GIRLS UND PANZER in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Girls und Panzer is invading World of Tanks with the .Kpfw. IV Ausf. H Ankou – here's all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free .


  1. 11:01 For research purposes 😉

  2. As a member of the GUP clan, I’ve already bought this tank

  3. I love it. GuP was what got me in to anime, and anime has kept me sane over the past year during lock-downs. I have bought the package as collection thing, and also to have an E50M crew as I begin that line.

    The historical vibe started going a long time ago. The Primo Victoria is a good example, WG even invented a crew position on a centurion for that tank, it also has a unique name that isn’t historical in any way.

    The crew voices aren’t anything new for me either, I’ve had GuP voice mods installed for a while.

    Panzer Vor!

  4. uninstalling

  5. The tank is a tech tree tank that costs money? so you’re basically paying for a voice actor? It doesn’t make credits? What an insult. WoT is horrible

  6. This makes me think that I need qb as an commander for my British tanks even more

  7. You can thank World of Tanks: Blitz For this

  8. Stupid, sickening and useless.

  9. Yeah, it’s just another round of embarrassing shit from WG. Used to be a tank game.

  10. 6:42 Absolutely no.

  11. You think that’s odd, I watched the english version of the show so I am used to their voices.
    I do wonder if Sentai will offer that option to WG
    I will totally be buying it

  12. I’d rather stick ice picks through my ears than to hear their voices.

  13. of course I’ll buy it, if only to trigger people in a 3 man weeb platoon with my pals

  14. ruben veizaga chavare

    I like wargaming putting in cosmetics instead of an op tank, imo this is better for the game. I didn’t like QB’s reaction to this just because it’s not an op tier 8

  15. Just don’t make a video about it if you don’t like it.

  16. One of the best reviews in history of tanks XD

  17. 4 battles today on NA so far and I’ve had 6-8 of them per battle.

  18. I won’t buy it only because for some nonsense reason, they are german.. I wanted to buy it just to get the crew, so I can put them in one of my Japanese tanks, but sadly.. They’re german. No idea why or how..

  19. imagine paying for mods lmao

  20. Geoffrey Wylie JR

    its like wargaming threw in autoloading tier 8 wheeled artillery.

  21. Yes yes yes

  22. Why no earphone warning?!?!

  23. I love the quickybaby is showing when they talk XD

  24. this is fkn disgusting :((((((((((( am i playing wot or some weird hentai sht???

  25. I’ll be honest, if I want to play a realistic and more or less historical accurate Tank-game I would rather play War Thunder instead. In my opinion, Gajin makes a better job at that.
    But what I like World of Tanks for is that kinda arcade Style of the game and from that perspective something like this isn’t that unfitting
    But hey, I also like the Anime so maybe not quite objective in this case XD

  26. Judge_ Dredd_9995

    This is amazing! much better than my current mod which reskins crew as anime characters.

  27. That is silliness i will never ever spend a Cent to buy this pile of shit!
    WG making the game only worst and worst, what is that!?!?!

  28. sure i will buy one 🙂 its so weired but cute- it has to be a great- checkout the series or film and keep smiling a long time guys

  29. Honestly, 10:45 , id rather pay wargaming not to hear that voiceover ever again

  30. Love girls und panzer and am looking forward to this update.

  31. Im laughing my butt off everytime quicky stops to for the crew announcements. Hats off for you quickybaby

  32. Watched the anime it was good not sure its for you. But i won’t buy the tank unless I just get the crew members cause new care members

  33. he looks so uncomfortable whenever they speak lmao

  34. goddamn weebs

  35. A few years back this wouldn’t make it to the game. Today, it somehow fits right in. Times change.

  36. CRINGE. I felt the facepalm.

  37. Love it, buy it, watched every single episode and movie^^

  38. These voices overlapping… Now I know why WG locked the crew to German tree – no autoloaders.

  39. I’ve been waiting for them to add GuP to the game, just bought it

  40. 挑戰無影片200訂閱


  41. World of Cringy voices…

  42. Good thing to see QB cringing as much as me on the other side of the screen lol.

  43. I have this tank in wot blitz i dont use gold rounds. Its fun to use

  44. Non-inertial Observer

    AYAYA we won


  46. Hmm I wanna play a tank game
    War gaming: KAWAIII DESUUU

  47. its a fun thing ideed. I am a HUUUUGE anime fan. Even tho this anime is not really good. But its fun that thay did a little colab XD

  48. If this doesn’t bring Jingles back to the game nothing will.

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