling of just spawning in knowing where someone is
    and then losing a tank for a free kill.

  37. more men of war Mondays, it makes my Mondays happier

  38. Baron…Ghost tanks would be really, really cool. All rekt looking with an
    undead crew.
    btw My solution to spawn camping is to add towed AT/AA guns that can be
    deployed by the player and controlled by the AI. Every time a player spawns
    they can deploy a gun on the map. Limit the towed guns to certain types of
    vehicle to keep it from becoming too OP. Make half-tracks great again!

  39. He called a tetrach a locust…

  40. the locust he reckons

  41. is that the tetrach yes

  42. Siti Azwan Mohd Kamal

    play panther d and tiger h1 in RB

  43. Se dice, como se escucha o.O

  44. Build, a, wall.

  45. 7:54 Hey it’s me !

  46. Hellkitchenficiation

    Can someone help me with this: I dont have the circle for bombing like
    Baron does, what do I have to do to turn it on or whatever?

  47. That’s a nice Tetrarch you have there ;)

  48. I think thats a Tetarch Baron ._.

  49. 5:10 because maybe in the world there is something called light
    enchancement scopes its not night vision but it increase the light input or
    something making you see a litle bit better as long as there is still light
    but they do not work in pitch black nights, russians have a lots of rifles
    scopes that do that

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