GIRTHY JAPAN DERP GUN | Type 75 155mm SPH (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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GIRTHY JAPAN DERP GUN | Type 75 155mm SPH (War Thunder Ground Forces)


    Thank you guys so much for the kind words on the video yesterday . Love phorever ❤️

  2. Pretty much sums up the problem with the game, no? So many game mechanics implemented with a “that’ll do” mentality and it’s so typical for Gaijin to add something new to the game in a… errr… crappy state and then only after people complain enough do they improve or fix it. So much for FixTheGame1.91…

  3. Phly, take out the Char 25T, 13% of the weight of a Maus. Attempt #1

  4. War Thunder is a *dead game*

  5. Maybe play Potez?

  6. 7:56 look at the radar, he was so close to dying, but that panther saved him just in time

  7. チヌに似たパンター

    This tank is not anti air tank
    this tank’s shell is ”fuze time shell”

  8. A question from someone who doesn’t play the game: why are these modern tanks going against Tigers?

  9. chonnapatt phichayophas

    So modern SPH vs Tiger II nice

  10. Didnt you say yourself that it doesn’t proximity fuse if you set the fuse? Try doing it without rangefinding..

    You even said you wouldn’t be using the range-finding feature at all and then it’s all you used lol

  11. its not you. the VT shell and mechanic is shit. would be nice if they gave it the same mechanic as ships have

  12. Hey phly love the videos man just awesome but would love to see the P38 or p51 h I don’t think you have played it if you have please tell me

  13. Lord Wungler Beckett

    Now that’s one solid howyeetzer


    clearly an self propelled artillery so long range but played as tank destroyer 🙁

  15. Phy, please play VFW but only as a SPAA

    Attempt #1

  16. I found a solution for the rangefinder issue till they fix it.

    If the range is locked. Just switch short for 1 second to another ammunition. Not needed to shot, only 1 second and switch back to proximity shell.
    That will reset the locked range
    Have fun

  17. Be on the WoWs submarine test or go commit sepuku

  18. What the key to make his gun measurements go up ?

  19. You should figure out the range to the obj. from spawn, and fire the air burst when the enemy get there
    effective range is 19KM

  20. Try the premium chinese sherman too. Just a sherman, but quite fun.

  21. Yeah it would be nice to set the fuse with the wheel. Like CTRL + Wheel to adjust 10 by 10 meters

  22. Agressive F4 Phantom

    Phly my late congratulations to you!
    You’re getting married boy i cant believe

  23. There’s also a 155mm version of the TAM (the VCA Palmaria). I hope some day it will be added to the game!

  24. Is there a new sound mod update? Or does the old one still work?

  25. @PhlyDaily chalengeeee : Use the type 75 as an artillery (shoot at a high arc) and get atleast 1 kill in a game

  26. What If tank battles had a “participate in artillery strike” function? Say, if a teammate called in artillery, it gave you the option to fire at that target too, and it automatically adjusted your guns elevation and turret position. Then, RNG would decide if you get close to the target or not. It would give the players another level of teamwork and help you fulfill the actual artillery role!

  27. PhlyDaily here is a challenge that I would like to see: using any howitzer/ self propelled artillery style vehicle, kill an enemy with indirect fire. Having someone else spot for you is allowed, you just have to kill something without having line of sight to it

  28. Yes the scroll wheel would work. But i think you are supposed to use it like control point he. Like that tank you killed right after you changed shells. Ideal spot. Take for ever….. But would make for fun explosions.

  29. They don’t care how it plays, they hust want it to look interesting enough for peeople to spend monnies to buy GE or Premium to get it. Once that’s that, they can’t care less. Only because they don’t really have a… competitor anymore considering wows is on its way out

  30. Play the kv4

  31. My maus got 1 shot across the map by this thing.

  32. I just realized you can kill certain vehicles with a smoke shell

  33. Ok Phly you’ve spent too much time at high tier lately. Time to knock you down to BR 3.7 with the KV-1 L-11 and Pe-2-31. Attempt #2

  34. Not that I’m ever going to use it, but I’m incredibly sad that the proximity fuse doesn’t work on planes.

  35. Hey Phly play with the captured t34 747.Attempt #3


  37. MK44 30mm BUSHMASTER II big brother XD

  38. WAIT…. doesn’t that look exactly like the US M109????

  39. can we please start a kickstarter to fund gajin to add artillery computers into the game so that you can use indirect fire in vehicles never meant for anything else?

  40. maybe the proxies are for AA?

  41. You sound like you should be a commander of an m1a1 Abrams

  42. 3:55 :”Oh… :/”

  43. Attempt #62
    Pls play the British Conway at 7.0, u haven’t played it in yrs bring the amazing tank back to battle and destroy anything in its path. 🙂

  44. 4:11 That was a tank off of the map firing rounds faster than the speed of light. I didn’t even know you could get over there hahah


  46. Remi sit, Remi speak…08:38

  47. Type 75 should get an armor piercing round

  48. *inb4 modern M109 is added*

  49. bruh, where my SU-14-2 with functional rear MG at?

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