GIANT CANNON ONLY HAS 8 SHELLS – Semovente 90/53 M41M in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ

The Semovente 90/53 M41M in is an Italian Tank Destroyer from WW2! This weird looking tank has a very large 90mm cannon that has a ridiculous HE filler 500g of TNT.

The cannon is great, the chassis is not… and this things biggest downfall is the fact it only has 8 shells! 🙂

So, let's go War Thunder and see if we can get 8 shots and 8 !




  1. CredibleWhiteKnuckle

    Ah yes I love the 8shot.
    8 shots, often
    8 kills

  2. Idk if u know it but for me it’s a little WaffenTrager Auf Pz IV in low tier

  3. We are all entertained by your strategy and skill. Hope you get to enjoy the vids as much as we do. There will always be less skilled players, be patient you will enjoy it more?

  4. DAY 17: @OddBawZ i love the content and i have a request can you please play the Swedish BKAN 1C !

  5. I like this TD, great to do daily with the other TDs at 4.0. Most the time I get 6 kills before having to get more ammo

  6. @OddBawz So, do you spell water with a D? Wa-der not wa-ter. LOL 😂

  7. Honestly one of my favourite vehicles in the Italian tech tree. The limited ammo can be a pain, but the gun is amazing and a lot of people seem to struggle to kill it, due to the angle of the armour and somewhat spaced out crew

  8. 12:25 That guy got absolutely Gaijined lmao

  9. Yes it’s a happy day. A new video

  10. Italian ground has been my favorite tree to grind

  11. the 90/53 is really good actually

  12. Please make a video talk about the BR change there many so vehicle that over tier and out right broke

  13. I don’t think you need to be giving lectures on how to say words right

  14. No armor is best armor.

  15. I hope they add the german grille

  16. Isn’t this SPG is actually only half of an actual vehicle, with ammo containing cart missing?

  17. That was nice!

  18. I killed so many Nashorns with this. 😊

  19. Odd, normally these SPG’s would be followed around by an L33 tankette that was modified as an ammo carrier.

  20. kronose star finder

    I’ve always loved this thing, best match I ever had in it was 12 kills no deaths on poland

    My friend say I’m the only person he knows that can win a fight with a California legal tank

  21. Hey Odd. Would u ever consider doing a video with phly or maybe a subscribber again like u used to? I know phlys really busy these days with the new little one. , but i miss watching you guys shenanigans

  22. It should have 9 shots, the two boxes of 4 under the gun and one loaded. Most tanks in the game can carry their full ammo and one shell loaded.

  23. Enjoying the spaghetti tuneage

  24. Odd you should play the m4/t26

  25. My favourite odiity! 😃🥰

  26. This and the M10 are my favorite TDs in this BR bracket. Wish the 501 wasnt bumped to 4.7

  27. If you have it, could take out the IS-7 and see how it does with the recent BR changes.

  28. Do the M3 half track at 4.0 super fun but need some bushes

  29. Born On The Water

    I’ve been seeing a lot of the ystervark I think it would make for a funny video 😅

  30. Dudes still going on about “Wadder”….. love ya but give it a rest

  31. Michael Pietronico

    wader 💦

  32. Day 1 of saying sorry to bawz IM SORRY

  33. Easily my favorite td.
    Fun to get 100% accuracy for 8 kills.
    Strangely survivable too

  34. I know you just played an Italian tank, but I think it would be fun if soon you did the Italian P40 as well. Much like this its something thats often overlooked and underloved, but unlike this the P40 is actually quite good for its BR. Definitely one of my favorite tanks taking the context of a minor nation into consideration

  35. You have never played the SU-100p

  36. now I love open-top glass cannons, the only thing I hate about them is they’re plane magnets.. especially if you’re making a killing of the enemy team.. once a plane goes up, 80 to 90% of the time they’re coming for you.. can you play the M-41? I wanna see how you play it..

  37. oh i play this italian tanks to BR 7.0
    it soo useful to grinding sl with it but facing with the king tiger face to face it a big of a pain

  38. How about a little trailer with amo for this thing (researchable) like the churchill crocodiles fuel trailer?

  39. Hells Chief Executive

    *6:00* Thats the War Thunder experience right there XD! “i thought my teammates had that covered but they did NOT!”

  40. Why gaijin, why do this, why try to balance a tanks gun performance by giving it only 8 shells. This is not how you balance a tank by constricting its ammo. Stupid gaijin with kill joy tactics . Now where is my wallet so I can buy more premium and fund this stupidity some more.

  41. Never thought I’d ever watch grounds keeper Willie play warthunder.

    My life has improved.

  42. That’s my baby!

  43. Lol! 8 shells and a dream…

  44. This thing is a one-shot-kill machine. There’s nothing in its BR that it can’t destroy. Crazy.

  45. I like it how the idea for this tank is the top of the tank being at the rear of the tank so the barrel of the tank isnt too forward-heavy then it may already be. Im not suprised anyone can kill 8 tanks with all 8 shells, and i guess you can have an 8+1 if one of them is loaded

  46. in a wierd way it even sounds italian when it fires…. i don´t really know how to explain it but it does

  47. This tank operated together with a L6/40 portamunizioni tankette which could transport up to 86 shells, unfortunately gaijin didn’t implement this feature into the game, but with the crocodile’s towed flame fuel tank I’m hopeful someday we’ll get so,e thing that can extend this tank’s ammo carriage

  48. I actually used to think that this tank was pretty overpowered now that ik it only has 8 rounds i feel bad for the ones ive killed with 152 HE and 105 HE out of pure hate😂

  49. Fucking loved the “that’s bad” explodes and laughter

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