GIRTHY 155MM Howitzer | NEW Japanese Derp (War Thunder Type 75 Gameplay

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GIRTHY Howitzer | Japanese Derp (War Thunder Type 75 Gameplay

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  1. well. looks like were all going weeb soon.

  2. holy shiet… 7.0??? ._.

  3. JustSomeRandom Ostrich

    WTH?! Looks strikingly similar to early m109 paladins. Which were artillery pieces designed for long range bombardment. I would think twice in sending those to the frontlines with MBTs. GREAT JOB Gaijin for REALISM

  4. ill use the prox for the memes lol

  5. and the FV4005 has like 45sec reload? yeah…. fair

  6. finally got my PHLY emblem…seems like im gettin killed faster, not sure if its coincidence or just think im invincible now LOL

  7. I love how adding more things really starts to highlight how unreliable the game mechanics are, and how it’s almost impossible to tell if something is a bug or a feature.

    New sound-work is great, though.

  8. Attempt #54
    Pls play the British Conway at 7.0, u haven’t played it in yrs bring the amazing tank back to battle and destroy anything in its path. 🙂

  9. Yeah another modern cold war vehicle my 6.0 to 6 7 will have to fight amazing war tgunder good job fucking retards

  10. ya know(in a kinda realistic sense) when you play a Japanese tank and call in arty support? at least one of the shells fired is probly from this gun XD, maybe not that specific vehicle but that gun probly

  11. proximity fuse is Airburst shell

  12. karolus maximillian


  13. I love Phly, but it’s like watching an idiot savant. Great at the physical act of the game, but knows nothing about any hardware represented therein. Which is probably good for the channel as he then can’t take any ideological stance on anything, even by accident.

  14. that tank looks like the American m109 artillery tank

  15. that m551sheridan should hullbreak but its broken for american tanks: is-2 or is-3 cant hullbreak m18, m19, m42 but any american shell hit bmp-1/2 track its hullbreak (or any shell go through the hull, dont need to hit track, engine, transmission, gun breach,fuel tank, crew)

  16. So, this thing is suppose to deliver shells from few kilometers away, I think.. Otherwise it do not need this insane elevation.

  17. I think this proximity fuse demands a Type 75 vs Airplanes custom battle video when it goes live!

  18. To hell trying to get the maus, my ho ri is going into forced labour from sun to sun to prepare my grind for this babe

  19. now its time to remove the Ho-Ri since it was only a paper tank and never built

  20. I’m calling it now. Next big update we’re getting MLRS.

  21. Now give that fuse to the TOW.

  22. proximity fuse vs ASU-57

  23. 9:50 phly is from america, confirmed

  24. It’s seriously not a fucking tank destroyer, it’s an SPG or mobile artillery piece

  25. 5:40 HOLY shi… masko!

  26. It has a minimum arming range, 300m

  27. still no chinese tech tree?

  28. okay at this point i’m figuring a stryker with a 105 is going to be added XD

  29. Brennan George Lynn

    i git the achivemant just A SCRATCH

  30. Just wait till they add german modern arty and the Korean one for the event vehicle or somethin
    Just world of tanks but worse
    U think airctafs r suffering from aa tanks?
    Just wait for those artys shooting at u from spawn

  31. The first ten minutes of this video were just me belly laughing like an overweight mall Santa.

  32. Why do you speak Spanish bro?

  33. Proximity fuse best against enemies that are behind cover or at least if they reverse behind a small hill/defilade

  34. Eyy Phly , you should do some single player games , like you did Battlefield 3

  35. be very useful for guys hiding behind rocks

  36. Hahaha no pasa nada amigo, Great spanish

  37. I want this.
    This will be my 1st grind

  38. “Isn’t it funny when you make fun of things guys” wise fucking words

  39. how do you get 14 mil GOLDEN EAGLES????

  40. Something is wrong with a tank battle game when you spend all your time looking up in the sky watching air battles.

  41. The highest is the German one I forgot what it’s called

  42. m551 is at a higher be but I’m not sure if it counts as a deep gun even though it has a 152mm cannon

  43. 10:46 f-5?

  44. Can you use every vehicle in the dev server or do you also have to play for it?

  45. Well, this is howitzer, it has specific role in game. It is designated as long range fire support. Find nice long range spot, use proximity fuse ammo for easier aiming. Thats all. It is not ment to be rushed or fight in short range.

  46. 65* gun elevation…
    Sands Of Sinai…
    shell the enemy airfield/helipad

    …someone’s gonna try it for sure

  47. I have a plane suggestion. Martlet Mk IV. Will keep posting till it happens just had a match with it and have never seen it before in game, also need more low tier gameplay thank you.

  48. We need more vehicles like this.

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