GIGANTIC Nuclear Truck in war Thunder…

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Source: Munitions

Tonk u 4 watching!


  1. I just love how huge it is and is the only reason I am trying to get to high teir lmao

  2. 0:13 “This ain’t Top Gun, Fool!”

  3. im from germany and wondering why u say nuclear truck ?

  4. truck of the river, what is your wisdom ?

  5. AAAAA: Anti-Air Anti-Anti-Air

  6. ah yes finally flugabwehrraketensystem roland auf radkraftfahrzeug

  7. There’s a sneaky thing you can do on console where you can click on aircrafts and hold left trigger and it auto tracks the aircraft. So you can turn off your radar and use that and if people use chaff it does nothing and people don’t even know it’s coming(unless they see it)

  8. Crotale missile:
    >Is produced only by France and China
    >Is used ingame by France, Germany, Sweden and NOT China(who got TOR instead).

    • @Hyrikul I think it’s more of a compromise so that you can do something about the range of the helicopters.

    • @Timey472 maybe they should finally fix the range of Vihr ATGMs instead then?:D Their 10km value is achieved only from 1)max launch altitude; 2)max launch speed. Both achieved only on Su-39, precision variant of Su-25 that wasn’t crap and that isn’t even in the game! Giving a stationary helicopter hugging the ground same range as to when it’s launched from 5km up by a plane going 700kph isn’t the problem in your opinion?

    • @Timey472 It’s always compromise when it touch the 3 glory or russia/germany mainly, when other nation reclaim the same “compromise” they give every “it’s not historical” things they want.

    • ​@TheArklyte Then the wrong information is to be fixed, then they can remove it (VT1) again.

    • @Hyrikul I have played almost every nation so far (except for Great Britain Israel and China). Therefore, I see it also so that many of the “smaller” nations clearly come too short.

  9. Oh, this vehicle, which full name is Flugabwehrraketensystem Roland auf Radkraftfahrzeug

  10. It would be cool if they added a real nuclear truck. For example, Topol M for 2500 respawn points.

    • Nah having planes drop it is better so that way you can actually stop is

    • Канистра Керосина

      @Alexander Minev one of my friends when first time got a nuclear plane, almost immediately got stopped by his own teammate by ramming, and immediately deleted WT

    • @Alexander Minev It is so hard to get anyway so it shouldn’t be stoppable, whoever gets it deserves to see the explosion

  11. there’s something called IRST

  12. 1 of three entirely broken overpowered skilless AA’s
    Point, click, guaranteed kill.

    • If your opponent has laser guided bombs and knows what they’re doing, it’s the other way around. Also, A-10/GR.7 pilots using AGM-65D from at least 4000m can actually loft those high enough to out-range SAM’s (or at least be able to defeat the missiles kinetically since they’ll have no speed left).

    • @Alex Orr and if sam knows what it is doing, then it’s again other way around xD
      These jets only have advantage if they are really high above the battlefield do that radar can’t see them. And that advantage exists only until sam doesn’t see it.
      To outrange 12kms 1000m/s rocket you have to have reeeeeaaaaaaly good eyes and bless from gaijin

    • @Exercitus Thermal mavericks can attain lock from outside 12km. If I lock a missile at 11km when at 800km/h or higher, it WILL reach them. I can then turn around and defend the missile, practically guaranteeing it won’t hit me. As for Laser guided bombs, I can toss them at high arcs without even needing go go into that 12km range in the first place. And even if I do, I’ll be very high and very fast. Kiss your missile goodbye

    • @Alex Orr the issue with mavericks is that they are lockable and you can always see them on radar. You can easily destroy it with sam rocket. As for laser bombs, i dont play with them, but also i didn’t see anyone droping them from far-far away as you described, its usually just coming from right above the battlefield.
      Also good luck seeing anything consistently with lods lol

    • @Exercitus Well I hate the break it to you, but with some practice, it’s pretty consistent. Assuming you target every maverick successfully, you just used 60-75% of your SAM’s to ward off one single aircraft. And that’s assuming you found all of them.

      As for the bombs, if you take one GP bomb and then use your ballistics computers CCRP function to drop the bomb a few seconds before the release point, it will see the laser on the way down almost every single time. And if it isn’t on track to, you can always just move the laser point to where it will, and then move it back onto the target.

  13. What’s this vehicle

  14. omg plz for the love of god use IRST….

  15. Ok but you can tell they’re premium noobs when they bring flares to rgb

  16. the way the a10 went brrt and then just silent got me rolling on my floor XD

  17. На всякий случай. Мы на Ка-50/52 при помощи ПТУР сбиваем ваши зенитные ракеты. Так что столкновения ракет в воздухе это норма…

  18. ชมรมคนชอบเจ๊เครื่องv8_ anime

    SPAA ON IRST 👈👍👍

  19. What vehicle is this

  20. Russian bear🇷🇺


  21. Is this an AA or a anti-AA 😂

  22. 0:25 this thing from Nier Automata

  23. Pro Tip don’t lock just fire. they get no warning this way.Sick of getting bombed? turn radar off too. Nice Video!

  24. When did they add ICBMs? Do you spawn in those instead of a plane that’s nea…
    >photoshopped thumbnail

  25. This truck is the reason I am struggling to grind stock f16a

  26. Dude I hate this vehicle so much

  27. There’s a button to adjust the range of the radar, you only had it set to 10km, but the VT1’s can reach up to 12km i believe, so you can make your radar have longer range.

  28. Can somebody tell me how to guide this missiles not manually to the target? I‘m playing on XBox and I want to know how it works there.

  29. Takemikazuchi Shuichi

    this channel video title always “nuke rucket, nuke missile” next what? Nuke ammo. Everything become nuke in this channel

  30. These clips remind me of 2014 youtube.

  31. Dude if i coulda play war thunder too much i can get this one because i like it so MUCH… But im in Ukraine and i have my own War Thunder out there doe 💀

  32. The venga bus

  33. 1:32 invisibility mode off (look to the left of the mini-map)

  34. And you never used IRST.

  35. can you jump with a smol tank on top of the bus in the river ?

  36. PAT RIK(ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)

    Объясни свою габаритность

  37. one spinny boy vs the world

  38. the U.S heard he had some oil on him he needed some freedom in his life.

  39. Skipity bop mmmm dada!

  40. Imagine going out your house for fresh air… then you see this thing pointing at your neighbourhood.

  41. i hate that his radars arent set to 20km range

  42. Soviet Putin Milk truck delivery servies

  43. I’ve spent about 150 euros on the game in 10 years. They won’t get one cent more from me, and I regret spending even that much. Russian companies will never get a cent from me, and I don’t care if they claim to be based in Yugoslavia or Cyprus. I am making a list of companies with russian oligarch or their minions as shareholders. I am slowly blacklisting them, and when I publish the list I’m sure I won’t be the only decent human being to not fund war criminal soldiers or cowardly citizens that do nothing to stop the war.

    If the Olympic committee allows the Russians to take part in the games, I will extend my hatred of Russians to every nation that doesn’t boycott the games.

  44. There is a rumour that EAC doesn’t run on Linux. Check it for yourself though. There are plenty of interesting “mods” you can then run. No matter where Russians stink up their environment, be it Yugoslavia or Cyprus, remember that the oligarchs get a cut of everything. Think of what they are doing to women and children before you buy those pixels.

  45. i love hwo th emissle cover drops from the turret after firiying

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