GIGA Autoloading Destroyers Foch B vs Foch 155 in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX 50 155 vs AMX 50 Foch B, Tier 10 French Autoloading Tank Destroyers. AMX 50 Foch 155 Gameplay and AMX 50 Foch B Gameplay.

is time to answer to yet another age-old-question… Which tier 10 French autoloading tank destroyer is better – Is it 155 B? Well, let’s find out!

Enjoy show!


  1. The Age of Question – AMX 50 Foch B or AMX 50 Foch 155… Which do you prefer and why?
    Have an absolutely fantastic Suday, You Beasts! 🔥

    • Age *Old* Question, not Age of Question 😀

    • Why the hell you post a video of a same tank after skill4ltu post a video of a same tank? Are you trying to copy him?

    • Since I love big guns as T30 and ISU-152 I would love foch 155 more ^^ still Foch B is 1 of tanks had my eyes on to get

    • 155 is the definition of trash vehicle. 5sec intraclip, 40+ sec clip reload, abhorrent aiming time and gun handling in general. Just imagine trying to rush someone with 155, it will go like this:

      1) T-0.00 You poke the corner and take 1st shot

      2) T+2.00 You are aligned towards the target and half aimed

      3)T+3.00 1st shell is out

      4)T+6.00 you take 2nd shot, you are not winning this trade in most cases at this point, also your target might just bugger off cuz you can’t keep it tracked.

      5) T+8.00 2nd shell is out, 1500DMG dealt.

      6) T+12.00 you take 3rd shot, 1200 vs 1500 still.

      7) T+13.00 3rd shell is out, if you’re lucky enemy is dead and you lost “only” 1200+ hp.

      Now take into account that you most probably won’t be poking a single enemy all the time, if you’re up against 2 tanks you’re dead after 10 sec. and it is not a given that one of them is.

      Taking what I said above into consideration, you wouldn’t want to play super aggressively, but given how our maps are designed by numbnuts at WG with only frontal engagements it is impossible for 155 to make it out alive, so you can only resort to sniping, which won’t work cuz gun handling is absolute poo-poo.

      Foch B on the other hand has 6×400 with 2 sec. intraclip so you have more burst than 155 does. (2100 vs 2400 in 10 sec)

      Also clip reload is just above 30 sec, so it is fine. Gun handling is acceptable and aim time is very good. In Foch B you can snipe, hold enemy tracked or be a ducking retard and brawl in it, dealing 2400 and going into garage cuz of cupolas, WG patch those up plz!

    • Question: DEZ COMPARE T54 AND OBJ 430 WHO WINS!!!!

  2. Great job, love yours videos… Keep on going
    I have B and love it
    Cheers from Croatia

  3. 16 views. . . *A NEW RECORD!*
    I love the 155 and I kinda hate the B version. Most likely because the 6 shells just do not have enough penetration on the standard rounds.

  4. Both are good…. Just load gold and be braindead like 90% of wot community :D:D:D:D:D

  5. I like the 155 more butt my (free to play)A$ cant get it in time and now is even Harder to get …

  6. Assalom alekum hi

  7. The question is when will they release a tank with 750 alpha and autoreloading system???

    • @Heroninja112 oh holy cow, must have missed that bit, I constantly check wot express for the leaks and news, but those changes might make it a bit more workable… 😀

    • @Adam Vas its going to be straight up broken smh. with AP it roflpens everything and out trades them all. and also the armour profile is actually very good. and the tank becomes basically a british kranvagn when hulldown, except its a kranvagn that has 3000 hesh dpm at tier 8 and 2100 AP dpm. oh and thanks to the new intuition skill and the fast clip reload it takes only 4 seconds to switch between a hesh clip and an AP clip interchangably. so this means if you flank someone or find a weaker armoured target you dont have to worry about reloading the whole clip. and same for the oppisate, if you find a maus and have hesh loaded you can just flip to AP and nuke the poor scrub with your tier 8 broken tank

    • @Heroninja112 Oh my … did the dev’s in the balance department have a bit too many vodkas or why does this sound completely broken?

    • @Nemesis Crysis because it is completely broken

    • @Nemesis Crysis there is no balancing department at WG, there is not internal testing. It is all just a one big marketing department with different branches and some low-level developers and artists thrown in at random.

  8. I thought this was a face-off episode haha

  9. AMX 155 have 3×750 and reload betwen shells is 4-5s and if you miss or ding one shell…its big problem…and if you miss one of 6 from Foch B,its not big problem

  10. Ofc Foch 155 is better

  11. Hi everyone. I have a question is there something wrong with the game, because as soon I start the battle the game crashes saying you are disconnected from the server.
    So any idea why is this happening. I already have uninstalled and reinstalled 3times..!!!!

  12. absent-minded goldfish

    i got both and i prefer the Foch B as it feels more flexible,
    my main problem with the Foch 155 is when RNG trolls you and you miss or bounce one or two shells, it feels like your fire power really gets crippled,
    compared to the 6 shots of the Foch B, even if you miss or bounce 2 shells, you can still make do with the remaining 4, and it also has a shorter reload compared to the 155

  13. It’s all situational

  14. Hey Dez, you should try the 10 seconds sixth sense icon mod, it is in Aslain’s mod pack(both XVM and non XVM options). It is useful in a lot of scenarios, honestly in most of them with a bit of manual calculation.

    • @PlasmaDrone Indeed it is. It is amazing how many times it has saved me from getting snapped out of the game.

    • You can set it to 12s to be safe against lights with +2s skill, and still I add +2s more for total 14s to be 100% if by any chance enemy light has radio set.

    • @Laimonas Matelis how can you set it? 😳

    • @Luis Abelardo in aslains or wot essentials modpack there is an option to make it shine for 10s, then other option below is to extend to 12s. And I add 2s in my mind to make it 14 lol

    • @Laimonas Matelis Ahhhh… I use the one that looks like a radar. (so each pass is one second)… I don’t know if I put the +2 one, it will get them count from 12. O.O

  15. Face Reveal Dez Plx

  16. Last time I was in my LT trying to scout, but I accidently ran into 3 Foch155 and got deleted instantly……I dont know how to describe my feeling, but just imagine this when it happens on you….

  17. I have 63% winrate with Foch B, 47% winrate with Foch 155. That should tell all lol.

    • @Pezdac 200 most definitely is not enough. I have over 200 battles in my FCM 50t. (47%, 1600 DMG) and Pilot (46.7%, 1560), an others from when I was a decent player with ~55% WR meanwhile I have 54% in my T28 Proto (1460 DMG) and 52.8% in my RHM (1560 DMG), and a 50% in my T28 with 100 DMG, all of these games played in the same era of Wot 2-4 years prior to 1.0.

    • @Pezdac 20K is an exaggeration, 10K only slightly, you need thousands of battles to discount randomness unless the tank is particularly OP (Bobject, Chieftan, 279, 430U et al.)

    • @SanguineMalcontent yeah and FCM and pilot sucks, thats why u have lower winrate.

    • @Pezdac The Pilot has the highest global win rate of the 4, nice try though.

      Also, when I played the FCM it was still a good tank, certainly better than the trash t28 prot (which went 14 km/h and had useless armor).

    • @Pezdac Moreover, these are by no means the only tanks in my garage this applies to, not even close. You need to play 1000s of battles to minimize the noise, simple as that.

  18. I am slowly making my way to the free to play version. Have been working on LTs and MTs first

  19. Will you do another battle between the VK 72.01(K) and the Pz.kpfw.VII?

  20. Hey Dez. Can you make a vid on how to install the mods!?

  21. Is4 vs is7 next pls

  22. if have a bad day, just pick foch 155 and use 395 pen =)))

  23. I got the Foch 155 from a black market sale (iirc), and prior to the HE change I would take it out once in a while, now with HE nerf … it hardly leaves the garage. The regular AP just seemed too random, so haven’t tried that lately.

  24. Dez!!! Love these videos!! Hope you can do Obj 140 vs 430u as well!!

    • 140 is support medium, good dpm, can snipe from time to time but have much less armor. 430u is a fast heavy, derp gun good armor low dpm, just like 277. Which one is the best depend on you play style, I personally prefer 140 more.

      277, 430u, 113, 121, 5A all performs quite similar. mean while 140 is the closest thing to 907. and yes we do not need to talk about 62a and k91, just dump those two to the trash can.

  25. They need to re add the wft. Auf E100

  26. I like 155 because of big penetration. Foch B just cant hit all clip many times so that’s big clip is ussles.

  27. I have a love-hate relationship with my Foch B. When grinding the line it had the 155mm gun but changed it when I was at T8. This gun man, so trollish and the rng on the pen also. Clear pen shot but “no bueno”. But when it behaves, man oh man. Brutal clips

  28. World of Autoloaders

  29. I have 47% win rate with Foch B and 57% with Foch 155 so yeah, if you play the 155 aggressively with teammates supporting you or aggressively and you know when to pullback it pays off nicely, Foch B is meh it just sucks cause of the 257 pen.

  30. Aaaaaaand WG removed Wt E100 because it was overpowered 😆 🤣

  31. Foch B is Good

    Foch 155 is Fun

    Simple as that

    • Nah, 155 is an embodiment of pain. It misses fully aimed, bounces from 90deg. Plates and gets eaten up by tracks on a regular basis.

  32. Foch B actually works. The 155 is a 750hp dpm machine. First one bounces, second one penetrates and the third outright misses.

  33. Both kill me equally fast. everytime…

  34. Back when foch 155 and fv215b 183 were getting took out of the game I only had time to finish one line and i went for the 183. Kinda wish I would’ve went for the foch just because it’s different.

  35. Day 69 (nice) still waiting for meme review 🙃

  36. They honestly didnt need to remove the 155. I never understood why. Just nerf the clip size. And add the 120mm as an option

  37. I just reseached Foch B and have only few battles in 155 so idk.. but I liked the tier 7 hated 8 and love the tier 9. 😀

  38. Waffentrager E 100 vs Foch 155?

  39. 155 is the best, no premium rounds needed. B needs full premium to be playable at anything but close distance in tire X MM.

  40. dezz make garage under water??

  41. Well I get my tier 8 in tier 10 games 100% WG rigged with my German wt Td with 10.3 sec reload time a kill off tank for red team to win how can you play with that TD

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