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Source: PhlyDaily



  2. If they do bring in the other variants we know gaijin will only make them premium/event tanks

  3. Day-89 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  4. Imagine being the crew members inside of that tank when it’s down to 2 people left. Just a slurry of blood and guts everywhere.

  5. We need tog2

  6. i killed that thing on monday with a t-26 even when it was angled

  7. That’s an armored school bus of french people.

  8. You forgot the 20mm of meat armor it has inside the front.

  9. You should test out the new battleship voice lines

  10. This thing is as big as the Maus

  11. This thing will be very suitable to block streets, with a squad you can block off enemy access to a cap 🙂

  12. if i remember correctly, the jagdtiger, tiger 2 were over 70 tons.
    but the challenger 2 tes megatron and the newest abrams variants are also around 75 tons

  13. It’s just me or there is an MS-1 mounted in the back? XD

  14. In my first match I shot down a plane

  15. Oh god he’s advancing backwards!

  16. Luis Felipe Gonçalves

    A fun little game, try naming every single one of the crew without repeating any name. Guillaume, Paul, Louis, Marcel, Henri, Joseph, Jacque, Michel, Jean, Eugene, Nicholas, Aubert.

  17. 12:12 IM SQUEEZIN HERE

  18. This video makes the game look fun!

  19. WWI war Thunder incoming?

  20. Come on, Warthunder, give us a Mark IV next!

  21. great another myth only one was made and it was called Champagne WoW amazing great War Thunder does it again

  22. The engines in that were not Renault actually captured Mercedes engines later replaced by maybach engines.

  23. Well the Jagdtiger was produced and it weighed 72 tons and the Maus 188 tons.

  24. The word you need is Displacement.

  25. We need the 75mm version!!!

  26. Add some more era to challenger 2 and it will weigh 70 tonnes

  27. cheaper by the thousand

    The engine situation on this tank is pretty weird and hard to find info on. First it had two Mercedes diesels rated at around 200hp, which then were changed to Maybach V12 diesels. Eventually it ended up with two Inline 6 Sautter-Harle engines. This tank uses a electric drive for the sprockets kind of like the Ferdinand did.

  28. That “I don’t know how he even spotted me either” fucking killed me

  29. Looks like this is the new low-tier yeetus deletus

  30. Iirc those style of cupolas are supposed to spin pretty quick. Giving the commander a really good view as the spinning slots kind of all blur together to a functional transparency

  31. 2100 GE for a rank 1 is a moneygrab imo, the other rank 1 premium is fkn 250 GE, shame on gaijin

  32. “If you think we’re OP, look at this HO” Daily, Phly 2022

  33. i hope they add more ww1 techs. maybe rework the br so the ww1 techs is at 1.0 and the current reserve-1.0 goes to 2.0 and so on idk.

  34. Trabalho pra destruir isso, 12 tripulantes hahahah

  35. Great video dude, you gotta try out the Swedish B18A/B Performance at that BR is absurd at 2.7 3.7

  36. Now I’m gonna have to anticipate the fcm f1

  37. It sures seems like a smooth ride for a tank with no suspension.

  38. Thats one *BIG* baguette xD

  39. 17:37 the guy sneaking out on the right side of the screen 😛

  40. “No one is expecting the butt gun” -. Gen.Patton.

  41. Boomer here! Bubble gum, butter, scotch, and butt gun! You’re the most entertaining YouTube channel out there. Keep up the good work!

  42. The 2c’s had several different engines. The 250 cv engines were from Maybach. Just under 17 litres each.

  43. ur life seems fun!😂😄

  44. a modern m1a2 sep v4 abrams weighs 72 metric tons. It’s why the abrams X is such a big deal.

  45. enemy tankers in the hallway[ who brought two bullys to the school], why the tank looks like a roadblock,

  46. Correcting the “no tank would ever reach to 70 tons” comment. The Challenger 2 with combat armor modules weigh 75 tons. Now that’s a girthy girl 💕

  47. Showing your rear end to the enemy was definitely a very French thing to do. We’ll done.

  48. Princess Applestrach

    Bois read up on the FCM F1 the tank that almost replaced this one in 1940 a litteral multi-turreted mini maus and one was almost completed before being destroyed on the assembly line by the Germans

  49. WW1 stuff maybe?

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