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  1. Jumbo GigaChad!

  2. Thumbs up for the Cobra King .

  3. This thing is so much fun to use
    I get more kills with it than normal tank, because most people dont realize this thing can pen them (if only from the side)
    Once I got 7 tanks and 4 aircraft with it in 1 life

  4. You know, I bet that flashing light does actually enhance your camouflage because at a quick glance it sort of simulates fire.

  5. Why do you have a flashing light on it

  6. attempt #33 use the M134 turrets on the huey and role play as a gunship

  7. I always end up trying to use my tank as a meatshield for my teamtes, at least I go back to the hanger knowing I helped

  8. How does one joins phlys squadron?

  9. I love how that old Russian AA has more penetration than the modern AH64Ds depleted uranium 30mms
    40mm more pen I believe

  10. Jesus that intro was funny LOL

  11. my balls bigger than that mag

  12. You will infact explode if the magazines are shot. Same with the R3 T20.

  13. Mango is truly giga chad

  14. Guillaume Durette

    R u playing with your toes PhlyDaddy ?

  15. ah yes the russians get this thing with 90mm pen at 6.0 (edit: now 6.3), but god forbid germany gets their good HVAP back on their SPAA’s.

  16. M-53 the GOAT of the Yugoslav civil wars. Those 30mm’s shred infantry, light APC’s and strongholds

  17. The Average Gamer

    What the strela has in short range it makes up for I the ability to lock onto enemy missiles. It can act as an ODS (Ordinance Denial System) and can save allies and yourself.

  18. I play this spaa at 11.0 and can kill so many things its hilarious

  19. Attempt 7 Play the last gunfighter, cool plane you’ve never featured!

  20. Dues Ex Nightcore

    I reckon the A10’s magazine is the biggest

  21. Attempt #25: get 8 kills in a single game with the italian 90/53 M41M

  22. Play the Ikv 72 with the aphe round please

  23. Phly can we get to together and do a b17g video together

  24. And maybe a formashon

  25. Phly do a suspension control vid

  26. Are german playera really this blind?

  27. Warthunder Chad of the week award goes to Mango!

  28. wait.. hold on. why the FUCK is a czech tank in the ussr branch? those cunts invaded czeck as well. i still have storys from my grandfather about how monsteress those peices of shit where.

  29. Yeah, it was 6.0. And it was stupid

  30. Day 29: play ikv-91-105 and saab 105G combo

  31. Steve I just found your comment on the a Jingles video from 9 years ago.

    How time phlies

  32. That Cobra King is a big damn hero!

  33. giga cobra chad

  34. Make another itO 90M vid it has 50g missiles now

  35. Jeffrey Spenninger

    Day 1 of asking can you play the merkava Mk1B

  36. thats the Praga

  37. Long live CObra King !!!

  38. 1:06 “If you know some that are bigger…”
    I don’t personally, but give ProMag a bit of time and they’ll cobble something together I’m sure.

  39. Attempt 34 – Please play the SAu 40 tank destroyer. It’s one of the strangest looking TDs in the game and I love watching your french-tank videos!

  40. Day 3 of asking for old intro song

  41. You can hear this thing from across the map with the weird firing noise it makes. I stay away. Pure evil.

  42. hey phly had an idea for a combo vidio like back in the day.
    u should try to take out the Lorraine 40t with its amazing speed and good gun and combo it with the F4U7 corsairs 114 rockets for ground striking.

  43. All Hail The Cobra King!!!!!

  44. If only this came in Toyota Hilux.


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