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  1. Hey dad, can you play the Kfir C.7 next vid?

  2. I try so hard, I can’t rise above it
    I don’t know what it is ’bout that little gal’s lovin’
    But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it

  3. Day 328: Play the J7E or the Q5A

  4. What even is that thumbnail haha

  5. +500 Social Credit.

  6. Another fine video buddy

  7. Anyone got the music from the beginning of the video?

  8. 0:11 misspelled “losers”

  9. love your video’s preview picture

  10. Christian Letzerich

    P-38J-15 gameplay would make my day

  11. Day 1 of telling Phly to play Ultimate Admiral Dreadnought, so he can make his cursed boat ideas.

  12. This one gives you 35% more social credits for sure…

  13. Day 267: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  14. Наталья Барсукова

    Congratulations Phly, your social credit has increased

  15. Audio balance seems way better!!!

  16. Chinese M1128 :v

  17. Day 69 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire

  18. “Why wouldn’t you just use this one?” – Easy, it cost like $50 for premium vehicles in a free to play game.

  19. Have you tried the t-60 yet?

  20. I love how every time you make a video on a premium vehicle, I get to destroy idiots who go and buy them

  21. Day 11: Be a little devious with the Object 906 at 9.3

  22. Hey Phly, here’s a good Prototype Trio you could do a Vid on: The Ho-229, the Do-335 and the J7W Shinden! These Planes don’t get enough attention on this channel…

  23. Shaolin soccer in action

  24. Majestic Eagle Sasquatch

    These vehicles should be called Chairman LMAO’s escort vehicles or something. That ATGM would prolly culturally revolutionise an Abrams pretty quick.
    Great video, Phly! I hope Banks is doing well too!

  25. certified bing chilling

  26. Day 110: Phly you should try the KV-220. It’d a very weird uet interesting tank for its tier and it’s little to well known for even being in the game. Has a decent gun and really good armor. Definitely would say to give it a shot!

  27. Phly, could you maybe start a “best of tier” series? Maybe in categories such as best armor, or most survivable(no armor, best armor), or best gun(maybe separate best pen and best post pen explosive)? Maybe even aircraft? Maybe even tech tree sections(3.7-4.5 or whatever)? Any thoughts ppl?

  28. Try getting kils with bombs with 10s or the largest bomb delay

  29. True Chinese machines are copypasted- have you ever seen Chinese Walmart, or Chinese Youtube, or Chinese Discord? A perfect comparison of a nation.

  30. Don’t be like HEREP9. He camped with a M1A1 Abrams and lost the game.

  31. day 1: play the a-4E to show em a little thing you learned

  32. Harris_Pumped up kicks

    Happy holidays! And dont forget to not eat yellow snow hahha

  33. Alleric 'Ulti' Enslin

    WMA is by far the most fun premium I’ve played.

  34. the WMA3O1 is still the same br as the rooikat mk1d, which is a bit faster, as survivable, has worse post pen, no atgm, no themals and a longer reload

  35. Day 6 of asking Phly to play M551 Sheridan air dropped meme machine

  36. China?! Chi chi chi chinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  37. Father Lengthy Appendages

    Day 17 of asking for the new Draken video

  38. Hey does anyone have any tips on how to improve on war thunder

  39. how to thermal?
    can i do it in test vehicle with premium tanks?

  40. 8:27 war thunder: Alaska drift

  41. You can push dead vehicle faster when attach to them

  42. Your next intro should be the 20th century fox theme when u play as a plane with canons

  43. Reindeer catching Ebola? Interesting

  44. you need entire video of kill montage best kills of 2021 for example

  45. While playing this tank destroyer, you not only have fun and help the poor brothers from Russia, but also get social credits.

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