Girls und Panzer Invades World of Tanks | Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf. H Ankou Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Girs und Panzer Crew, Skins and Special . Girls und Panzer Tank – Panzer H Ankou Premium Tank Preview. World of Tanks Update 1.13+ Patch News.

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For many players, this has been one of longest awaited partnerships or cooperations in World of Tanks… Girls und Panzer teaming up with World of Tanks and this is the results!

What do you think?

►Tanks in / мир танков :
– Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf.


  1. Enjoy this Double Doze of Dez today and actually Triple Doze in 24h! 😛 Have a nice weekend.
    So, what you think about this one? YAY or NAY?

    • I still have question, it will be japan crew in german tank line or it will be japan crew in japan tank line? 🙂
      Oh sorry i se it now it will be german tank with japan crew. 🙂

    • Absolutely NAY.

      WoT shouldn’t join the acceptance of weird ass manga with their sick young-girl-obsessed complexes.

    • Yay, I will buy it. Even if there are better tanks from the show (premium t95 would have been nice) but at least we get another full set of a special cree and with the crew 2.0 on the horizon it is good to have as much special crews as you can

    • im 60 years old what is this shit , give me tom and jerry from when i was a kid . you know toon from the good old days roadrunner maybe 🙂

    • @Niklas de Fries Son, you don’t get out much do you? Anime is just an animated version of a *thing*. If the show was a bunch of living girls (18-sih) in a tank doing tank things, I am fairly sure you would not even bat an eye.

  2. I knew it was only a matter of time before we got waifus in Tanks lol. Dez clearly doesn’t watch anime or he would know every female in anime sounds inappropriate if you only hear the audio.

  3. Sounds like they’re on the edge of just having a huge squirty orgasm

  4. Bah, humbug. Those silly voices would drive me nuts, not interested.

  5. Just a Wandering Old Man

    My gaming-spec laptop was broken years ago, so I stopped playing WoT since then (I still watch a bit WoT videos sometimes tho). And I see this… As someone who used GuP WoT voice mod when I was still playing, I’m feeling… conflicted… why don’t they do this earlier dammit…

  6. is the crew transferable? I wanna weeb-out my sheridan

  7. me “gets brocken module , japanese moaning intensefies”

  8. WoT is getting dumber and dumber!!!

  9. Got anime commanders with voiceover in WOWS a few years ago… Getting pennetrations in have never been more satisfying

  10. Still better than G.I.Joe plastic tank

  11. I think i have seen this tank in world of tanks blitz

  12. guess its lighter because grown German men would be heavier than a schoolgirl crew 🙂

  13. LOL, does anyone besides me seeing the hidden joke here? “Vor” in Russian means “thief”.

  14. This anime is amazing and i am hyped as hell, i got the whole collection on blitz as well

  15. Weight:
    Girls are lighter than a full male crew P: Hence the lighter weight

    Honestly, I’d might get that shit >.> I’m not proud of it, and might not mention it to girls on dates…but if it wont cost too much, I might really get it.

  16. You seem like the guy who would be into anime. Maybe you should give it a shot. Have you watched Dragon Ball at least?


  18. DezGamez, still can’t wait for it to come out in 3 days!

  19. Yesterday I watched a few episodes to know, what this is about. The skins are actually quite funny and, as you said, only skins. But the voices would kill my own tank after a few games 😀

  20. “Everything Hana says is straight out from porn” LOOOL

  21. This colab was already happened years ago on wotb, the blitz version. It came with 3 tanks, Hetzer tier IV, Tiger tier VI, and Anko Pz IV tier V. The Tiger is a tier VII in tier VI (same armor, worse gun)

  22. I hope at least Wg got tons of money out from this deal because it won’t see a single cent from me

  23. This is the greatest anime ever created now i am only waiting for Katyusha in all her glory

  24. Hey, i come from hell to inform you that we also have not one but five anime tanks here

  25. PANZER VOR!!!!
    i love it^^

  26. What. The. Hell.

  27. These vocal lines makes me SO uncomfortable omg

  28. The voice lines should be in an artillery so all the spg players can **** off while sitting at the back of the map.

  29. Brilliant show really fun

  30. Love this anime thx wargaming

  31. 7:00 the radio range is weaker because nobody can understand what the hell they are saying

  32. Big shit

  33. sounds a bit like the precursor to introducing the pay to win asia anime tank we never wanted in the future

  34. cringe

  35. What trash…

  36. I love that this is coming into wot, I thought of this long time why not earlyer?
    I personally like the anime

  37. Wot hentai mode

  38. Sounds like weird japanese anime porn in tank ,who wants to buy porn tank
    Come on guys WG is seeling tanks with porn sound

  39. GuP taught me that the Type 89 is just as OP in-game as it is a lethal joke character in the anime. WTF wargaming, 2200 DPM at tier II??

  40. It’s 100kg heavier because of all the bottles of conditioner, body cream and stuff that men don’t recognize. No thanks.

  41. I *NEED* this. Right now. How much to satisfy my weeb needs WG?

  42. oh i’m happy that i stop playing this game…

  43. Apedog TheTwitcher

    What a JOKE tank haha!

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