Girl On Tinder VS. Girl On War Tinder

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Grape wow Wow Grape


  1. Wow iPhone

  2. Wooow….graaaape…..!

  3. maixmum realizsm

  4. inb4 gaijin deletes this video

  5. I’m almost 100% certain that’s because the rocket overpens because it’s too close to the top of the turret. There’s supposed to be quite a large space above it and the tank you’re shooting at because the AOE cone is slightly delayed. STOP AIMING SO CLOSE TO THE TOP OF THE TANK PHLY!

  6. OMG 666 COMMENTS!!!

    Edit: I ruined it didn’t I? Well 667 is fine ig.

  7. Strong army grape

  8. The bird flying close to the tank must be so dead lol

  9. if that was me getting shot i would have died in one shot

  10. Its sad because it’s true. I say give it the Bill’s missiles( Top down of course) and up-tier it.

  11. When I keep getting hits but no kill I just accept my fate and charge him. Either I go to my death or one of Gaijins many injustices will be made right.

  12. Yeah, for everyone who says the M3A3 is broken, this is probably about 75% of the gameplay.

  13. We all feel your pain. But if you really want to troll the 2A6 unkillerable tank, get your mates together in m22s and/or Daimlers and ambush the so and so’s! 😊 enjoy chaps.

  14. The struggle is real

  15. balans as intended

  16. tank_commander 577

    Phly you stole my war tinder meme why

  17. I can’t stop thinking about how unimaginably screwed the crew of that real tank would be. I guess at least it would be instant.


  19. Such brutality…

    I love it.

  20. “You dont know what it’s like to survive 20,000mm worth of penetration”

  21. 0:10 rip tank

  22. Whats the song in the first half?


  24. 😅😅😅😅😅

  25. The tank destroyed? Just like that?

  26. It’s almost fun.

  27. the balance has destroyed this game. the bs has gotten so extreme i had to uninstall

  28. That’s fake Bradley always 1 hits

  29. They will fix the missiles when it gets put at 10.3

  30. GeRmAnY SuFfEr

  31. 700… perfect…

  32. Arthur Astor-Perrin

    the state of the game is pretty terrible.

  33. The Leopard is just built different

  34. It’s quite satisfying seeing that M3A3 suffer, that vehicle was one of the main reasons I quit WarThunder

  35. Overall in WT all missiles and rockets are weak. Like helicopter, i need 50 rockets to set one tank on fire. Meanwhile he shots me down with 7.7mm machine gun in two bullets.

  36. that happens when the German quality is too good…

  37. Well, the thing is NATO tanks don’t stow ammunition below their turret in an autoloading mag which means no they can’t go boom boom! After getting hit by this Top town missile!

  38. explosive is contained in target vehicle

  39. Ahhh German engineering

  40. TOW-2B? More like TOW-2BS!!!

  41. Well see your problem is that your using the anti Russian round, gotta use the anti German round common mistake

  42. Trying something again and again expecting something different is the deffinition of insanity.
    Like us still trying to enjoy War Thunder.

  43. ammo rack, mmmmmmmm you know its gonna be good when you that at the intro.

  44. The bradleys are cancerous, but the 2A6 is too… still can’t sympathize with the bradley player though after all the BS deaths behind cover i’ve suffered

  45. It’s a Leopard! Not a cougar… 😉

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